An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
219 It“s getting spicier I guess
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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219 It“s getting spicier I guess

The Sect Master knitted his eyebrow as he read the newspaper on his hands, an odd feeling overcame his body as he muttered out loud the content of the newspaper. He did not seem that happy to read it either. "The other sects have decided to completely isolate the Abyssal Void Sect from their friendship… Interesting."

Although it did seem a little bit odd coming from them, The Sect Master did not particularly care, since the Abyssal Void Sect only relied on themselves to earn a living, and even when you put all the other sects together they still lacked in wealth compared to the Abyssal Void Sect. They were a step ahead of the others.

A silhouette appeared from the shadows of the chair the Sect Master was sitting on. He quickly noticed it but did not react in any way. "So… Are my suspicions right? I do not believe the rampage of Old Zhang is merely a coincidence, he was not always this rash and usually never acted like this."

"I was unable to follow Old Hao, the one who was always with Old Zhang for a very long time, unfortunately. He disappeared inside a portal, which somehow exists inside the Abyssal City, I have no idea how our Troops missed that, I will have them review the cities once again without attracting a lot of suspicion from the 'spies'." The silhouette responded.

The Sect Master narrowed his eyes as he put the newspaper on the table and sighed. " That's it then. I officially give you permission to do whatever you deem to the 'spies' and the 'traitors' you find in our sect. We have no use for them, let our sect start a new Purge of traitors and spies. Those ants are not required here!"

The silhouette stopped moving, and somehow it was as if its eyes had widened in surprise. Then a pleasant expression entered the silhouette, not like it was really that noticeable."Fine… I will start a full deep inspection in the ranks of our army first, then at Old Hao's Birthday Event we shall start it all."

The torches which were illuminating the room from the darkness started to waver. The silhouette closed its eyes and slowly disappeared behind the darkness. The Sect Master was left alone amid the small light emitted from the torches which soon extinguished. The Sect Master's bright eyes were the only thing left which could be seen.

"If that so-called 'Lord' of yours want to play like this, then you will serve as a warning to all the traitors who plan to do something against our sect… Do not think that you are going to escape from this hell, my former friend the one I trusted the most in the Inner Sect… Elder H-... No Old Hao…"


Shen Tian finally found Xian Yu. The young man was training in a room he had rented in the Red Purgatory Tower, which had a higher focus of Heavenly Energy, the higher one got to the top the higher was the density of Heavenly Energy. Xian Yu was attempting to break through to the Heavenly Star Realm apparently.

Obviously, even with his power as a Law Enforcer, he had no access to every room of the Red Purgatory Tower, so he could only patiently wait. In his free time, he also sent a Shadow Clone to test the quality and density of Heavenly Energy in the rooms of the Red Purgatory Tower to see how it compared to the Undying Cycles Realm.

He was very disappointed, let alone the lesser areas of the Undying Cycles Realm, it was unable to even compare to the Purgatory Shrine's density of Heavenly Energy. Although he did not really find this that surprising, as a major sect he believed that the Abyssal Void Sect should be at least a bit decent… Right?

The elder who was responsible for maintaining and gathering the earnings of the day in the Red Purgatory Tower was sweating profoundly. He had to meet Law Enforcers before, but they were those of the Outer Sect, basically, people just slightly above his rank to say the least, but of the Inner Sect, he had never seen one before today!

'He looks so young… Is he one of those elders who hate having a wrinkly face so they used Forbidden Techniques to regain their youth, the rumors techniques which suck the longevity out of people?! I cannot afford to piss off him if so, I don't want to lose my middle-aged handsome face, that's a risk I cannot take!'

Unknowingly to Shen Tian, the elder was staring at him only due to the fear he had towards him in the first place. He could only look away uncomfortably, he just shrugged the actions of the elder as plain weird, he tried his best to ignore them. Xian Yu finally came out from the rood he had rented.


Old Hao walked into a sewer-like underground tunnel. It did not look like he was bothered by the darkness which engulfed the surroundings at all. In fact, a wide smile had spread out on his face."Soon the Abyssal Void Sect will be ours, even the Abyssal Void Lord will be unable to save it, The Sage Emperor will stop him and our Lord will become a sovereign!"

The silhouette which had appeared next to him when he had entered the purple portal was no longer here since it had gone to report to the Sect Master, so no one was actually following Old Hao currently. A massive golden gate appeared before Old Hao's sight of view, the torch in his hand was lowered as the smile widened even further.

Two statues stood next to the Golden Gate, each in either side of it. Old Hao stared at both of them for a certain amount of time before his expression changed from an extraordinarily happy one to a serious one. He walked towards the enormous Golden Gate and put a hand in the form of a palm on it.

"For our Lord, for the greatness and rebirth of our sect!" Old Hao shouted as he opened the Golden Gate. " The Abyssal Void Sect shall pay for what they have done to our great and majestic sect! REVENGE WILL HAPPEN. WE WILL AVENGE THE ONES WHO DIED IN THAT WAR!"
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》