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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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234 Boredom

An Azure-Eyed Mist Creature growled, "Stop this futile resistance! We have more people against you than you can kill."

The words were aimed at a handsome youth, with spiky and short dark-blue hair and orange and silver eyes. It was Shen Tian he was talking to.

The Mist Creatures had suffered millions in terms of casualties in total. The Azure-Eyed Mist Creature was absolutely in shambles. Although their realm produced hundreds of Mist Creatures hourly, it was still an enormous number to lose.

Shen Tian rolled his eyes, "You call this futile? I've killed nine of your kind, while you have yet to even manage to scratch my finger in the least." He was not about to argue with some idiotic creatures.

He was domineering to the point the Mist Creatures spat mist blood from anger.

The Elder Azure-Eyed Mist Creature was absolutely mad, the number of Azure-Eyed Mist Creatures in their race was very limited. The total did not exceed twenty. Nine had been killed by Shen Tian here, one had been killed by him earlier.

That brought the total of their casualties among their dead at 10 merely at the top.

The Elder Azure-Eyed Mist Creature was the second strongest one among its race the reason it was so mad was that the birth of a new Azure-Eyed Mist Creature was extraordinary and very rare.

It had been pained when the person who even Sovereign Shou had to bow to had demanded he gave him four Azure-Eyed Mist Creatures.

Shen Tian did not plan to have any mercy for the creatures of the mist. He held the harp made out of jade and tried to sense from where the disciples who were missing were.

He sighed upon noticing that the disciples and Elder Xing were probably far away from him, this, unfortunately, meant he would have to travel a lot more to find them.

" I do not have time to waste on your race anymore." Shen Tian said as he pointed the dull side of his sword at the Elder Azure-Eyed Mist Creature.


He waved it and the Elder Azure-Eyed Mist Creature let out a cry before it burst to nothing. Shen Tian shrugged his shoulders in response.

His sword was really overpowered… Was he ever going to fight someone who was able to make him go out with all of his powers… That was truly a day he'd be looking forward to.

"Now… Who is next?"

A chill ran down every Mist Creature's spine at that moment. They were screwed, weren't they?


Elder Xing collapsed to the ground, he was barely conscious right now. It was taking all of his willpower not to faint right now. He bit his dried lips. His entire mind was focused on maintaining the barrier which was protecting them from the Mist Creatures.

The female disciple called Qi Xue'er was the only one who was capable of fighting the Mist Creature with orange eyes to a standstill.

Qi Xue'er had integrated with her Demon Spirit, which similarly to Elder Xing was a Behemoth Dragon. They were not actually afraid of dying since one of their Fate Souls was inside the sect, but it would severely limit their cultivation.

"Elder Xing… It looks like our end is coming soon. I did enjoy the lessons you gave us as an elder, I gained a lot of enlightenment from it." A few of the disciples sighed in dismay.

One of the Mist Creatures let out a roar as it clashed with the barrier, creating several cracks over the surface of it. Elder Xing knitted his eyebrows as he used his Heavenly Energy to repair it once again.

The light the barrier illuminated started to diminish more and more to the point there was only enough light for them to see their hands.


Elder Xing's eyes gleamed with a certain light as he chose to make a ruthless decision which would affect his future prospects in his life if he somehow managed to live beyond this date.

He planned to detonate his soul realm. This would have a terrifying effect on the Mist Creatures. Who knew how many Purple-Eyed Mist Creatures would be killed by the explosion?!

Qi Xie'er immediately noticed what Elder Xing planned to do so she frowned,"Elder Xing don't do that! Although we might die, there is still a chance someone from the sect will come to rescue us."

A Violet-Eyed Mist Creature noticed what was happening to the very own kin it swore to protect so it roared and dashed towards the barrier. The violet eyes shone and the barrier was broken in one go altogether.

Elder Xing screamed in pain. No matter how much he tried, he could not contain the pain inside of himself. His lips quivered in pain and turned purple. He felt as if the moon itself had crashed into him without an ounce of mercy.

The other disciples rose in unison and channeled their Heavenly Energy into Elder Xing's soul realm." Hold on Elder Xing! We are sure the sect is sending reinforcements soon, we need to hold the barrier on for as long as we can!"

Elder Xing was in no mood to respond his entire focus was on holding the barrier so the Mist Creatures did not manage to break it once again. It took all out of him to recreate the barrier.

They had no idea that just a few hundred kilometers away, Shen Tian was nearing them with the speed of light. It would only take a few seconds for him to find them right now.

His eyes calculated the amount of Mist Creatures. At the same time, he had also started to call Mist Creatures as Hollows since that was much easier for him.

"The total of Hollows In this land with no light is probably around twenty million. Each Azure-Eyed Hollow was responsible for a million of his kind. I sadly took care of half of the, * chuckle*"

Just as he had finished his calculations through the use of his Spiritual Sense, he was amused to see the group of disciples he was sent to find struggling to defend themselves against the Hollows.

He slightly sighed and shook his head as he burst with speed. Just as the Violet-Eyed Hollow was finally about to break the barrier once for all he pointed his finger at it, causing it to disperse without making any noises at all.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》