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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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217 Royal Nine Horned Tiger

Shen Tian rubbed his eyes as he woke up. He did not feel that good as if a mountain was pressed on him. He immediately opened his eyes wide and ran towards the bathroom and unleashed a sea of vomit. He felt a very bad odor emit from him so he immediately took a shower.

He started to utter words to himself. " Why the hell did I just vomit, and why do I smell so bad… A cultivator never faces bad odor or has to vomit unless they consume something bad or they achieve a massive breakthrough. I only slept and did not even cultivate that much in the last several weeks."

He used water to wipe and wash his face after taking a short shower. His silver and orange eyes shone with a much brighter color than compared to normal. He just could not get his fingers around what had happened to him in just one night. He stared at the mirror of the bathroom with great focus.

His eyes widened once again upon realizing that this might be related to his soul realm. He immediately focused inside his Soul Realm to seek for any change and he was instantly stupefied from his discoveries."How is this possible… I broke through to the Dao of Dragon Realm?!"

His consciousness left his body mainly and traveled inside the Soul Realm. Upon noticing that the void in the corner of the soul realm had grown by an enormous amount he was stunned, to say the least. He had ignored it before since he could not do much about it and any action he took basically resulted in nothing.

The Abyssal Void Dragon shivered in a corner. Upon sensing Shen Tian's awareness and presence it immediately acted and stood up. Its face was filled with a bright emotion of happiness as if Shen Tian was going to save it from the terrifying feeling it was experiencing recently.

Shen Tian rose a hand and knitted his eyebrows as a thread of Heavenly Energy poured out from his body and entered the Abyssal Void Dragon's body and Soul Realm immediately making it relax. He also took this as a chance to control the memories of the Abyssal Void Dragon in recent times. He wanted to know what made it so scared.

His expression turned to one of confusing as he looked at the enormous hole which leads to nothing but a void in his Soul Realm. He had no control over it even though he controlled the Law of Void and Law of Primal Chaos. He had tried many times to try to find out what it was, but he had failed each time.

Shen Tian sighed as he chose to ignore this. There was not much he could do, but since the Abyssal Void Dragon was so scared of the Void, he'd have to replace it with a far stronger and mightier Demon Spirit from his previous lives, although they might also be scared they would be able to hold themselves.

His body flickered for a split of a second as he traveled at the speed of light to a corner of his Soul Realm in search of Demon Spirits which were hiding in places he had specially prepared for each Demon Spirit he deemed important. One such Demon Spirit was the Royal Nine Horned Tiger.

Although the name did not sound that majestic, judging from the ranking of those in this Draconic Ruins Realm, it was capable of reaching up to the peak of the Martial Ancestor Realm once it reached its adulthood form. Shen Tian had trapped one of them when he had been alive and still inexperienced in his second lifetime.

The Royal Nine Horned Tiger was named such because not only did it have nine horns, but also because each horn appeared once it went through a major stage in its life. Although the horns could be noticed from birth, with each realm it got stronger the more the horns grew thus the Royal Nine Horned Tiger in front of him was one of the proudest ones.

When one compared the Royal Nine Horned Tiger to the Abyssal Void Dragon, it was like comparing a puppy to a full grown dog like a Husky for example. Shen Tian had faced a far larger danger when trying to capture it than the Abyssal Void Dragon. He did not mind switching it for a while even if the Abyssal Void Dragon was better in the long term.

Shen Tian wiped a slight amount of sweat from his forehead. The integration part took a bit out of him since the Royal Nine Horned Tiger refused to integrate with him. They were also much more arrogant and proud of their race than the Abyssal Void Dragon, not to mention the difference in power between the two.

The Royal Nine Horned Tiger was easily capable of defeating a Dao of Dragon Realm Demon Beast or Cultivator. In fact, Shen Tian believed the one in front of him was capable of even clashing with the Sect Master for several days and continue to fight, without any signs of losing. That was crazy.


Shen Tian frowned as Feng Hao waved his hand in front of his face. " What do you want exactly..?" Feng Hao raised an eyebrow as he snorted, "You haven't been responding to me for the last hour, I've kept calling you but you were so focused in your cultivation that you did not even notice me, that's unusual of you!"

Shen Tian shrugged as he took a chair and sat on it. " I will explain all of this later Feng Hao, right now I have to work on the case of Xian Yu and Chu Tian. The latter literally desperately wanted to kill Xian Yu because he 'harassed his daughter' yet that was untrue. He also knew that yet still wanted to do the deed."

Feng Hao looked at him with a worried expression before sighing, "Forget it, I've never seen you so focused on a simple problem so much before. Why do you even care so much about your job as a Law Enforcer, aren't their other Law Enforcers with much more experience capable of taking this job instead of you?"
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》