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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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211 Kamui

Shen Tian extended his hand forward as his eyes changed to the Mangekyou Sharingan. "There is no need to get worried boy." He sounded very mature, to the point the young man completely forgot that the person in front of him was a person younger than him, and thought he was in front of an elder.

"I am not letting him go away, and he will not escape from the Abyssal Void Sect. Even if I let him go, the sect won't let such a traitor escape the sect. After all there are millions of miniscule barriers set up around the sect in a way so that people with ill intents won't be able to escape the sect." Shen Tian said as his Mangekyou Sharingan eyes rotated.


The young man was a bit stupefied from what had happened right now. Chu Tian was literally about several dozens of kilometers away from them a moment ago, and in a split of a second his figure had disappeared into a spiral like portal, while Shen Tian released a chuckle. Was that his doing, he wondered.

"Your name is Xian Yu I presume?"Shen Tian kneeled slightly and looked at Xian Yu. He was a youth, around sixteen years young with a handsome appearance. His facial features were literally only being capable of being found inside the top 0,5% of the men inside the Abyssal Void Sect.

"How did you know? I'm not that famous inside the sect…" Xian Yu was a bit embarrassed. He was indeed considered decent inside the Inner Sect, being in the top two hundred disciples inside the list of the strongest Inner Disciples. He did not consider himself someone that powerful, but he was wrong.

"Actually I didn't know about you until recently." While dealing with Chu Tian, Shen Tian had used a secluded shadow clone to find out about the full background of Xian Yu. He was a youngster from the Minor Realm of the Devouring Ethereal Spirit Realm. A realm which had decayed from it's previous might.

Chu Tian had found the fact that Xian Yu was in the class of Teacher Spirit Sage and sat next to his daughter insulting. Obviously he couldn't just move a move on him, until the point 'he' had made it clear that he wanted Xian Yu dead. This really made Shen Tian feel clueless for a moment, just who was 'he' and why did he want Xian Yu dead?

Upon having the shadow clone find out the background of Xian Yu ; he immediately put him to work by sending him in various archives of the sect, with his identity of possessing a Divine Plate and a Law Enforcer for the Inner Sect he was given free access to all archives quite easily. He looked through different department in a single minute.

"There is a reason why I know you thought. I am a Law Enforcer, I am required to know almost everyone from the Inner Sect, obviously you who ranks in the top two hundred strongest disciples of the Inner Sect is one of the people who I remember the best." Shen Tian's eyes returned to normal as he spoke.

Xian Yu was struggling to understand how all of this lead to him befriend one of the few Law Enforcers inside the Inner Sect. The Law Enforcer position was something you rarely came across, usually there were minions of a Law Enforcer enforcing the law. They were called a Law Elder who was decently powerful and had some influence in the sect.

A Law Enforcer was usually someone who even the Emissary of the Core Sect inside the Inner Sect could not easily offend. In fact they had enough power to even give the Emissary a tight blow inside the sect to the point they would have to complain to his superiors in the Core Sect about his situation to no avail.

"Where did Chu Tian go... ? I saw you do something with your eyes just before he disappeared in front of everyone's eyes!" The guards were stupefied after witnessing this weird turn of actions."Sir, I don't know what we are supposed to do right now… You are a Law Enforcer, but that isn't exactly enough for us to pardon the potential death of an elder…"

Shen Tian put the Divine Plate away, making it enter his Interspatial Ring once again and looked at the crowd which was shivering in fear of being the next one to die after Chu Tian, who they presumed had died after being literally sucked into a spiral-like dimension. Little did they know that he was still alive inside the Kamui Dimension.

"Shen Tian…. Just what the hell did you do just several days after telling me that you won't do anything and you weren't planning to do anything!" Feng Hao growled as he walked together with Xiao Qing'er who was facepalming herself at Shen Tian's stupidity. The latter just stared at both of them silently.

Shen Tian sighed as he took out a card which told them the answer to all of this."So you are a Law Enforcer… And I was wondering why the Sect Master pulled you aside when we last saw him to talk to you. So it was because he wanted to give you that identification card as a Law Enforcer then."

Shen Tian slightly looked away,'That's not the only reason I decided to do my job as a Law Enforcer, I also had an excuse to quickly put the receptionist responsible for missions in the seventh branch of the Mission Hall into a genjutsu, it should be easy to get a mission from her right now.'

"Anyway, Xian Yu if you want to report this case to the Law Enforcement Department you are free to do so. I will contact the other Law Enforcers who are trusted aids of the Sect Master inside the Inner Sect to work on your case… There might be someone who wants you dead and it's not just Chu Tian." Shen Tian said.

" I have some other problems for now, but as soon as I complete them I will work on your case. The other Law Enforcers will only take your case temporarily. Do not worry I will work on those cases very quickly and help you. I was the one to practically start this mess so I won't leave you in dirt." He continued.

Xian Yu felt very awkward, after all if not for Shen Tian doing his job properly there would be a chance, no he'd die for certain due to Chu Tian's obsession with killing him. In fact this had not been the first time Chu Tian had complained about the fact that he was 'harassing' his daughter which was false.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》