An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
231 Ecstasy of Sovereign Shou and Disappointmen
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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231 Ecstasy of Sovereign Shou and Disappointmen

"Old Hao, do you have a son?" Sovereign Shou smiled sweetly. He ignored the weird scene which had just happened thanks to him. " I suppose your silence and despair mean yes…"

"You…Why?" Old Hao felt dizzy as his head was lowered to look at the dripping blood wound of his.

A wide wound which literally went past his entire stomach had appeared on his body. Old Hao looked up to see a long white tail filled with blood waving in the air.

The owner of that tail was Sovereign Shou who was very calm as he wiped the blood from his white tail. "Just like your father and grandfather, you were doomed to fall under my hands."

Old Hao opened his mouth only to cough out even more blood. A bitter smile entered his face, he tried to suppress his wound using Heavenly Energy but failed."Do not even try, I coated poison on my tail. If I did not do that otherwise, you'd have been a pain in the ass to kill."

Old Hao walked backward feeling power leaving his body. He was in so much pain that he could not even describe just how much it hurt exactly. He raised his hand and pointed at Sovereign Shou.

"You… Aren't human?" Old Hao was filled with disbelief. Originally he had shrugged the horns as mere decoration or just mutation, but this was far deeper than what it seemed. Horns and a tail?

"I'm a hybrid you could say. Since you are going to die it doesn't really matter. Ah, I did the same thing with your father and grandfather as well. They could only hopelessly listen to me, as I told them about the truth of our sect, those people actually thought they were true members of the sect!"

Sovereign Shou raised his hand, which had five fingers, and just next to the wrist was a longhorn which just went past the fingers. The same horn also appeared on his other hand. "Our race comes from the Primordial Devil Realm… Kekeke."

"Our Primordial Devil Bloodline is very thick, when we came over to the Draconic Ruins Realm we immediately broke through to the Heavenly Star Realm, for some of the extraordinary ones they even entered the Dao of Dragon Realm instantly!" Sovereign Shou stated.

"Unfortunately for us, while inside the Primordial Devil Realm, the Sage Emperor was incapable of hurting a single soul of our race so he remained quiet, upon leaving he immediately chased us away." Sovereign Shou snorted.

"We did our best to hide away from the Sage Emperor and even established a sect under his nose… the Primordial Devil Sect."

Old Hao started to lose consciousness but thanks to his Heavenly Energy he remained alive. Although he did not have any hope of leaving this place alive… He had a way to use the information Sovereign Shou have him.

"A million years."

"That's for how long we managed to hide under his nose and become one of the most formidable sects the Draconic Ruins Realm had ever seen before. We used the Black Armored Units to hide our real appearance. Later, we simply kidnapped random humans and brainwashed them."

"I must admit it, it was really fun and enjoyable torturing those humans to the point they were helpless and could only succumb to the effects of the techniques we used on them to be brainwashed kekeke!" Sovereign Shou chuckled.

"Ah, at that time your ancestor was also one of those, I still remember his appearance… Filled with so much vigor. He was the first of the many we decided to use as spies later on."

"Then… The Sage Emperor struck us down heavily, the Abyssal Void Lord took that as a chance to fully banish us from our homeland, which at the time had been the place the Abyssal Void Lord is currently built!"

"The Everlasting River of Blood was built with the blood of the Primordial Devil Bloodline mostly! The Divine Myriad Spirit River was forcefully made with the souls of the poor Primordial Devils we left behind!" Sovereign Shou thrust his fist forward and created a hole in the walls of the lair.

"Twenty Million Years ago we were one of the most formidable forces this Draconic Ruins Realm had ever seen before… Eighteen Million years ago we were demolished by the Abyssal Void Lord and his little minions…"

"He did not establish his sect until much later, he built the Abyssal Void Sect's headquarters and focused on refining the core of our Ancestor's Soul Realm which he did successfully…"

Sovereign Shou growled,"Unfortunately for him and fortunately for him, we struck a deal with the Sage Emperor who had realized he could not kill the Abyssal Void Lord, we promised him that we'd help him deal with him but he also had to forget about killing us!"

"Since then it has been almost one million years if not more… The number of actual Primordial Devils has been dwindling due to mating problems, which resulted in more members like you diluting our heavenly sect."

Old Hao started to pant heavily. He was running out of oxygen, he could no longer properly breathe. Even though it was not a requirement to survive as a Martial Ancestor, he had no energy and breathing did give him some energy, which had run out.

Sovereign Shou grinned as his tail moved in the air. " Perhaps you require another attack from my tail to die… I'm getting bored of explaining everything to you, a swift death is what you deserve at the very least… Garbage."

Old Hao looked around, searching for something which might prolong his life even for a short period of time. He failed.

Sovereign Shou neared him and the tail could very easily just pierce his chest this time. If he struck Old Hao's heart it might be as well as over.

Old Hao roared as he decided to attempt a suicidal attack. If he was going to die he wanted to at least take a part of Sovereign Shou's body with him.

Sovereign Shou snorted as his tail reached a speed literally five times faster than light and pierced the protective barrier Old Hao had but. A ray of light blinded Sovereign Shou causing his aim to be weakened.

"Tch, you are merely wasting my time! I could've used this time to slaughter more of those tiny humans…" Sovereign Shou licked a bit of blood which had remained on his tail after literally butchering Old Hao.

A cold corpse stood in front of him. Although his aim had suffered slightly, Old Hao's heart had been pierced and only a quarter of it remained. Blood had splattered everywhere. His life force was diminishing with every moment which was passing.

Sovereign Shou widened his eyes as he jumped backward. He sensed an explosion which made him lose his focus for a short moment. That short moment cost him quite a lot. He had an immeasurable amount of anger inside of him right now. " OLD HAOOO!"

"WHAT?! NO!" He roared in anguish as a small spark of Heavenly Energy left Old Hao's body, in a speed Sovereign Shou could no longer catch up to without grabbing the attention of the Abyssal Void Sect's old fogies.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》