An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
229 ...Laughing at Shen Tian?
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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229 ...Laughing at Shen Tian?

Assistant Yu shook his head with a sigh as a smirk appeared on his face," I might be just a bit older than you by a decade, but I am not going to let you surpass me this easily young lad!"

Shen Tian did not really care about what Assistant Yu had to say. He was focused on the gigantic Mist Creature, those creatures truly intrigued him a lot.

He slapped a Mist Creature which wanted to devour him away earning speechless gazes from nearly everyone besides General Jian why was now very cheerful, "Good moves you have there, young chap!"

Shen Tian nodded, he was not going to bother with manners in a moment like this. It did not seem like General Jian really minded either, he was busy fighting Mist Creatures non-stop.

General Jian's longsword was chipped, it had lost its sharp side and was extremely dull so he just roared once more and threw it at a Violet-Eyed Mist Creature, ultimately making it succumb to its injuries.

Shen Tian started to admire this man, who was not afraid to face a million Mist Creatures even if they could overwhelm him with just raw numbers. General Jian grinned as his Interspatial Ring shone.

"Ya brats really think that it would be this EASY for the Northern WALL TO FALL DON't CHA?!" General Jian roared as the Interspatial Ring's shine multiplied. Several thousands of types of weapons came out of it.

"You see weird creatures, This elder here is over a thousand years old. Some ugly-shit creatures like you won't kill me!"

He extended his hand forward and grabbed a halberd with a dark blue color. It was a very high-level artifact, Shen Tian could see that with his eyes.

Assistant Yu let a grin enter his face, he was overcome with happiness." That's right General Jian! Let's fight until we are fucking exhausted and die!"

His light armor shone with white light, allowing the previous dragon to appear once more, this time with a much brighter color. Then another dragon… and another…

A total of nine dragons started to form from Assistant Yu's Heavenly Energy, it was an astonishing scene to behold!

Shen Tian snorted, he was not willing to be left behind so the two blades on his hands shone with a blue and red color for their respective element. A circle appeared behind him, divided into ice and flames.

"Dual Movement - Shining Star!"

Shen Tian roared as the ground and skies started to rumble as if something terrifying was coming to existence. The circle behind him started to shine and opened as if it was merely a gateway for something greater.

He raised both blades and made a slash. A limitless amount of ice and fire Energy burst out like wildfire from the circle. The mist creatures only had a single moment to witness this craziness before they were murdered.

It was absolutely one-sided, over two hundred thousand Mist Creatures were murdered before anyone could make their next move!

Shen Tian dashed forward as he opened the Gates of Void with extremely quick speed.

The First Gate, Gate of Darkness

The Second Gate, Gate of Light.

The Third Gate, Gate of Chaos.

The Fourth Gate, Gate of Life.

The Fifth Gate, Gate of Hell.

The Sixth Gate, Gate of Fate.

A tyrannical pressure came over the Mist Creatures which literally were unable to face it without extinguishing. Their cores exploded into nothing. General Jian was brought to a point of despair even if he was on the same side as him.

The various people present were given a hint of what absolute fear and despair were. The pair of crimson eyes could not hide its astonishment at what was happening, it was afraid to admit that even it was scared!

'This… THIS BRAT NOTICED MY PRESENCE, BUT DID NOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT ME! THIS COCKINESS…' The crimson eyes growled. He immediately sent a mental message to the Azure-Eyed Mist Creature in the Northern Wall.

"Fucking Useless Creature, go and deal with that human, I want his head rolling on the ground next to my lair!"

The Azure-Eyed Mist Creature shivered from fear but did not want to upset the person who ordered him to do so, it was also scared of Shen Tian but gained significant confidence when the crimson eyes handed him a treasure.

A bang happened and the Azure-Eyed Mist Creature appeared in front of Shen Tian, it was visibly larger than even the 500 meters tall Mist Creature. It was nearly a thousand meters tall!

Shen Tian was not scared, he brought his fist forward and hit the Azure-Eyed Mist Creature before it could even react.


Before anyone could even notice the confrontation between the two powerhouses, an enormous hole appeared at the place the Azure-Eyed Mist Creature's stomach should be. Shen Tian's fist had literally pierced his stomach!

The dual blades hovered in the skies. The Mist Creatures shivered and tried to stay as far as possible from the blades as if a mere look could kill them all.

Shen Tian was overflowing with power right now, every single step of his was accompanied by enormous amounts of Heavenly Energy seeping out of him. The Azure-Eyed Mist Creature let out a roar before the hole completely filled itself.

Being a Martial Ancestor level creature, the Azure-Eyed Mist Creature was perfectly capable of regeneration lost limbs, especially when it was just a gaseous substance creature. It was as easy as breathing for it!

However, Shen Tian did not let the poor creature rest even for a single moment. He had a cold expression as he thought,' I suppose it's not really a bad moment for me to test it once again…'

Shen Tian was thinking about using the strongest sword he had ever wielded before, in this second or third life. Upon finding it at the Treasury Room back at the Purgatory Shrine it was damaged.

He had taken a bit of time to repair the damage done to its tip and a few other parts of it. He could easily say that it was even better than before, but he could not use it's full power yet.

His cultivation realm was too low unfortunately, it would take a bit of time before he could use it to its full might.

"Stop resisting and just die, there is not much use to you in the first place anyway." Shen Tian emitted the aura of a peerless expert as he extended his hand forward, his interspatial ring shook slightly as a damaged sword appeared on his hand.

Everyone was very curious. That sword did not even exceed the weakest grade 1 Artifact… Just how useful could it be in such an important and vital battlefield like this one.

General Jian and Assistant Yu were just as curious as for the others, in fact, General Jian ignored the hits of the minor Mist Creatures and just stared at the scene in front of him.

Shen Tian raised the sword he was wielding and gently waved it.

Everyone was exasperated, after this long dramatic moment, nothing happened to the Azure-Eyed Mist Creatures. In fact, the creature itself was so surprised it started to let out a weird laugh.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》