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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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232 Entering the Portal

Shen Tian groaned as he took a pill to heal a few of his wounds. Although most of them were minor, he hated the fact that he had to waste a valuable pill.

He looked at the portals which had been sealed calmly. The sect had many experts, but right now most of them were in deep seclusion. Usually, if this state of emergency was declared, dozens of Martial Ancestors would be stationed in each gate.

A disciple around his age nervously stared around before walking towards Shen Tian. It could be seen he was very afraid of Shen Tian as a whole.

Who wouldn't?

Shen Tian's aura when he opened the sixth gate of the Gates of Void Technique was so tyrannical that even the Azure-Eyed Mist Creature could not last for a single minute! It only took two attacks to kill it!

The disciple started to mumble to himself, Shen Tian could easily be heard what he was saying. Words like,'why did it have to be me' or 'I have such a bad luck' were thrown by the disciple.

Shen Tian's bad mood was slowly replaced by a funny one. He just couldn't help it, he didn't even know why the disciple was so nervous in the first place.

The disciple was very gloomy but still walked toward Shen Tian with resolute confidence and expression. "Senior Brother Tian, I have to talk to you about something important!"

Shen Tian had a curious expression as he gave permission to the disciples to continue talking. To say the least, this disciple was merely an Outer Disciple, his cultivation was very average and he was only part of the Earth Division which was still decent nonetheless..

"What could be so important you have decided to interrupt my rest?" Shen Tian decided to play the role of a cold(which he was) and serious person(which he was anyway), the disciple was startled.

"You see… When General Jian and Assistant Yu sealed the portals, there was a mishap and several of our disciples and dear friends were thrown into one of the portals along with Elder Xing.."

The disciple was extremely nervous as he spoke, he even stuttered a few times.

Shen Tian widened his eyes to the point they were nearly the same size as a tennis ball and chuckled. " I see… I guess you want me to break the seal and go save them?"

The disciple looked around nervously as he nodded."Look straight into my eyes you fool." Shen Tian stood up with a cold expression and the disciple forcefully turned his head to face his.

"Are you willing to put the lives of tens of thousands of fellow disciples here, in danger just to save a few dozen disciples who probably might already be dead?" Shen Tian said as he sheathed his sword while putting his Dual Blades of Divine Ice and Fire into his Interspatial Ring.

The disciples furrowed his eyebrows, seemingly being in deep thoughts. "Think well, I could save them… But I do not even have a reason to do that if I were to do it would be mere of my good will."

Actually, Shen Tian had a great desire to enter those portals. He felt something related to the Black Armor he had found, inside the portals. If saving those disciples was going to give him a chance to enter the portal, he might as well do so.

"This might be selfish of me because I am one of the weakest if not the weakest disciples here… Although a few of those disciples are very mean to me, we cannot afford to lose people in a war endlessly! Please, Senior Brother Tian go and save them!"

Shen Tian froze and looked at this junior brother of his for a split of a moment. He burst into a fit of laughter a moment later. The disciple was very bewildered, just what exactly was funny right now?

"What is your name?" Shen Tian grinned as his cold expression was replaced by a mad one. The disciple shivered as he responded,"This little one's name is Fengfu Qiong" Shen Tian was silent for a moment…

"You are richer than the poorer? Your parents really have a poor naming sense" Shen Tian said as he shrugged. "Which portal did they enter and do you have any of their belonging so I can locate them."

The disciple nodded as he threw a hairpin at Shen Tian who caught it.'So one of the reasons he wants me to save those disciples is because his lover is among them… Well, they have Elder Xing with them so they should be temporarily safe.'

"Goodbye fellow disciple Qiong, let fate re-unite us another day!" Shen Tian said as he leaped into the air like an immortal and with a swing broke the seal into one of the portals. Just right at the moment when he entered the portal, he created a stronger seal to block the portal he came from.


Elder Xing coughed blood as he fought several Purple-Eyed Mist Creatures. He was a Heavenly Axis Existence, although he was nearing the end of his lifespan he was not to be underestimated.

His Demon Spirit was a very mystical and rare Behemoth Dragon. But his disciples were not as strong unfortunately, they were getting overwhelmed by Orange and Red Eyed Mist Creatures which were ruthless.

"Elder Xing if this continues we will all die under their unstoppable waves!" One of the disciples who looked to be the strongest complained in despair. She was only a Heavenly Star Realm Disciple, one of the strongest disciples of the Inner Sect's Heaven List.

The Mist created by the Mist Creatures literally obstructed the sun from spreading its light to them. Not to mention that the way the Mist Creatures were born was very eccentric. The dazzling sun was covered in mist.

Occasionally the ground would erupt with mist, suggesting that something deep underground had to do with their birth, the disciples who were occupied with fighting the Orange and Red Eyed Mist Creatures did not have time to think about the origin of the Mist Creatures.

The Mist Creatures wailed as Elder Xing punched them to oblivion. His breath was not steady, he was running out of Heavenly Energy.

"Hahaha! As long as I, Bai Xing am alive do not think you will be able to hurt my dear disciples!"

Elder Xing had gone mad, he wanted to protect his disciples from the Outer Sect no matter what it took.

The Mist Creatures surrounded him and the disciples. After all, no matter how much Elder Xing wanted to protect them all, that was practically an impossible task.

Elder Xing gathered Heavenly Energy which took the form and shape of a spear. He clutched it with all his power and threw it at the Mist Creatures.

"Time you mindless beasts! General Jian will come soon and save us from this hell!" He let out a roar as he gasped for air.

'Dammit, I'm reaching my limits… If reinforcements do not arrive soon I won't be able to guarantee my safety let alone the other's safety…' Elder Xing breathed out and in.

"Come at me, you stupid mist creatures! I bet I can take all of you down with a single attack of mine! Hahahaha!" He decided to taunt the Mist Creatures, he had seen they had a certain amount of intelligence even if it was minuscule. Immeasurable Madness appeared on his face.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》