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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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207 The Start...

The poison which could be created through the use of the Golden Blood and Human Blood was something even Dao of Dragon Realm Cultivators were terrified of. In fact, Shen Tian could go as far as to boast that even Martial Ancestor Realm cultivators would have to think twice before choosing their moves.

Shen Tian wanted to use this for the Void Dragon Tower, which mainly focused on assassin skills. This poison could make most of their jobs much easier. Of course, he'd also have to make a few formations in each bottle of that poison due to the possibility of a third party stealing the poison.

The Void Dragon Tower was steadily growing, it already had about a hundred Legend Rank Demon Spiritualists and several Demigod Rank cultivators. Both the tower and the Five Elemental Dragon Sect were more careful. The reason for that was because there might be spies among their ranks.

The Five Elemental Dragon Sect in comparison had even more experts at almost double the amount of Legend Rank Experts, 184 and about a dozen or so Demigod Rank Demon Spiritualists. However, they were less 'shady' when you compared it to the Void Dragon Tower for obvious reasons.

Shen Tian was walking around the Trade Market in search of some other ingredients which could make the poison even more dangerous to cultivators. Unfortunately, his selections could only be limited due to the fact that he had a little number of Contribution Points, only having a total of around a hundred.

The Trade Market of the Abyssal Void Sect's Inner Branch was incredibly large, it could be even said that it was comparable to the total space the outer sect had. This showed the difference in treatment between the two branches, but it was kind of obvious. The stronger disciples got a better treatment.

Various divisions disciples went to the Trade Market, usually to buy but there was also a section where they could be the one selling items. Close to the Trade Market, one could see the Abyssal Void Auction House where disciples could sell rare items they had found while completing a random mission before.

The struggle to get Contribution Points was real. Most of the time the Mission Hall was filled with disciples to the point they had to separate the Mission Hall into nine smaller branches and it still was filled with disciples just a bit less. Shen Tian had a plan to go and complete a mission later after he bought the ingredients he wanted to buy.

"How much does this One thousand years old Violet Root cost? I require it for something." Shen Tian said as he pointed at a violet colored root with a length of about half a meter or so. The seller knitted his eyebrows for a moment before responding,"I guess it's about thirty Contribution Points, usually, it would cost more but it's a bit damaged. I hope you don't mind it."

Shen Tian glared at the seller and stated," I will only buy it if you let me hold it for a moment." The seller hesitated for a moment before nodding. " No one wants to buy it anyway, so I have nothing to lose. Here you go, treat it carefully." He passed the Violet Root carefully and Shen Tian poured his Heavenly Energy inside.

His lips slightly curled as he tried to hide his excitement and he did so successfully. 'This person who wants to sell this Violet King Root is dumb! It's no Violet Root, it's of a higher level than this! A one thousand years old Violet King Root, it will increase the grade of my poison to an entirely new level!'

"Mhm, I guess this One Thousand Violet Root is acceptable, here pass me your plate so I can give you thirty Contribution Points." Shen Tian revealed his Divine Plate, astonishing the seller of the Violet Root, who had only heard rumors about this kind of plate and had never seen one with his own eyes.

However, Shen Tian was running out of patience and he decided to set his glare on the poor disciple who immediately shook his head and took out his own plate. It was an Earth Division Plate, meaning three lines and brown. Shen Tian did not really get why he wanted Contribution Points so badly then, those of the Earth Division got a monthly allowance of two hundred Contribution Points.

Shen Tian immediately saw that the disciple had a bad intent, although he agreed with the transaction, no one knew what he'd do in the future. Maybe he'd leak the fact that he had a Divine Plate to his faction. Like stated before it was not uncommon for people to be part of independent forces inside the sect.

He rushed out of the Trade Market after buying whatever ingredient he required. He saw similar looks from nearly every seller. 'Interesting. So the Trade Market is not only a place where people come to buy or sell, but it's also a place where spies gather to get more information about other Inner Disciples. Sneaky…'

"Where are you going, Shen Tian?" He froze on his tracks upon hearing a familiar voice. He looked behind him and saw Feng Hao together with Xiao Qing'er. " Lately you have been dodging us a lot, I cannot find you in your room either, just what are you planning you little evil genius?" Feng Hao glared at him.

Feng Hao knew Shen Tian for long enough to knew that if he was gone for a long time, he was up to no good. It had only been two to three months since they had entered this sect and he didn't want Shen Tian scheming about taking over the Abyssal Void Sect, he was too tired for that right now.

" Genius…?" Shen Tian was a bit speechless. It had been a very long time since he had been referred like that, it sounded so childish. For the first time in ages, he was unable to come out with a comeback, but then he did. " I'm just working on a mission I received from the Mission Hall Feng Hao, no need to worry that much."
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》