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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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224 Doppelganger

Shen Tian waved his hand just as the Grand Elder's doppelganger moved forward wanting to detain and chain down Shen Tian as quickly as it was possible. None of them were willing to back down, especially Shen Tian who as a Law Enforcer basically was just slightly below the Grand Elder's power.

With Shen Tian waving his hand, the space around him started to become unstable to a point where the Grand Elder's doppelganger had difficulties flying in that space, forcing him to stop his movement. This was a mistake since Shen Tian smirked as space next to his hand cracked open and became entirely black.

Yomotsu Hirasaka

His fist slammed into the Grand Elder's doppelganger hitting his face before the poor doppelganger could even react, he started to throw a fury of fists at the Grand Elder. By the point, he was finished the Grand Elder's face was so swollen that probably even his original could not recognize him anymore!

The Doppelganger of the Grand Elder felt dizzy and barely stood on his legs. His cheeks were so swollen even his sight was nearly blocked fully. Shen Tian's expression was icy and did not seem like he was just exactly done with his torture. He gripped the air with both hands causing it to split as if he was pulling it closer to him.

"You dare to go against me, Yan Nangong!" The Doppelganger roared as the Heavenly Energy against him burst out, slamming at Shen Tian who had just created cracks in space and revealing the void. The void seeped out from the gaps and formed an enormous wall which protected him.

Yan Nangong was stunned, the Truth-Seeking Orbs slammed into him mercilessly which started yet another beating for him. Upon this ending, he felt dizzy to the point his body simply collapsed into the ground. Unfortunately for him, it was just where the core of the formation Shen Tian had put was, thus utilizing an enormous amount of Heavenly Energy to wound him once again.

Just before he lost consciousness which was impossible to dodge, Yan Nangong immediately contacted the real body of his, to tell him of the situation. Shen Tian did notice it but could not really do anything because it was too late to act. He was not scared of the Sect Master, let alone a mere Grand Elder.

Xian Long panicked for a moment, "What are you going to do?! This majesty still wants you to fix an issue he has before you go and die!"

"How about I make sure you die before I am 'killed' by someone, fucking Chaos Emperor?" Shen Tian felt as if the tension was completely removed upon Xian Long spoke, he truly was an eccentric person.

Xian Long snorted before staring at the thirty-three Black Armored Cultivators who were enduring the pain of the Black Divine Flames and were creating a formation. Shen Tian's interest was piqued he wanted to see what they could do and if that was enough to blow up his formation.

Although Yan Nangong had been extremely tyrannical, Shen Tian had subdued his doppelganger without even giving it a chance to fight back. "Brat… Do not mistake my true body's silence for his acknowledgment of what has happened, he merely is in deep seclusion seeking a chance to gain an enormous breakthrough into the Martial Ancestor Realm." Then he fell unconscious.

Shen Tian put his eyes on the Black Armored Cultivators and could not hide his ecstasy. The formation they were using was deeply similar to the style Shen Tian used to create his formations and arrays. No wonder they had managed to pierce the Formation he had used to protect the Divine Division!

His finger slightly twitched and boundless Heavenly Energy started to circle the Black Armored Cultivators. His Shadow Clone exploded into nothing as Shen Tian had no other use for him anymore. His finger twitched another time and chains burst out from the ground to detain the doppelganger down.

The doppelganger grunted but did not show any other reaction. Xian Long was before the Black Armored Cultivators, not even asking Shen Tian if it was okay to enter the formation since there was a danger it could simply dissolve thus freeing the Black Armored Cultivators, which was very annoying.

Shen Tian was exasperated. He leaped at Xian Long and held him on the ground. "Stop doing such movements without fucking warning me first, you could've destroyed the formation!" He growled.

Xian Long released a weak groan as he used his arms as support to push Shen Tian's feet away from his back."You almost killed this majesty, I must remind you that you are much stronger than me, be careful with how you use your strength, you moron!"

Shen Tian snorted and did not heed Xian Long anymore, instead, he was entirely focused on the scene in front of him.

The Black Armored Cultivators were trying their best to crack open the formation Shen Tian had created using ninety-nine formation cores and one major formation core which was the point which Yan Nangong had hit it before fainting.

Shen Tian snapped his fingers and the formation stopped existing, instead, nine heavenly dragons were formed and chained down the thirty-three figures who despite the fact that they could not form proper sentences continued to grunt.

The one who was the leader of the Thirty Three Black Armored Cultivators stood up and despite the Black, Divine Flames dashed towards Shen Tian, this time with a speed far higher than the previous attempts. He was using the inner mechanisms of the boots he was wearing to aid his speed.


His sword was coated with the power of the Heavenly Energy creating a typhoon which affected several buildings of the Divine Division's Territory. Shen Tian's interest was piqued by the chaos caused by the attack.

A fiery fire started out around the buildings of the Divine Division which slightly removed Shen Tian's attention from the attack. Just when the Black Armored Cultivator's Leader thought that he had managed to wound Shen Tian, and somehow a grin appeared in the helmet of the armor…
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》