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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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206 End Of The Exam

The name of the elder responsible for maintaining the Long Tree Forest was Fang Chang. He was part of the Fang Clan, a clan with quite a lot of fame inside the Abyssal Void Sect for their loyalty towards the sect, he was also an elder inside the clan too. Currently, he was drinking some tea while observing the actions of Shen Tian's group of friends and himself.

Fang Chang had predicted the fact that Shen Tian would have an easy exam, mainly due to the fact that even he himself could not sense Shen Tian's combat prowess or cultivation realm. That was shocking since he himself was at the peak of the Heavenly Axis Realm, to be unable to see through the realm of a kid was surprising.

A vague image of Shen Tian's Wood Clone absolutely exterminating the enormous Giant showed in front of Fang Chang's sight of view. The old man widened his eyes, he did not expect this kind of ending. The Giant in the Long Tree Forest currently was something even Core Disciples would struggle to defeat.

His eyes could only stare at the sight in front of him with disbelief. Not only had Shen Tian absolutely destroyed the Giant, he had not even left a single molecule of him existing. " Such a precise attack… Indeed the Sect Master was right, his gift is not only having a 9-grade Heaven Spiritual Root, he has many other gifts and abilities we don't know about."

" I have to tell the Sect Master about his raw strength, I dare to say that he could even heavily wound me using such techniques, the mere thought of that is terrifying. Isn't he only like fourteen… At that age I was only a Legend Rank Demon Spiritualist." Fang Chang was amazed by Shen Tian's abilities.


The exam ended quickly due to Shen Tian's raw strength which basically shattered the entire Long Tree Forest to the point Fang Chang was forced to intervene. While Feng Hao, Xiao Qing'er and Xian Long were in separate sections of the Long Tree Forest they also felt the battle which had been going on.

The Long Tree Forest was in no shape to continue holding an exam much to Fang Chang's dismay. He thanked the gods that it would not take a lot to fix the damages Shen Tian had caused to the forest. " I knew I should've put restrictions on those fellows… Who knew they could be so destructive! My forest!" He wept.

Shen Tian walked toward him with a calm look on his face, unbothered by the reaction Fang Chang had to his forest being almost ruined from the fight between the Enormous Giant and Shen Tian's Wood Clone. ' I should've told the Wood Clone to use as less strength as possible when fighting the Giant…'

After ten minutes of weeping, Fang Chang had recovered enough for him to notice the embarrassing position he had put himself in so he stood up and coughed."It's a shame that… the forest was ruined in this exam, so you cannot continue with the rest of the stages, you are from now on Inner Disciples…"

Shen Tian nodded. Feng Hao was still not over his grudge of having Fang Chang call him a kid so he refused to talk to him while Xiao Qing'er was occupied with something else at the moment. Xian Long with his arrogant personality thought Fang Chang was someone below him to speak to so he didn't speak to him either.

Fang Chang did not really mind the attitude of the teenagers before him, he just treated them like kids and took out four plates from his Interspatial Ring, each in a golden color with several lines,"Those with one line belong to the Black Division and have a black plate, those with two lines belong to the Yellow Division and have a yellow plate, those with three lines are of the Earth Division and have a brown color. Finally, those of the Heaven Division have plates with four lines and white color."

"Your plates are different, you belong to the Divine Division very few people can join even if they are extremely talented. Your plates which guarantee you the treatment of an Inner Disciples have a total of five lines and a star in the middle. Wear it with pride, few deserve to get such plates from the sect!" Fang Chang said with a smile on his face.

Shen Tian looked at Fang Chang and took the Divine Plates, giving each one to each of them while he kept the last one for himself. "Those Divine Plates have an empty space in the middle, for what does it serve, Elder Chang?" He asked with a bit of curiosity despite knowing the answer very well by now.

"The Divine Plates have a big purpose in the system of how the Abyssal Void Sect's Inner and Core Sects work. For example, when you enter the Inner Sect you gain access to the Trade Market, where you can spend Contribution Points you gain from doing various tasks or missions you are assigned or chose to do yourself."

"As to why there is an empty space in the Divine Plate, it is for you to store your Heavenly Energy inside of it, so you can fully get recognized as the owner of the Divine Plate, which can be also used in case your Divine Plate or any kind of plate gets stolen. I suggest you do that as soon as you can." Fang Chang Said.

Shen Tian nodded as his grip on the Divine Plate increased before he put it inside his Interspatial Ring, there was always another time. For now, he wanted to check if the Golden Furred Monkeys had fully given him the wine they had produced, with a slight movement of his Spiritual Sense he found out the exact amount of it. It was almost two liters, which was quite surprising.

The wine was indeed the one he had thought it was. Using the ingredients Fang Chang gave the Golden Furred Monkeys you could create a wine called Golden Blood, which is mixed with something could be beneficial to the monkeys, but if mixed with Human Blood it could create a terrifying poison.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》