An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
223 Not going to spare anyone
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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223 Not going to spare anyone

Shen Tian's eyes started to rotate as a slight amount of blood left his left eye. Black Flames appeared on top of several Black Armored Cultivators, those were not simply Black Flames of the Amaterasu, they were coated in Divine Fire which increases the temperature of the Black Flames by dozens of times.

The Black Armor started to shake visibly, but the temperature was still not high enough for it to start melting. Shen Tian was very amused, although he had coated the Black Flames of the Amaterasu in Divine Fire, he had yet to reach the full potential of the Black Divine Flames if that failed as well… The one who made those armors was possibly a Deity Rank Expert.

Shen Tian stopped thinking for a moment. Was it only his imagination or were the Black Armored Cultivators releasing cries of agony… He looked at Xian Long who was barely holding his laughter. " Stupid Chaos Emperor, is it just me or are they feeling the pain through the weird Black Armor?"

It seems that even if the Black Divine Flames were incapable of damaging the black armor those cultivators were wearing, the temperature of it was still capable of going through the armor and damaging the ones wearing the armor. Shen Tian could feel their agony in the muffled cries they were releasing.

Shen Tian who was already planning his next move put a hand on his face and groaned. " I completely forgot the fact that I am already at the peak of the Dao of Dragon Realm, what kind of possibility could these little cultivators merely at the Heavenly Axis Realm have to defeat an existence like me…"

"You dare to conspire with the outsiders and actually bring foreigners to our sect without letting anyone know! That is punishable by death, as the Grand Elder of the Inner Sect, the one given absolute power over the Inner Sect I will have to sentence you to 69 decades in the Abyssal Void Sect's Prisons!"

A voice boomed out with the tone of someone who was almighty and ancient. Shen Tian temporarily stopped his actions. He was slowly running out of patience due to the events which were happening lately, leaving him with no time to even have a calm state of mind right now, he was getting angry.

Xian Long gulped,"Shen Tian… Even though this majesty knows you probably won't be affected by any of this, I don't think it's alright for you to piss of the Grand Elder of the Inner Sect, you have been scammed right now. I believe you should use the Communication Token the Sect Master gave you right now!"

The skies above started to crack open, allowing an enormous hand to pass through the gap without any problem. The enormous hand was made out of Heavenly Energy and was extremely overbearing to the point Shen Tian felt like just waving his hand to basically smash all of it. Unfortunately, it would not be this easy.

Shen Tian raised his head up to look at the massive fist and snorted. He gave his feet a slight push and leaped forward. He did not forget the Black Armored Cultivators, for whom which he cast a total of thirty-three formation spells, one for every single one of them, they cultivators were left in a brink of tears.

"According to you, I am working together with outsiders… Inside my own fucking Division's territory where anyone with eyes can observe me do it? Do you think I am a retarded person dear Grand Elder of the 'Inner' Sect?" Shen Tian frowned, he did not like this so-called Grand Elder at all.

The Grand Elder's Will was silent for a moment. The actual Grand Elder was in deep seclusion, he was merely acting according to the orders of the real Grand Elder, while he was only a thread of his awareness. Obviously, the Grand Elder had not expected Shen Tian to be so domineering at all.

The Grand Elder's Will took a deep breath before the enormous arm started to de-materialize and allowed the Heavenly Energy to separate and form another lifeform, the Grand Elder's doppelganger technically. He had thick eyebrows which really left a weird impression of him and a very long and silky white beard.

Shen Tian did a single hand seal and summoned a Shadow Clone with the power equivalent to the peak of the Heavenly Axis Realm, which was more than enough to deal with the various Black Armored Cultivators. He was still not sure if the situation was safe since they had managed to pierce the Formation behind the Divine Division's Territory.

Obviously, he could not use his Kamui either since it would merely raise attention and also make it seem as if he was aiding them in escaping the Abyssal Void Sect's territory. All of this lead to one answer, the Grand Elder himself was the reason why all of this had happened, he was the main traitor of the Inner Sect!

Shen Tian was going to have a very hard time defeating the Grand Elder who was a Martial Ancestor. He had heard that the Grand Elder of the Inner Sect was a very powerful person, even the Sect Master really respected him, but the Grand Elder had accepted a role merely at the Inner Sect. It must be known that 99% of the elders were only Dao of Dragon Realm cultivators or lower, few were Martial Ancestors.

The Will of the Grand Elder snorted as his brows furrowed in the space between his eyes. "It's very obvious boy, how can you tell us that you have exactly 'thirty-three' weird armored cultivators inside the Inner Sect without ANYONE allowing such a thing. You are simply bringing our sect down with you!"

Shen Tian rolled his eyes, "Alright man, I don't have time to spare to anyone right now. As the sentence goes, "Time is Golden". If you want to detain me and send me into jail, do not think I am simply going to allow that to happen." Xian Long chuckled, "This majesty agrees with what you have said, this is injustice"!

Shen Tian would have a very hard time against the Grand Elder's true body but this one was simply a doppelganger, it only had a power equivalent to the peak of the Dao of Dragon Realm, even the shadow clone Shen Tian had just made was capable of holding its own against this doppelganger.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》