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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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208 Mission Hall

The Sect Master was a bit impatient as Fang Chang neared him. The poor elder was supposed to report to him several weeks ago to him about the exam his 'disciples' had gone through to become Inner Disciples. The only reason it had been delayed so much was because of the destruction of the Long Tree Forest.

Shen Tian was still an enigma to him, the Sect Ancestor or anyone else. Although the Sect Master was sure that Shen Tian was a 9-grade Heaven Spiritual Root prodigy, he also knew that he had pulled his hands far too early for him to know his exact potential, maybe he could even surpass that value.

"Elder Chang when I Asked you to observe the group of four, with three even being enormous prodigies with legendary 9th Heaven Grade Spiritual Roots, I asked you to check Shen Tian more than the rest. I believe that he was also a vital part of how the exam was finished by the four I assume?"

Fang Chang looked at the Sect Master and nodded with confidence visible on his expression. "Esteemed Sect Master, I decided to focus mostly on the boy you told me to focus on, Shen Tian. I can say with full confidence that he is absolutely nuts! " The Sect Master raised an eyebrow, "What do you mean by that Elder Chang? He looked perfectly fine to me when I saw him earlier."

He had misunderstood what Fang Chang had told him, not like he could be blamed for that, however. The elder shook his head with a chuckle. " I do not mean nuts as in crazy, I guess you could also say that, however…"You are being very confusing Elder Chang, get to the main part! Crazy and not crazy which one is it?!." The Sect Master was slightly pissed. This was indeed annoying.

Fang Chang scratched the back of his head, he agreed with the Sect Master, he was getting too excited; he could not blame himself on this one, however, this was simply to exhilarating to him. He had not felt such a thrill for ages. " Sect Master, he acts calm at times yet when he fights, he is like a madman. Somehow he managed to produce a copy of himself which fought against the pinnacle Heavenly Star Realm Giant I had created through the formation of the Long Tree Forest left behind by the Abyssal Void Lord."

The Sect Master's interest was piqued by this simple fact. " The last time I checked, his strength was not that high, albeit I was unable to see through his actual strength, unfortunately, but still…" Fang Chang shook his head," I agree with you in the strength part, but he showed the strength and maturity far beyond his age…"

"Fang Chang, you are free to leave. I will talk with the other elders about this to get to a certain approach to him." The Sect Master said as he motioned for Fang Chang to leave, which he did after respectfully cupping his fists towards him. ' I swear being a Sect Master is really harsh and hard at times geez…'


Shen Tian walked towards the seventh branch of the Mission Hall, the one who was usually the least busy. He wanted to pick a mission after successfully creating the poison which could kill Martial Ancestors if they were not careful around it. The Violet King Roots which were a thousand years old was a massive help.

The Mission Hall had several different types of missions: Spying Missions, Battle Missions, Miscellaneous Missions, Religious Missions and many more. Shen Tian wanted to either take a Miscellaneous Mission or a Battle Mission which paid quite a lot, although he was not going to avoid Spying Missions either.

The receptionist responsible for the area Shen Tian was looking at him intensely. "May I know how I can help you, dear customer?" Being referred to as a 'customer' didn't really make sense in Shen Tian's mind. The receptionists were merely disciples who had already graduated from the Abyssal Void Sect and sought other jobs inside it.

"Give me a Level Nine Mission." Shen Tian was straightforward and did not bother with the formalities. The receptionist raised an eyebrow, "Dear customer, with all due respect I don't think you can complete a Level Nine Mission, it's too dangerous for a new Inner Disciples like you. Please do reconsider!"

"Are you telling me what to do? Your job is to give me the mission and nothing more. I appreciate you trying to look after me, but it's not required at all." Shen Tian's eyes narrowed. He really did not appreciate it, especially when he could easily complete any mission the Abyssal Void Sect's Mission Hall had to give.

The receptionist frowned, "Dear customer, I am trying to put your safety above everything else, besides you are a new Inner Disciples, a Level One or Level two Mission would be more appropriate for you." Shen Tian had started to get really angry, "Will you give me the mission or not? My patience is running out…"

Shen Tian almost released his pressure on the receptionist but refrained from doing so upon checking the cultivation of the receptionist. It was merely at the peak of the Heavenly Star Realm. His full pressure could potentially kill her, instead, he decided to put her inside a Genjutsu so she'd approve of the mission.

"Stop harassing my daughter, you vile fiend!" A voice rang out just as Shen Tian was about to use Genjutsu on the receptionist, his attention was attracted and he looked over to see what the commotion was about. He saw a young woman of decent beauty and two men, one who looked to be at least in his thirties to forties and one who only seemed to be about sixteen or so.

'From what I remember of the book the Sect Master gave us about the people of the Inner Sect's deepest influence, that man should be Chu Tian the elder responsible for the seventh branch of the Mission Hall with a cultivation at the intermediate stages of the Heavenly Axis Realm. But who is the youth next to him… I remember him, he's one of the best prodigies of the inner sect right now!'
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》