An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
216 Old Man Yu and the Boatman
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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216 Old Man Yu and the Boatman

Nature around the Ancestral Sect Lands of the Abyssal Void Sect was astonishing for anyone who visited it, even for those who had been there several times. If one had to suggest one of the most memorable locations there, then the lake located in one of the most exotic islands of it would be the answer of most.

The lakewas remembered by many due to its rich amount of fish species and due to the fact that it was one of the rare islands which were not dangerous to disciples who were below the rank of a Dao of Dragon Realm cultivator. It still required deep caution by the cultivators who visited it however.

In this lake, the Sect Ancestor of the Abyssal Void Sect was enjoying the view of this beautiful island and also reading various scrolls. A grin emerged on his face,'Not only will the Holy Devils serve as a chance to grow our young generation, but this Shen Tian fella is also an enormous advantage for us toward the other sects!'

Although this island was not that dangerous to most disciples or people who wished to enter it, you needed a certain identification card to be allowed inside of it. Thus at the moment, the Sect Ancestor was the only one in this island. He had just finished inspecting the various islands of the Ancestral Sect Lands.

"Still… The weird aura I sensed from that boy is very dangerous and mysterious. The young chap said that he only has a 9-grade Heaven Spiritual Root although the Heaven Spiritual Crystal supposedly malfunctioned… I will have to test him through the Divine Spiritual Crystal the Abyssal Void Lord gave me a long time ago…"

"Old Man Yu… Just what are you planning to do?" A death-like aura emitted from a certain direction. Old Man Yu did not even look around to know who had come."Aren't you busy with your job as a boatman, Emissary of the Abyssal Void Lord?" A pair of red eyes overlooked Old Man Yu.

"Little fellow, I am there where the Abyssal Void Lord required me to be. That is my job as his Emissary. He is the only reason I am still alive, despite the fact that I have managed to create something as disgusting as Devil Divine Energy…" The boatman looked as creepy as always, with the cloak covering his appearance.

"You still cannot separate yourself from your boat?" Old Man Yu stared at his legs, which did not move from the boat."That is not because I don't want to, little fellow. You know it better than me. If I dare to leave this boat for a very long time, then the Sage Emperor will be aware of my existence, the Abyssal Void Lord won't be enough to protect me."

Old Man Yu glared at him for a moment. " I still haven't forgotten the fact that you murdered my own father. I might be just the 15th Sect Master, my father was the 14th, but I am one of the strongest Sect Masters still alive… Can you do me the favour of giving me a spar against you?!" Old Man Yu snorted.

The boatman chuckled slightly, his body slightly shook." Even with your current cultivation, you are merely at the pinnacle of the Martial Ancestor Realm. The real challenge is the Deity Realm! The apex of the Draconic Ruins Realm stands there boy! If you are not of that realm, do not challenge me…"

Old Man Yu growled, but chose not to continue this. "The Everlasting River of Blood… I know you had something to do with it,Emissary. Why do you people always chose to hide the truth from us?! Does the Abyssal Void Lord treat me, or any other Sect Masters as mere kids who cannot hide something?!"

"I am only here because the Abyssal Void Lord removed my shackles for a short period of time. The truth behind the two rivers; The Everlasting River of Blood and the Divine Myriad Spirit River is something you, a junior is not capable of knowing and should not know until you reach a certain power level."

"Besides, my main reason of being here is to give you some news about the boy who you were so cautious around, Shen Tian. I believe you know that beyond the Heaven Grade lies the Asura Grade and after that is the Royal Grade. My suspicion lies on the fact that Shen Tian and the others might have an Asura Grade Spiritual Root!"

Old Man Yu widened his eyes in shock,"This… I had my own suspicion,but I'd never have guessed that he is so talented. That explains how he managed to effortlessly beat the Inner Sect Exam, where the strongest boss was at the peak of the Heavenly Star Realm from what I've heard…"

Old Man Yu was one of the three people in the Abyssal Void Sect to have a 9-grade Heaven Spiritual Root, while many thought the Abyssal Void Lord also had a Spiritual Root of the Heaven Grade, that was false information since he had Spiritual Roots at the level of the Asura Grade unlike the others.

Besides Old Man Yu, the other one with a 9-grade Heaven Spiritual Root currently in the sect was the 4th Generation Sect Master of the Abyssal Void Sect, who was currently in deep seclusion trying to escape death. He was an extremely old Martial Ancestor who was seen as one of the strongest of the realm.

Old Man Yu, 4th Sect Master were two of the three but who was the third then?

Some think that he is much older than the 4th sect master, some even go as far as to say he is dead. After all, it is extraordinary to survive for such a long time even if you have a 9-grade Heaven Spiritual Root. Martial Ancestors could only live for so long after all. However no one could say for sure.


The void finished its commotion in Shen Tian's Soul Realm. If one looked at it now, they'd notice a single major difference. No, it was not the Demon Spirits or the fact that the Undying Cycles Realm had changed. It was something much more interesting and shocking. Shen Tian was a Dao of Dragon Realm Cultivator.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》