An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
221 Only Chapter For the Day...
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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221 Only Chapter For the Day...

The Sect Ancestor, Old Man Yu let out a profound sigh as he stopped pouring Heavenly Energy into the cave the Ethereal Emperor had secluded himself into. Although they both were Martial Ancestors, the Ethereal Emperor was much more powerful than Old Man Yu, it was not even debatable.

Old Man Yu sighed,"I will have to somehow contact the Emissary, he is the only one capable of stopping the Ethereal Emperor from dying right now… I don't want to talk to that bastard either but I have to do it for the better of our sect, the future is more important than personal grudges indeed!"

He grabbed something from his Interspatial Ring, a token to be exact. He poured a bit of his Heavenly Energy inside of it, but there was no reaction, igniting a strange reaction from Old Man Yu who was very surprised and stupefied. "The Communication Device he gave me always works unless…"

In a split of a moment Old Man Yu's face seemed to have aged over several decades, as if something unfortunate had happened."I can't believe it… Although I utterly despised him for killing my father, he did indeed deserve it, but for him, one of the strongest guardians of our sect to perish from this world?!"

His feet weakened as he fell down on his butt. He massaged his forehead before gulping. "It's probably just malfunctioning. I have to try it again, yeah it's probably that. No way a Deity Realm cultivator would perish just like that, there was not even any reaction… Unless that roar was related to his death!"

He decided to test it once again and sent a thread of his Heavenly Energy inside the Communication Token, this time with a lot of caution. He thought that his control might've been the reason why the token decided to 'malfunction' hopefully. He closed his eyes for a certain time of period and…


Kaiser growled as he faced the ongoing waves of Demon Beast. He did not understood what had happened. The moment Shen Tian had teleported him to another realm, he was sent into this tunnel inside the Draconic Ruins Realm. It was very similar to a sewer, filled with mud-like water. Most of the Demon Beasts were sub-species of rats.

"You bastards… Wait until I recharged my Heavenly Energy, I will slowly incarnate all of you to oblivion. I can't believe just how bad my luck was, from all the places I could've been teleported it was literally next to a breeding nest of rats! PAH! This overlord will destroy all of you soon!" Kaiser howled as his eyes glowed with a certain gleam.

His black fur started to literally stand up as the Gray Runes around his body reacted and shone. His tail wavered as Heavenly Energy seeped out from his body and gathered above him to create a chaotic sphere of Heavenly Energy which seemed so unstable it could blow up any moment to come.

He blasted the Spherical Ball made out of Heavenly Energy at the various species of rats without any ounce of mercy. He was not about to spare any rat which was trying and willing to kill him at any moment. The rats screeched before they flew away from the impact and damage the Sphere had caused them.

Kaiser started to unleash a beam of Heavenly Energy at them, making it even more difficult for the rats to near him. Unfortunately although the damage he caused them was massive, the cost for it was enormous as well. The rats were agile and had a much higher chance of winning due to them overwhelming him with sheer numbers.

A pair of crimson eyes observed the battle going on between Kaiser and the swarm of rats which seemed to never end. A chuckle escaped the silhouette,"This might be the perfect pet for me… An overlord like me deserves a pet capable of holding its own against my own Demonic Beast Army…"


Shen Tian walked around the Divine Division's Territory, there weren't a lot of people inside of it besides him,Xiao Qing'er,Feng Hao and Xian Long. He had just run into the last person mentioned. The two stared at each other for a short amount of time before Xian Long's fingers started to twitch.

"This majesty hasn't seen you in a very long time, I believe you owe me an apology don't you?" Xian Long glared at Shen Tian and crossed his arms before his chest, which he puffed forward." I'm still looking forward to our re-match where I will absolutely wipe the floor with your face and wipe that smug out of it!"

Shen Tian's face became dark unsure of how to react to all of this. Xian Long, as always was over dramatic about things which were not even that important anyway. Shen Tian put a hand over his face and growled," I do not have time to play games like this with you 'Chaos' Emperor I am busy!"

Xian Long blocked Shen Tian's path as he tried to walk by him. "Hold on, I have to ask you something else besides this!" Shen Tian raised an eyebrow but he stood still, meaning he was willing to talk about this 'question' Xian Long had toward him. The man grinned as he took a deep breath and spoke:

"I've heard that you have deep connections to the sect's inner forces. You know the Sect Master quite well. Not to mention the fact you are a Law Enforcer, someone who even the common elders of the Core Sect have to pay respect to if you are of the Inner Sect. I don't even want to continue anymore. It's pointless."

Shen Tian's eyebrows seemingly burrowed inside of each other. He stared at Xian Long and sighed,"What are you trying to imply here?" He really did not understand what was Xian Long's motive. Was he perhaps trying to seek some kind of benefits from him, if he really wanted to do that, then it was useless even if he begged him.

Xian Long curled his lips and smirked,"Well Shen Tian I have a little deal for you which might give you a lot of benefits if you want to do it…"
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》