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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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210 Injustice?

"You actually believe I will stand down to this injustice boy! Guards, send him to the jail. Dumb people like him should not be accepted inside our Abyssal Void Sect." Chu Tian was unable to act himself, so he decided to order the guards who were at the peak of the Heavenly Star Realm to defeat Shen Tian.

"That's a bad choice, Elder…" Shen Tian said as the Blade of Divine Fire appeared in his left hand. He was patiently waiting for the guards to near him. The appearance of a weapon made them slightly feel more aware of their surroundings. "What level is that weapon… I don't think a weapon like that can be found in the market!"

"Elder… Are you sure that you didn't suffer damage to your head upon being sent flying away from that teenager's blow?" The guards bitterly whispered with a low voice, afraid that they would be discovered by Chu Tian who was still dizzy and could not really look at the sight in front of him properly without having his vision get blurry.

The guards sweatdropped as they set a final look on Chu Tian. Was he really wanting for them to jump into this, and attack Shen Tian who had managed to send him flying away towards the corners of the Seventh Branch of the Mission Hall so easily? They were literally a realm weaker than him…

"Do not worry boys, you have no need to attack me actually." Shen Tian said as he shoved the Divine Plate in front of the guards who widened their eyes. The laws of the Abyssal Void Sect stated that one who had a Divine Plate could overrule the decisions of minor elders like Chu Tian. They knew that fully well.

"This… Superior Tian, we cannot act against this young master here. The Divine Plate is even above your rank!" The guards could only helplessly look at Chu Tian once again, they did not want to suffer the backlash of offending the person behind Shen Tian. The Divine Plate was only given to extraordinary people.

Chu Tian bitterly looked at Shen Tian and then at the young man before growling,' I can't believe I can't kill even a single boy. I only wanted to kill him because of the payment that 'person' gave me to do it… What if I fail, he is probably going to want to get rid of me for failing such an important mission!'

He gathered his courage and snorted, despite knowing the consequences of offending a person who possessed a Divine Plate he was going to go overboard today. " So what?! You are guards paid by the Abyssal Void Sect through me, if I want you to get rid of a brat, you will do it no matter what kind of a plate he has! He attacked me."

The guards hesitated, they did not want to get in Chu Tian's bad side but at the same time the Divine Plate was something even elders several ranks higher than Chu Tian had to bow and kneel to no matter what. " I will also assure you two that you won't go to prison for killing a disciple of the sect, do not worry!"

The guards truly felt Chu Tian was being sarcastic. How the hell could be protect them from the wrath of the Sect Master or people of a few ranks below if they indeed killed the teenager in front of them.In fact… Could they even kill Shen Tian?! He had almost one-shooted Chu Tian for heaven's sake!

Shen Tian coldly started at the guards who were backing off, they had made their choice. "You… YOU DARE TO DEFY ME?! I WILL REMOVE YOUR STATUS AS GUARDS OF THE SEVENTH BRANCH!" Chu Tian coughed even more blood. This all made no sense, why would he get so offended by a single young man?

Shen Tian rolled his eyes,'If I don't create a method for me to come clean out of this I'm probably going to be called a fiend or something like that. Let me guess… I will just look through his memories before I execute him I guess… I am an enforcer of the sect, it's a power given to me anyway.'

Without anyone having time to react, Shen Tian swung the Blade of Divine Fire towards Chu Tian who panicked and jumped left to dodge the enormous wave of flames which were reduced to nothing upon going through the area Chu Tian had been previously, thus no one was hurt or damaged by the flames.

"Lucky one,Elder Tian." Shen Tian smiled brightly as the Blade of Divine Fire entered his Interspatial Ring. After properly checking and rating Chu Tian's cultivation prowess he found out it was just a waste of energy to use one of the Dual Blades of Divine Ice and Fire against him. He could defeat him with sheer pressure.

"Guards, do something, stop him!" Chu Tian panicked internally as he started to run towards the exit gate making the crowd go speechless. " I should have never agreed with him, he's the cause of all of this!" Chu Tian roared as his feet burst out with limitless energy, increasing his speed to several dozens of that of sound.

The young man who was the core reason why all of this was even happening was bewildered, not understanding why this was even happening in the first place. First, he was about to die due to 'harassing' Chu Tian's daughter although he had not done it, and then this 'youth' came out of nowhere and saved his 'ass'.

"You okay buddy?" Shen Tian did not even looked at Chu Tian and instead he focused his attention on the young man who looked at him with a questioning gaze,"Errr… Not trying to be rude since I appreciate your worry, but don't you want to deal with Elder Tian first before talking to me later?"

Shen Tian coldly glared at Chu Tian for a short second before chuckling,"Do not worry, I've already dealt with him. He's a traitor and you are not really to be blamed for 'harassing' her daughter." He said with a funny tone. This all sounded very weird. He did not notice anything unique about the young man to cause Chu Tian to blow up his cover.

"But he's still running away from everyone?" The young man tilted his head in a questioning tone. "In fact if you don't rush off, he's probably even going to escape the Abyssal Void Sect before anyone can catch him!" He sounded very worried making Shen Tian roll his eyes for one final time.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》