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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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222 Ooof

Shen Tian rolled his eyes but still decided to listen to Xian Long's proposition. He was running out of time in the solution of Xian Yu's case. Although he had attempted to search Chu Tian's memories there was not much to find out, as if the moment he had knocked him unconscious some poison had acted up due to his carelessness.

He had not thought that it could be possible, but it seems in a moment of confusion, the Laws of Space and Time had been a split of a second slower than the poison, thus Chu Tian was killed before he could properly check his memories, his soul was blown to nothing while his brain melted from the poison.

All that had been left was a skeleton which was well… Ehm, useless if Shen Tian wanted to find out about Chu Tian's memories. To search one's memories, the soul or at least a fragment of the soul was vital for such an operation. This had left him very pissed out, to say the least, Xian Long's appearance did not help either.

Xian Long's face was covered by a wide grin, revealing his shiny white teeth. "Since you decided to listen to this majesty for once… I will spare you of the not needed details and just come to the main point!" The sentence made Shen Tian groan,'So you were planning on wasting my time in the beginning?!'

Xian Long's grin slowly faded away as sweat covered his forehead. 'Err… For Satan's sake… I did stop him with the objective of telling him about that, but I'm not really sure how to tell it to him even with a thousand years of experience about this whole situation… Well fuck it, let's start.' He sighed

"Well… You see…" Xian Long coughed as he put a fist close to his mouth. Shen Tian bit his lower lips; he was running out of patience really quickly. After all, he could only give someone so much time, "If you really want to talk to me for a very long time you can talk with my Clone instead, I am very busy you know that don't you?"

Before Xian Long could continue his sentence, ripples appeared on the space around them and Shen Tian grabbed Xian Long before a sword pierced his back. The ripples extended very quickly before anyone could block them, and people in black armor started to swarm outside of the ripples.

'Someone with control over the Space and Time Law created those ripples.' Shen Tian frowned, he had personally created the formation around the Divine Division's Territory, it was nearly impossible for someone to break through it unless a Martial Ancestor at the peak of the realm took action.

Xian Long was stupefied and continued to look around. He was aware that the situation was very bad, he could see that the cultivation of those Black Armored People was far above that of his, probably at the Heavenly Axis Realm or such, so he was basically useless since while his cultivation was at the peak of the Heavenly Star Realm he was still a decent amount of cultivating away from the next realm!

Shen Tian immediately started to create a plan on his mind before he integrated with his Demon Beast the Royal Nine Horned Tiger. His body was covered in white and golden fur and his previously silver and orange eyes became fully silver. His fingernails grew and seemingly became more ferocious.

He released an imposing roar at the Black Armored People who were stunned temporarily and did not move. The roar had not only limited their movement for a certain amount of time but also changed the gravity around them, their weight had multiplied by hundreds of times which made it hard for them to adapt.

One of the Black Armored People raised his hand and unsheathed his sword which was also black and darted towards Shen Tian, although his appearance was formidable and scary, his speed was rather unfortunate. He was extremely slow to the point it was laughable, any Heavenly Fate Realm cultivator could exceed it.

Shen Tian felt it was laughable. With a single thrust of his fist forward the Black Armored Cultivator stopped his dash forward. Pressure started to add on his feet in the ground making him raise an eyebrow. It was indeed surprising, it seems the Black Armor was very heavy causing the slow speed.

His eyes morphed and activated the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. The Dual Blades of Divine Ice and Fire started to come out from the space around Shen Tian through Space and Time Ripple. He was not going to use his treasured and precious sword yet, he still had to fix a few of the places it had become dull and weakened.

The Black Armored Cultivator's eyes shone with a weird gleam before he leaped backward aided by some kind of mechanism in the boots of the gear. Shen Tian, however, was quick and sharp and threw the Blade of Divine Ice toward the Black Armored Cultivator who was caught off-guard.

The Black Armored Cultivator's armor created a weird sound as it meets the Blade of Divine Ice, the ice spread over his armor making the cultivator jumped backward with the help of the boots he wore. Shen Tian narrowed his eyes,'The one who made this kind of armor has a good idea of how helpful inner mechanisms can be to a person.'

"I assume you all thirty-three fellow cultivators are incapable of speaking due to that armor am I right? Nod once if I'm right and twice if I'm wrong." Shen Tian decided to play a game of questions, to also see if the Black Armored Cultivators were mentally limited or just retarded. He was proven right since they all nodded twice…

Shen Tian felt like the one who commanded the Black Armored Cultivators, a total of thirty-three was quite dumb. He twirled around two fingers before the Dual Blades of Divine Ice and Fire flew toward two Black Armored Cultivators who were not ready to engage in a battle with Shen Tian and killed both of them instantly.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》