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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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[Gates Of Void]

The First Gate, Gate Of Darkness.

The Second Gate, Gate Of Light.

The Third Gate, Gate Of Chaos.

The Fourth Gate, Gate Of Life.

The Fifth Gate, Gate Of Hell.

The Sixth Gate, Gate Of Fate

The Seventh Gate, Gate Of Purgatory

The Eighth Gate, Gate Of Heaven.

Ninth Gate, Gate of Destruction

Tenth Gate, Gate Of Creation

Eleventh Gate, Gate of Despair

Twelth Gate, Gate of Hope


1st Gate - Gate Of Darkness -

Located at the highest part of Shen Tian's chest, it's the size of a needle's tip, incredibly small. When opened, it releases an incredible amount of dark matter, which engulfs the surrounding lands.

When using it, cultivation becomes much faster, but it also increases Shen Tian's power. The Darkness, is known for not being very faster, however, it absorbs more than the other gates in terms of density.

Only can be used when Shen Tian's cultivation is equivalent to the Silver Rank, otherwise, an incredible pain will enter user's body.


2nd Gate - Gate Of Light -

Located just below Shen Tian's chest, unlike the Gate Of Darkness, it's a bit bigger than a molecule, due to that, a mastery over the gate is required when opening it, it releases a sheer raw pressure, and a shiny light.

Unlike The Gate Of Darkness, this Gate is much faster than the previous one, and prioritizes speed over the others, using this, the user could absorb Soul Force in a much faster rate than the first one.

Just like the First Gate, when used, The Gate Of Light increases the user's power, by several times, and gives him the ability to use the light element.

It can be only opened when the equivalent of the Gold Realm is reached, as a Demon Spiritualist, when used below the Silver Realm, it'll cause one's soul to shake, and when used as below the Bronze Realm, one's soul will be shattered.


3rd Gate, Gate Of Chaos -

Located below the Gate Of Light, it's the size of a molecule, making it extremely small, it not suggested to open without fulfilling all the requirements, when opened, it releases an intense aura, which makes weak willed people faint from it.

This one, absorbs an extreme amount of Soul Force, however, if one's soul is not strong, it can possibly shatter it from the density, it is required to enter the Legend Realm before you can use it.

Unlike the previous two gates, this one contains an extreme raw power, which is difficult to control, but can be used to create a massive explosion, capable of wiping a large amount of land.

4th Gate, Gate Of Life -

Unlike the other three Gates, this one is not located close to the Chest, and is located in the Heart, basically it's the heart itself.

When opened, it can temporarily give the user a boost in power for a limited amount of time, however, if one is not used to it, it can suck all of your life force out of your body,thus killing you.

Like the other Three Gates, it can absorb Soul Force at an incredible rate, much faster than the other three, due to its connection to life itself, it could only be used when one entered the Heavenly Fate Realm.


5th Gate, Gate Of Hell -

The most chaotic and destructive of the five introduced gates, this one is located near the brain, and can destroy it, if the user is not careful with the way they unlock this gate, it is extremely dangerous.

When it is opened, the Spiritual and Physical capabilities of the user are raised by a massive amount, for a limited amount of time, just like the other gates, but with time you can raise that limited time.

Like the other four gates, it's capability to absorb Soul Force is astonishing, however it also can absorb other energies found inside the Undying Cycles Realm, like Spiritual Energy and other energies, and refine it to create a new energy.

Can only be used when User has entered the Heavenly Axis Realm.


6th Gate, Gate of Fate.

The most mysterious gate of all the ones introduced. Although it's destructive or defensive abilities cannot be compared to the other gates, it has an eccentric ability to increase the owner's luck and also reaction speed.

Basically, it's related to speed and time. Meaning the user can increase his comprehension or absorption speed whenever he wishes to.

It is not located in the user's body but inside his Soul Realm so it's extremely safe, if over-used it can cause fatigue and fainting.

Requires a power level of the Dao of Dragon Realm.


[The Overlord And Overseer Undying Cycles]

1st Overlord and Overseer → Ryu Otsutsuki, got enlightened by use of his Infinite Paths, and created what we call the OOUC, and gained the power to create and destroy.

2nd Overlord and Overseer → Shen Tian/Alex Black, got enlightened after living through a billion years, and gained the power of the OOUC.

3rd Overlord and Overseer → Unknown(MC in Dragon Marked War God Fanfiction)

Eternal Being → Lin Feng ( Name could change), died in his first life as an absolutely ruthless man, known for his talent unrivaled across the Chaotic Realm (OC) even in the Immemorial Times. MC in my Martial God Asura Fanfiction - Tales of The Eternal God Slayer

Power Level → Infinite



Perfect Control Over Every Foreign Energy in host's body, also grants incredible purity, up to 99.99%, not perfect, but it makes it far easier to use Chakra or Spiritual Energy for Shen Tian.

The ability to use the Undying Cycles Realm, where time is far slower, and the quality of Soul Force is very high, the Realm can be modified in size, to be comfy to the user, Shen Tian uses this to create a massive amount of Shadow Clones.

Capable of absorbing various different energies, and making it dense with it, as shown when Shen Tian gets Jian Yu's Mysterious Energy, or the Heavenly Energy when the breakthroughs to the Demigod Rank

An improved form of the Undying Cycles Realm is rumored to be the Eternal Realm which Lin Feng ( MGA MC) has.

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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》