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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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230 Sovereign Shou

Shen Tian shook his head silently as the Azure-Eyed Mist Creature felt as if the weight of the entire realm was put on him. Its sight of view started to blur to the point he could not even see Shen Tian's figure.

His lips slightly curled as he muttered, "We will see…"

The Azure-Eyed Mist Creature let out a cry of anguish as it slammed into the ground. The space around it started to distort and cracks started to appear revealing the void behind them.

Shen Tian waved his sword once more, this time it started a much more violent reaction almost immediately. The Azure-Eyed Mist Creature was left with no chance to fight back as it was split into a trillion smaller pieces.

General Jian and Assistant Yu did not wait anymore, although they were shocked to the point they could fall into a coma, they had to act quickly.

The two threw their weapons into the air and clasped their hands.

"Sealing Formation - Twin Holy Phoenixes!" They roared as the shine in their bodies increased to the point it burst out.

Above their heads, a phoenix with a golden color was formed, they were extremely beautiful and contained an aura of the ancient era. General Jian pointed straight at the portals the Mist Creatures had used to come here and the phoenixes let out cries.

They flew toward the portals and released an enormous amount of Heavenly Energy, collapsing the portals and sealing them so they could not be used anymore.

The crimson eyes far away from the Northern Walls snorted. 'For now, this is more than enough, the Southern and the Eastern Walls have been breached, that is enough for me to send the Demon Beasts next. I believe that the weird wolf-like Demon Beast should've been tamed already.'

Shen Tian froze, his eyes traveled right and directly meet with the crimson eyes. Despite the distance between the two, the crimson eyes shivered from fear. Shen Tian waved his sword toward the direction of the eyes slightly.

"You bastard!" The crimson eyes let out a hollow roar before disappearing into the abyss, it would have to enter seclusion due to its eyes being injured before the fight even began!


Shen Tian who was hovering in the air looked around, upon seeing the ground was safe and stable enough for him to sit on it he immediately went down and relaxed on the grass.

General Jian and Assistant Yu followed him soon upon seeing that the Mist Creatures had been fully exterminated. The seal they had put on the portals was stable enough so they were not worried.

"Hahaha, aren't you Shen Tian, one of the three prodigies the current Sect Master chose?! I definitely will have good words to tell him about you when I meet him again!" General Jian was full of smiles on his face.

Shen Tian nodded as he stared at General Jian, making the later feel awkward even with a thousand years of experience. He had never met such a cold and calm teenager before.

Assistant Yu looked at General Jian with a helpless expression,"We have to hurry and protect the ones at the other walls!" General Jian groaned.

"What if the Mist Creatures decide to return, although the seal is of top quality you never know with those disgusting and weird creatures. They might be able to break the seal in a way or another."

Shen Tian looked around for a moment before sighing,"You two elders can go and help the people at the other gates, I will stay in the Northern Wall in case the Mist Creatures decide to return once again."

General Jian and Assistant Yu's expressions brightened. Although it was not exactly something one should do, the Abyssal Void Sect was getting invaded. Dangerous times required deep sacrifices.


There was a lair deep underground the Abyssal Void Sect. No one besides certain members of the sect the Abyssal Void Sect had destroyed thousands of years knew about it.

One such person was Old Hao, the portal he had entered in a corner of the Abyssal Void Sect. The overlord of the sect which wanted to take revenge for itself made it sure that this place was absolutely never discovered.

Old Hao was currently just inside the golden gates he had previously opened before. His expression was solemn, expression just how serious he was right now.

A chilling gust of wind went past Old Hao, who was slightly affected by it as shown in his expression. He hesitated for a split of a moment before walking forward.

He walked in front of a golden throne, and several smaller bronze thrones next to it in almost every side besides behind Old Hao. Those were the seats of the Overlord and the Martial Ancestors of the sect!

Torches illuminated the area of this Throne Room, the old body of Old Hao started to shake in excitement as he reached the place he was supposed to kneel in and so he did.

A pair of amber demonic-looked eyes lit up and opened themselves. Obviously, a silhouette followed soon, it sat in the throne directly next to the Golden Throne, which was a Silver Throne. In total there were only two Silver Thrones, one each next to the Golden Throne.

"The overlord won't be able to talk to you this time old fellow." Old Hao was startled as he cupped his fists together, "Sovereign Shou… I would've been surprised if the overlord appeared… But even you are a pleasant surprise to this old fellow."

Sovereign Shou had two Long white horns which made him resemble Hagoromo Otsutsuki back from the Chakra World of the Shinju Tree Shen Tian had lived in when he was living through one of his previous three lives.

He was looking at Old Hao, not like an equal, but as if he was an immortal and Old Hao was merely someone who had yet to even be close to the Immortal Realm.

" I wanted to talk about the situation of Old Zhang. He died, unfortunately, the Abyssal Void Sect now has some… suspicions that I am a traitor despite my long contributions to the sect, unfortunately."

Sovereign Shou nodded," I see.. You have long served your place as one of the most valuable spies inside the Abyssal Void Sect for our own sect. Your father and grandfather would be proud of you. Unfortunately, they all died while completing the same task as you… You have surpassed their legacy."

Old Hao scratched his nose feeling a bit proud. It had always been his dream to surpass the legacy of his grandfather and father.

Sovereign Shou smiled as he stood up from his Silver Throne and walked toward Old Hao who felt something was wrong but did not react to it. Sovereign Shou patted Old Hao's shoulders. "You've done well. You can rest Now…"

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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》