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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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209 Enforcer

" I didn't do anything to your daughter, stop trying to blame me about something I had nothing to do with!" The young man who seemed to be only sixteen years old with a handsome appearance started to panic. He knew that his background was far weaker and lower than that of Chu Tian's daughter. He did not want to risk pissing the man off.

Shen Tian ignored the receptionist for now who was also intensely looking at the commotion the three people were making. She could not just go and interrupt them since she was literally below Chu Tian, and the man was her superior. Shen Tian snorted as he slightly neared the trio, not wanting to interrupt but just to continue observing them better.

"Do you take me for a fool, my daughter came to me and cried about how you were harassing her in the class of Teacher Spirit Sage, I even went as far as to ask him personally and he indeed confirmed to me that he had his own suspiciousness because of just how close to her you stood in class, you goddamn bastard!"

Shen Tian's interest was piqued. Teacher Spirit Sage was known as a person who liked to accept 'bribes'. He was informed by the Sect Master that he should avoid his class as they were going to inspect him and interrogate people who worked for him or who were taught by him before. The Abyssal Void Sect did not like corrupted people among their ranks.

'Most likely this Chu Tian has a grudge against this young man here so he decided to bribe the 'teacher' who goes by the name of Spirit Sage as a witness to 'harassment' toward his daughter who probably either disliked him or was forced to approve of her father's decision about the whole situation.' Shen Tian thought.

Shen Tian did not feel like putting himself into this situation, but certainly he did not like seeing other people suffer due to corruption. This was also a chance for himself to make a name inside the Inner Sect of the Abyssal Void Sect. Practically no one knew of his identity besides the ones who had seen the Divine Plate.

Not to mention the fact that before the Sect Master left them at the gates of the Outer Sect, he was given another identity which he could use to his benefits. He was now an official Law Enforcer for the sect. He could punish any elder which he deemed had broken the laws of the sect, and he was not afraid to use that ability.

Chu Tian released a growl as seemingly boundless might was unleashed from his body. The young man who was only at the seventh fate of the Heavenly Fate Realm struggled helplessly against the boundless might but was ultimately defeated and chained down by the might as Chu Tian neared him with a cold expression.

The young man screamed after struggling for several minutes, and Chu Tian's expression was replaced with a wide smile and a devilish intent. With a single wave of his hand, the young man crashed toward the ground and coughed blood. His complexion turned purple from the overflow of blood going towards his head.

Shen Tian chose not to come forward even now. The crowd started to widen the distance between them and the young man together with Chu Tian. They did not want to piss off Chu Tian, who had a gigantic background just for a simple man who came from one of the Minor Realms. It was not worth it.

Shen Tian had a different reason for not acting even now. He wanted to collect even more proof that Chu Tian was in the wrong right now. Chu Tian was cooperating together with the Spirit Sage, a proclaimed 'teacher' who while still taught under the sect was suspected of betraying the sect.

Chu Tian moved his hand towards the head of the young man with an intent to crack his skull open. Just a single centimeter away from having his life forfeit, the young man closed his eyes and gnashed his teeth and silently awaited his unfair death. " I curse you for the rest of your life, CHU TIAN!" he roared.

If this continued just for another more moment, there was a chance that the young man would potentially die due to loss of blood. The difference in cultivation was also an enormous reason of why the young man will die if this continued anymore. It was simply bullying, which was 'justified' due to the fact Chu Tian's daughter was bullied.

"I believe you should stop here, Elder Tian." Shen Tian's soft voice rang out, and before anyone could react Chu Tian was blasted away and crashed into a wall. This turn of actions happened in a blink of an eye. The receptionist widened her eyes, while Chu Tian was stupefied and was unable to even move for a moment.

"You...Who-" Chu Tian spurted out blood as he coughed heavily. Shen Tian had purposely striked his stomach to the point he couldn't even speak without having a lot of difficulties. In fact Chu Tian found it exhausting to even stand up so he could only helplessly stand up with the help of a nearby stick.

"Who the hell could that teenager possibly be? He actually made Elder Tian fly to the ground from a single push… Elder Tian is a Heavenly Axis Realm expert, while that youth looks the same age as my cousin who is just fifteen." The crowd was astonished at the change of the situation, which had happened so quickly.

"Esteemed Elder Tian I believe that while this poor young man over there might have done something to your daughter, I don't think it's worthy of a kill penalty. How about you let me take care of this issue? I assure to you that I will not spare any means to torture him to the point where he would like to day." Shen Tian ridiculed him.

Chu Tian spurted even more blood, to the point some people even wondered how the hell he was still alive. The amount of blood which was on the ground was enough to kill several people combined. "You… Who the hell are you to demand that I spare him, and how dare you attack me! I'm an elder someone far above you!"

"Demand? I apologize to you. I revere you as a great leader of the seventh branch of the Mission Hall, I would never demand something from you." Shen Tian sounded hurt as a cold expression entered his face. " But… What I am asking of you is not close to a demand, it's an order you will have to accept."
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》