An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
214 Old Zhang... Stop please for fuck“s sake!
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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214 Old Zhang... Stop please for fuck“s sake!

The flames continued to put Old Zhang into anguish, and it did not seem like it was close to finishing. Shen Tian scratched the back of his head and groaned, "How am I supposed to report to the Law Enforcing Department and tell them that one of the Law Enforcers decided to rampage inside the Divine Division?"

Old Zhang groaned as he tried to stubbornly stand up. " I don't know what happened to you, old man. Why are you unable to speaking. Sadly, your cultivation is currently too high for me to enter your mind and explore your memories, especially when you are in such a chaotic state inside your mind." Shen Tian sighed.

"Do not bother any more, you may not be the one you were before, but don't ruin the ounce of respect I have left for you. I will give you a swift death now. Just blame yourself for trying to kill me of all people you could have killed… Perhaps I will also investigate why your mental state is so terrible right now."

Shen Tian put a foot above Old Zhang's head and slammed him into the ground once again. With another spin of one of his eyes tomoes, the black flames started to disappear and extinguish. Old Zhang's furry body had basically fully been burnt and the only reason he was not dead yet was because of his chaotic soul realm right now.

Old Zhang roared as he burst with boundless amounts of might, surprising Shen Tian for a slight of a moment there. 'His strength rose to what a Dao of Dragon realm Cultivator should normally stay at. Interesting, this is a bit more of a challenge now.' Shen Tian jumped backward Old Zhang rose up.

Old Zhang's body started to grow in size to the point it was nearly five meters. Veins started to pop out from his body and became quite visible. "There is no doubt about this anymore, just what in the hell did you consume to lose your mind and become a wild beast?" Shen Tian said with a snort.

A frosty glare entered Shen Tian's eyes which already looked enough threatening with the Rinne-Sharingan. He was caught off-guard as Old Zhang's fist slammed into his body, sending him flying away and gaining his balance back almost immediately thus not suffering that much damage.

"You might want to damage me, but unfortunately for you, my body is at the level of a Martial Ancestor… You are simply incapable of damaging me in the slightest." Shen Tian wiped the dust from his body before a limitless amount of Heavenly Energy spread out from his Soul Realm to the outside world.

"You know, I usually rely on techniques from the world with Chakra to fight my enemies simply due to the simplified way of using them and because it surprises my opponents in the fact of how different I am attacking them. I have only fought a few who are a bit similar to my style, Ziyu Liansheng is one of them in this world."

Old Zhang growled as if he was saying that he did not understand what Shen Tian was implying. "Ah well… What am I trying to do, talking to a monster who is incapable of even understanding what I am trying to say? Well since I am nice I will get to the point. I will use techniques from outside the Chakra World just for you boy."

Old Zhang started to run towards Shen Tian with all four of his limbs and growled loudly. Shen Tian started to form hand seals calmly, not rushing at all even if Old Zhang was going nearly a quarter of the speed light could reach, which meant the time he had amounted in mere seconds if not less.

Shen Tian finished forming hand seals and just clasped both of his hands together for the moment. The ground rumbled, even the formation which protected the buildings of the Divine Division's Territory started to rumble from the enormous strain Shen Tian's compressed Heavenly Energy was putting on it.

Old Zhang stopped his mad dash and was fearful of what was to come for a single moment. " I don't know what happened to the original Elder Zhang or why you are here… But trust me, that is one of the last mistakes you are going to make in this life…" Shen Tian said as the Heavenly Energy started to compress to the point it started to become an extremely tiny black hole.

The black hole started to madly absorb energy around it, even Old Zhang started to get sucked into its gravity field to the point he had to crush the ground below him to stay stable and not go towards the black hole. Fortunately for him, it was still too small to pull him forcefully towards it, otherwise he'd already been dead.

Old Zhang did not know what the tiny black hole was, but he could understand that if he went close to it, it would not be good for him or his health. Still, he was very surprised upon noticing that Shen Tian was clearly not affected in the slightest by the gravity field of the black hole. He was very jealous.

Shen Tian started to get covered in scales as he integrated with his Demon Spirit, the Abyssal Void Dragon which he had not used in a very long time. He raised his hand as Abyssal Purple Flames burst out forward and engulfed Old Zhang who had just dealt with the Black Flames of the Amaterasu.

After this, Shen Tian also took a deep breath and created a Chaotic Void Blast which could not cover a radius of over five kilometers without him even trying that much. Fortunately, the Divine Division's Territory was far larger than just five kilometers so it could effortlessly afford to absorb the blast.

Old Zhang started to taunt Shen Tian with weird sounds upon noticing that the Chaotic Void Blast missed him by a mile. Although he was now deeply scared of him, he still wanted to find the moment to mess up with Shen Tian's mental state. Obviously, he had failed terribly and only made the latter laugh.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》