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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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213 Old Zhang“s demise

Old Zhang looked at the Divine Division with a weird gleam on his eyes. His fingers moved in awkward positions as if he was using something to get him high. His eyes slowly turned red. The Soul Realm inside of him was acting very weird. Despite being at the Dao of Dragon Realm, he did not resemble a cultivator of that realm at all.

His composure did not fit a person of his level at all. With a single burst of Heavenly Energy, Old Zhang almost broke through the formation which protected the Divine Division's Territory. Luckily, Shen Tian had reinforced it with some additional arrays. If it was the old formation it would've been long since broken.

Feng Hao,Xiao Qing'er or Xiao Long were outside the Divine Division's Territory thus they did not notice the commotion outside the Divine Division. The only person inside the territory was Shen Tian, who was very pissed. "Just who the hell decided to attack the Divine Division's Formation...What a dumbass."

Inside a single movement, he had already neared the limits of the Formation which protected the Divine Division. He set his eyes on the invader and was a bit surprised. " This is surprising, what made one of the strongest Law Enforcers of the Inner Sect come to the Divine Division and attack it so brashly?"

Old Zhang did not respond however, instead he roared as his face turned red. " SHEN TIAAAAN!" The said youth frowned, he did not understand the reason of this outburst. " I've heard that you cannot control your personality, is that why you want to kill me so badly? " He was a bit amused as well.

"STOP HIDING BEHIND A FORMATION AND COME FIGHT ME LIKE A MAN!" Old Zhang roared as his right fist gathered an enormous amount of Heavenly Energy and compressed it to the point it barely covered his fist. He swung the fist forward and clashed it with the formation which was still ]nearly falling apart.

Shen Tian sighed as he put a hand over his forehead. " I knew I should've put a stronger formation. I don't know why I just didn't want to mess up with the original formation put by the Sect Ancestor here… Geez." Shen Tian crackled his fingers as he awaited for the formation to be finally broken apart.

Old Zhang looked at Shen Tian with red eyes, which made the latter make a wide smile, which the old man took as an offensive provocation and put even more power into his punches, wanting to destroy the formation as soon as possible. Shen Tian closed one eye and looked at the starry sky.

"Perhaps, you will regret this day. You will regret the day you wanted to come and kill me, for a reason I have yet to know…" Shen Tian said as he slowly lowered his head to meet Old Zhang's eyes. "But… I do not think you will survive past this day to even have the thought of regretting it in the first place!"

His eyes morphed from the usual Silver and Orange Color, to the Rinne-Sharingan with nine tomoes. " Look carefully at me, boy. I do not know the reason you are here, but I will make it so you will regret the choice you made in this beautiful day!" A grin emerged on his face,'Aww… My old habits are taking over again.'

Old Zhang roared as his body shifted position. Fur started to appear on the surface of his skin, nearly covering every inch of his body besides his eyes and some places which were covered in a shell-like armor instead. Shen Tian raised an eyebrow at the Demon Spirit Old Zhang seemed to possess.

Shen Tian put a hand forward as the formation started to put it's last resistance before it was all over for it. His Rinne Sharingan's nine tomoes started to spin wildly a ruthless expression appeared on his face and his mouth started to open, and he muttered two words which would cause Old Zhang terrible pain.

" Shinra Tensei."

Old Zhang widened his eyelids as he was blasted away just at the split of a moment the formation which protected the territory of the Divine Division was completely blown and destroyed by Old Zhang's furious rampage and repeatable attacks over it. He was not even expecting it.

"Grrr…" Old Zhang screamed out as his veins exploded, only to immediately regenerate a moment later. "Your regeneration is indeed higher than the average Dao of Dragon Realm cultivator. At your current capabilities… However you are no match of mine, just give up you fool." Shen Tian snorted.

Old Zhang roared as he stood up and gathered a massive amount of Heavenly Energy close to his mouth, forming a perfect spherical ball of Heavenly Energy. He shot it at Shen Tian who shook his head,"You are quite naive and ignorant if you believe that can damage or hurt me in the slightest."

He raised a single finger in a moment a very slight amount of Mutated Divine Energy poured out from his Soul Realm to protect the finger from any possible damage. His right eye started to spin extremely quick as a word came out from his mouth,"Amaterasu." Black flames engulfed Old Zhang, thus making his aim suffer.

The finger successfully blocked the spherical ball of Heavenly Energy. Old Zhang was not focused on that right now, he was in enormous pain due to the fact that he could no,t extinguish the Black Flames which Shen Tian had created through the usage of 'Amaterasu'. Old Zhang roared from anger.

Shen Tian put his hands behind his back, intertwining both of them with each other and silently walked towards Old Zhang who was suffering from so much pain that he could not bother to deal with Shen Tian. "Your usual Dao of Dragon Realm cultivator would not have a problem dealing with those flames…"

" I did not expect much of a challenge from the beginning anyway… But this is disappointing. Maybe I shouldn't have agreed to that sudden energy boost which made my physical body reach the level of a Martial Ancestor. It was much more fun fighting enemies back then than now… So disappointing."
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》