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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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220 Problems Arise

The boatman from the Everlasting River of Blood was drifting in the river together with his boat.Only a dense mist was accompanying him, but he did not seem that bothered by his surroundings in the first place. In fact, he was not even pushing the boat forward, he was only staring at the direction the Abyssal Void Sect was located at.

He pushed the dark colored cloak he wore over his head, covering it and shook his head as the boat started to move a bit faster. "So that is the decision you survivors took… It's a shame, I liked the young chap who was controlling the scenes from the behind, but the Abyssal Void Lord won't like this at all…"

The secret behind the great war… Which happened almost a million years ago was insane. Not only, did the Abyssal Void Lord fight the Sage-Emperor, but millions of people died in that war. It was not just a simple fight between two powerhouses, it was something much larger and much deeper than that…

Purple-colored lightning struck the ground, close to the Everlasting River of Blood. A skull stuck out from the blood-colored river and the boatman stared at it for a moment. His wrinkled fingers slightly twitched before a sigh left his tired body. " I see. That's what you want me to do my superior."

Just as the boatman was about to leave this area of the Everlasting River of Blood, a roar came forth from supposedly out of nowhere. The boatman was visibly stunned as his boat started to move with chaos while the river was also in disarray. It did not take long for him to act and stabilize the river. He was shaking from disbelief as he raised his head up.



Although the roar had been extremely loud, the common cultivators had not heard it. Only the ones with a cultivation equivalent or above to the Dao of Dragon Realm had managed to hear it. This meant that Shen Tian had obviously also heard it. Unlike many, his expression did not show a lot to see.

Xian Yu was a bit confused at why Shen Tian had suddenly stopped talking but did not heed much attention into it. He just thought of it as a rare disconnect; Pretty common among cultivators who had gone to wars or something similar, they occasionally removed themselves from the world.

The elder responsible for the Red Purgatory Tower had left them alone for the moment and Shen Tian even purposely created a Mini-Dimension at the place they were so even if the elder tried to eavesdrop or entered the room he would be unable to find out anything about their discussion at all.

"So from what I've gathered Chu Tian had a few shady deals with the Core Sect's Elder Qing, although nothing is confirmed I believe that he was paid by her to kill you. Do you have any connection to Elder Qing or anyone close to her? She is part of a very famous clan in the sect." Shen Tian stated.

Xian Yu was even more confused right now. " I Do not know any Elder Qing from the Core Sect. In fact, I barely even interacted with the daughter of Elder Tian. Teacher Spirit Sage never taught us about what he was actually supposed to teach us, he merely looked at Elder Tian's daughter. Probably wanted to escape from blame so he made me take the blame for it!"

Shen Tian knitted his eyebrows," Xian Yu, has any of your family members done something to ignite such a reaction from Chu Tian, I do not think it's as simple as it looks in the outside anymore." Xian Yu's confuse did not end here, he shook his head, "I'm the only one of my family to reach the Abyssal Void Sect."

In a moment of micro-seconds Shen Tian had already switched his real body with a Wood Clone while his real body moved at the speed of nearly that of light and left the Red Purgatory Tower. He wanted to investigate what was the cause of that extremely loud roar which had nearly destroyed his ears.


Deep inside the Ancestral Sect Lands, there was a mysterious island which no man beside one had access to. The Island of the fourth Sect Master, the one who the older generation who still remembered his astonishing appearance called, "Ethereal Emperor". Even the Sage-Emperor who had fought him once expressed his surprise.

In fact, the Sage-Emperor and the Ethereal Emperor had exchanged a total of nine blows, it had taken five blows for the Sage-Emperor to finally break the Ethereal Emperor's defenses. This came as a shock to many sects and people in the Draconic Ruins Realm, making their fear of the Abyssal Void Sect rise.

The Ethereal Emperor was also known as a stubborn man who refused to die. It had been a total of fifty-nine thousand years since he had been born, usually, Martial Ancestors would die by the time they reached the age of ten to twenty thousand years if the Sage-Emperor was lenient and let them live their life to the end.

Inside this island, the Ethereal Emperor was breathing his last ounce of fresh air. The Sect Ancestor knitted his eyebrows. He had immediately visited the island where the Ethereal Emperor was secluded in when he sensed that his lifespan was slowly drying itself and that he would a day in no less than a week.

This was not a health problem, it was not caused by poison or sickness it was merely that the Ethereal Emperor had basically exhausted his entire potential. The various cultivators were also afraid of this, reaching the final bottleneck of their lives. Usually, no one reached it due to the Sage-Emperor, but the Ancestral Sect Lands of the Abyssal Void Sect were unique.

The Sect Ancestor could breakthrough to the next realm here without a single worry, but compared to the Ethereal Emperor he was still a step behind. The Deity Realm was something many carved for, but rarely did anyone reaches it. The Sage Emperor was ruthless to everyone besides himself.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》