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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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235 Gobsmacked

Elder Xing glanced at the Violet-Eyed Hollow for a moment before freezing completely. He was stupefied. Just exactly what had happened?!

The disciples and he were all bewildered, just exactly what had happened to the hollow which was attacking them with so much vigor, that they thought their lives were fully finished.

They all had a dumbfounded expression as Shen Tian came down from the skies. He stared at the small group of disciples and the elder and raised an eyebrow."Why are you looking at me like that? I was sent here by your little friend to save you all."

Qi Xue'er who looked like a fairy shivered. The aura Shen Tian released was simply too overbearing and overwhelming for the weak disciples. Even Elder Xing was having problems with it.

Shen Tian noticed this and calmly removed the pressure he was emitting. This happened because he could not be bothered with the weaker Hollows before, to scare them off he simply used his Spiritual Sense.

" I have an unfinished problem to accomplish and then we can return." Shen Tian looked at the surface of the realm and pointed his finger downward. A beam of Heavenly Energy gathered on the tip of it.

His finger twitched a bit and the beam shot down the ground of the Hollow Realm. "Shall we leave now?" Shen Tian said as the Hollow Realm started to completely crackdown.

The others could not even react as they were pulled by Shen Tian who was going twice the speed of light.

Just as they passed through the portal, a roar which was accompanied by a thunder rang out. It was extremely furious. The source was the forefather of the Hollow Race, the Hollow God, a peak Martial Ancestor Realm existence. Unfortunately, it was destined to die along with his race…


Fengfu Qiong was waiting for the group to return with a lot of patience. He was very scared that somehow they would all meet their demise while Shen Tian tried to rescue them inside the Hollow Realm.

His gaze which was focused on the portals shifted towards the direction of the main sect. It was… Burning?!

Panic entered his face, most of the soldiers present here had already gone towards the other walls to assist the defense of these said walls. In fact, he probably was the only person left here since they all trusted Shen Tian.

Suddenly, just as he was focusing on the main sect's headquarters, meaning the core sect; The portals started to shine brightly, to the point he had to squint his eyes so he did not get blind.

"What happened... "

"I feel like vomiting so badly right now…"

"Elder Xing, are you feeling okay?!"

"Just who the hell was the person who literally made us do that crazy stunt!"

He heard several familiar voices and he broke down. He felt tears fall down his face as he shouted,"Guys! You are all okay, I'm so glad!"

Shen Tian was hovering in mid-air. Despite having the many disciples and Fengfu Qiong searching for him, he sensed the foreign aura in the Core Sect, so he was in a rush to go and protect the sect.

No matter what, this sect had given him a chance to stay inside the Draconic Ruins Realm. Even though he wouldn't have much trouble exploring this realm back then, he didn't know much about it.

He glanced at the group of disciples and chanted a protection spell on them before he shifted his glance towards the Core Sect. With a burst of speed, he flew towards the core sect.


The Sect Master was blown backward by the attack of Sovereign Shou. He was not in a mood to discuss with the Sect Master at all. Sovereign Shou's tail was extremely fast and agile, while his fists were like mountains.

He spat a mouthful of blood and stood up. As the Sect Master of the Abyssal Void Sect, he couldn't let himself be defeated so easily. Although he was inferior to Sovereign Shou, he still had his own Martial Techniques he had yet to show to the public.

He condensed his Heavenly Energy in the form of a shield and protected himself from the rampage of Sovereign Shou who was simply using his physical body. As a Primordial Devil, even some Demon Beasts would have trouble matching his physical body's strength.

Suddenly, the Hollows which were supporting the Primordial Devil Race dispersed, earning a shocked gaze from Sovereign Shou who had been tasked with creating havoc in the Core Sect. "Impossible, Eldest Brother made it sure that they were under my command, why did they die so suddenly…"

The Sect Master immediately noticed this and roared, "This is our chance to change the tides! Everyone fight with every single atom of power you have!" He pushed Sovereign Shou away since he was surprised.

"Do not take our Abyssal Void Sect for kids to bully, Primordial Devil Sect!" the Sect Master roared as he integrated with his Demon Spirit, a Dragon Bloodline one.

It was known as the Purgatory Colossal Dragon due to its sheer size which could reach up to ten thousand meters. It was also known for its extremely high prowess in cultivation, up to the peak of the Martial Ancestor Realm!

Sovereign Shou did not rely on his Demon Spirit to fight since his physical body was extremely strong on its own, but he did rely on it when it came to using his Heavenly Energy to fight. The sole flaw of his race was that their reserves were smaller than that of the other races.

"Do not get cocky humans, although I alone am not sufficient to take over this sect, I am merely one of the dozens of my level in the sect You haven't even faced a single percent of our reserves!"

Sovereign Shou's eyes were literally set ablaze as he exploded with the aura of a Deity Rank Expert. He had been merely playing before. Only now was he serious to a certain degree.

Just as he showed his full prowess, the ground rumbled out in the distance and he widened his eyes in shock as he was thrown away. Shen Tian's sword had hit him straight in the face to the point he flew a kilometer away without stopping!

The Sect Master was dumbfounded, just like the rest of both sides. Although there weren't many people in the Primordial Devil Sect Side, there were still a decent amount of traitors, who were being controlled through brainwashing.

Thankfully there were only two Martial Ancestors in the side of the Primordial Devil Sect, while there were over ten in the Abyssal Void Sect's side until now the difference maker had been the Hollows!
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》