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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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225 Amber.


The effects of the attack were quite noticeable as smoke rose from behind Shen Tian and soon spread around several hundred meters. Xian Long was forced to retreat while integrating with his Demon Beast.

Xian Long was given a good Demon Beast by Shen Tian; he was very astonished by the power of the Demon Beast. It was quite noticeable how good it had integrated with him as if it was made solely for him to use somehow.

The Demon Beast was known for its Chaos Element, which was very extraordinary even across the various realms of the Divine Continent.

The name of the Demon Beast was the Nether Crimson Python which was known as a formidable Demon Beast, capable of fighting even Martial Ancestor Demon Beasts to a tie, known also for having the bloodline of a dragon although very faint.

Xian Long had managed to cultivate the Demon Beast to the point its cultivation was even higher than his, at the early stages of the Heavenly Axis Realm. Its speed was not to be underestimated and naturally he was capable of escaping the shockwaves very easily.

He crossed his arms with each other, both of his arms were covered in red scales which were easily capable of defending his entire upper body, while his lower body was protected by the scales around them.

The smoke started to dispatte slowly. Xian Long was quite eager to see just how much the Black Armored Cultivator Leader had been wounded. He set his eyes upon the battlefield in front of him and let his arms stay loose.

"... Interesting, although you cultivated a very weak law, the Law of Force, you managed to actually combine the Law of Force with a slight intent of the Sword Will thus managing to slightly pierce a layer of my finger's skin." Shen Tian's voice boomed out and put even more despair in the faces of the Black Armored Unit.

The Black Armored Unit Leader's hands started to shake, the inner mechanisms of his boots started to shake. Although he wanted to force them to send him away from Shen Tian, it was as if they had been twisted and were incapable of reacting anymore.

That was not really hard to guess why that had happened. Shen Tian had sent his own thread of Heavenly Energy when his finger had made contact with the Black Armored Unit's Leader sword. This moment of carelessness from Shen Tian caused the tiny cut in his finger, which was ignorable. A bit of smoke was formed from the inner mechanisms of his armor.

Shen Tian's eyes shone with a weird gleam and a thread of Heavenly Energy appeared from his sleeves and took the shape of a whip. He swung the whip around and created an enormous crater right next to the Black Armored Unit.

The cries of a phoenix were heard as Feng Hao appeared in a wholesome of dark flames. He had integrated with his Demon Beast." Heavens… What the hell did you two do to our current home?! It's ruined!"

Feng Hao immediately noticed the Black Armored Unit and he was exasperated. He had just entered seclusion in the Red Infernal Tower of the sect seeking to refine some of the Spirit Stones Shen Tian occasionally gave him.

His senses had instantly went off when the Black Armored Unit had started to fight Shen Tian, but he had to refine a few more Spirit Stones before he was let off by the Elder responsible for the Red Infernal Tower.

Shen Tian stared at Feng Hao and responded rather calmly. "They invaded our division, I had a bit of trouble detaining them but it's ok right now." The smoke fully cleared out, revealing the shocking scene of the Black Armored Unit Leader shivering badly as his body went through a spasm.

The armor he wore was nearly destroyed with dozens of cracks all over the surface of it. Shen Tian looked at him with the corner of his eyes. " Unfortunate. The armor you guys are using is made out of the Purple Xarge Metal and the Violet Sunshine Metal, this alloy is quite strong but also fragile… If you had used the Azure Moon Metal this would've ended differently. I guess you can only blame your luck on this."

The Black Armored Unit Leader's helmet cracked entirely revealing a head full of hair and clear white skin which seemed peerless. Who'd have expected that the Unit Leader was a woman, a very beautiful one at that too?

Shen Tian did not particularly care, he was not known for being delicate so with a single thought of his the black armor of the Unit Leader immediately exploded into smitheerns.

"If you don't mind I will have to take that armor to my laboratory and research it." Shen Tian said, not only did he remove the armor of the Unit Leader, he did the same with every other member of the unit.

The Unit Leader was in no condition to refuse, she could only gnash her teeth, it seems that even a few of them had been removed due to Shen Tian's sheer physical strength, that was a minor damage as even a bruise had appeared on her face.

Feeling slightly bad about this situation, Xian-Long twitched a bit before looking at Shen Tian and throwing a few pills which could heal their wound towards the Black Armored Unit. He was not scared of them being capable of escaping.

'Most of the members of this Black Armored Unit are between the age of sixteen to twenty-two, all of them have a cultivation between the peak of the Heavenly Star Realm to the peak of the Heavenly Axis Realm… Interesting. It seems there is a requirement to wear this Black Armor.' Shen Tian noted almost immediately.

He waved his hand and the Black Armored Unit disappeared inside his kamui, obviously, he no longer cared about what the sect had to say since he had already taken care of the Yan Nangong Doppelganger.

Xian Long and Feng Hao awkwardly nodded and followed Shen Tian who was going towards the Laboratory he had created inside the Divine Division. Since there was only a total of 4 people living inside of it, Shen Tian thought that he might as well just accomodate himself inside of here.

None of them besides Shen Tian noticed a pair of amber demonic-looking eyes observe them from afar. The eyes were beaming with Heavenly Energy as if it had an infinite and boundless amount of it.

'Soon the Abyssal Void Sect will perish… For our lord, everything shall be accomplished even if it means the destruction of the Everlasting River of Blood and the Myriad Spirit River. Our revenge from thousands of years ago will be complete.'

`To think that our Black Armored Unit 32 did not manage to even damage the boy that much… What a disappointment. He even managed to detain them and take the Black Armor we spent so much effort on so effortlessly…'

'I will have to send someone to try and seduce him away from the Abyssal Void Sect, such a genius would be extremely valuable when the rebirth of us… Starts once again… It would be quite a shame if he died together with his own sect!'

The eyes took a final glance at Shen Tian and his group before closing completely. If he had stayed there for just a split of a moment more, he'd have noticed that Shen Tian had a wide smile on his face.

"So it's like this… Interesting." He chuckled.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》