An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
212 Law Enforcement Departmen
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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212 Law Enforcement Departmen

"Old Hao, just why the hell did the Sect Master decide to not only recruit a new Law Enforcer, but one who he has basically had no relation with, who he doesn't know at all… I'm not even convinced his strength is worthy of being a Law Enforcer no matter how astonishing his Exam to enter the Inner Sect was."

Old Hao was an old man with a wrinkled appearance, as if he could die any moment which was to come. He had lived for a very long time and was at the Dao of Dragon Realm, one of the strongest Law Enforcers in the entire sect as a whole. This had also given birth to a certain seed of superiority inside of him.

The Law Enforcers from the Inner and Core Sect were all good friends of the Sect Master, some of them were actually from the same generation as him and were very good friends of him ever since they had gone in adventures outside the territory of the Abyssal Void Sect together without any fear in their faces.

The one who was annoyed at the fact Shen Tian was a Law Enforcer was a very old friend of Old Hao, who had an extremely fiery personality. He could fight others for petty reasons. It has gotten to the point where the Sect Master put two 'Warnings' in his identification card as a Law Enforcer.

Warnings were a way for the Sect Master to know which Law Enforcer did his job worse than the others. A Warning could be given if the Law Enforcer did something unfair to the other party, or favoured another person in a situation where the other party was right, and the party he choose was wrong.

Three warnings was enough for a Law Enforcer to be removed from the sect as a whole. So the fact that Old Hao's friend had two Warnings was very dangerous for him as if he made just another mistake he would be removed from his rank as a Law Enforcer of the Inner Sect and be demoted to the Outer Sect.

"Old Zhang… Let's just not dwell into the mind of the Sect Master, I do not think he would like for us to talk about his decisions. Besides, if you manage to piss him off another time, even the fact I can be considered a very good friend of him, that won't save you from being demoted to the Outer Sect, a second demotion inside ten years would not do well for you…"

Old Zhang growled," I do not care if my wage is literally crippled, it took me a hundred and ninety years to become a Law Enforcer and I slowly climbed each rank to the point I was capable of reaching the level I am at today, and a boy simply reached my rank with just a single word from the Sect Master."

Old Hao frowned,"It is your own choice then, but just take my advice as your senior Old Zhang! Do not meddle in the Sect Master's choices. Who are we before his wisdom, although he is younger than both of us or most Law Enforcers, he still has experienced the teachings of the Sect Ancestor."

He took a sip from the teacup in his hand as he shook his head upon seeing Old Zhang leave the building the Law Enforcing Department was situated in, a Dao of Dragon Realm Cultivator was going to go and bully a kid who was possibly only a Heavenly Star Realm Cultivator, the difference was major.

"Those youngsters, why did they have to look for so much trouble… Did you already plan all of this Sect Master?" Old Hao sighed. " Whoever made this tea needs a pay raise, I haven't tasted such amazing tea in many decades… Mhm." He decides to focus on tasting the tea which he was drinking.

"Excuse me…" Xian Yu had finally arrived.


Old Zhang walked toward the dorms of the Earth Division firstly,"He probably does not belong to any division which is higher!" He saw a disciples and smirked, he walked toward him and asked him. " Young disciples, can you tell this elder where does Shen Tian live? I require him for a certain issue I have."

The disciples looked at him with a slightly helpless expression as he responded,"This… Elder no one knows where Shen Tian lives exactly. All we know is that he lives in the Divine Division which is controlled by the Sect Master, he lives there with three other friends of him. No one is allowed to go there."

"Divine Division… That brat reached that place?!" Old Zhang was a bit astonished, few had managed to enter the Divine Division, only those with the 7-grade Heaven Spiritual Roots were allowed to enter the Divine Division, usually as the Sect Master's disciples or students. Old Zhang himself had only entered the Heaven Division.

The disciple had only blinked once, and before he even realized what had happened Old Zhang had already disappeared from his view of sight. "That was weird… Did I imagine all of that? Geez, I Should stop thinking about Shen Tian, it's taking a toll on my thoughts… Seriously I need to focus on myself."


Shen Tian was oblivious to all of this and was focusing in completing missions. He had one thing which other cultivators did not have in most cases. His clones could be fully used to complete a mission, thus he literally took a hundred various missions and made a hundred Shadow Clones accomplish them.

Inside his Undying Cycles Realm, there was already over a billion Shadow Clones and if he wanted even ten billion Shadow Clones could be easily achieved without putting a big strain on him. If he was to push himself to the limits, a trillion Shadow Clones wouldn't be a number he couldn't reach.

His contribution points had reached over a thousand just by completing a grand total of just two missions only. There were still ninety eight missions to look forward to, who knew just how many Contribution Points he could reach, and just how valuable they'd be for him to buy more resources which he didn't really require.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》