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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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236 How dare you!

Sovereign Shou was expecting a ton of surprises while he fought the Abyssal Void Sect. After all while he did not like admitting it, the reserves of the Abyssal Void Sect were far deeper than of his sect.

"You...Little… FUCKING BRAT!" Sovereign Shou roared as he stood upright, he had not been humiliated like this in a very long time. His eyes were bloody red and he swore he would kill Shen Tian.

To a great being like him who had already cultivated to the apex of what the Sage Emperor could possibly ignore because they had a deal, he was extremely proud of his achievements.

Shen Tian stared at him for a moment before waving his hand in the air. The sword which had literally hanged itself on Sovereign Shou's stomach started to spin so fast that the sovereign shouted in pain and wailed.

Unbearable pain found itself making shelter on Sovereign Shou's stomach. The poor monkey-like Devil started to wail. Although it was older than most people present here, it had never suffered so much pain before in his life.

"You bastard, well done you have managed to anger me to the point I want to torture you!" Finally, Sovereign Shou managed to gather enough Heavenly Energy to break away from the sword's spin power.

Shen Tian noticed that while his sword had recovered, there was still a slight problem with the tip of it. He would have to work on that later. He flicked his fingers and the sword completely stopped spinning and returned to his hands, before entering his Interspatial Ring.

'From the looks of it, it's going to be much harder to hurt beings at the Deity Realm… Can I do it at my current realm without unlocking the Gates of Void? I don't need to do that right now, I merely need to distract him.'

Boundless pressure was released by Sovereign Shou who was truly angered right now. His complexion was red. Veins popped out from his forehead. The aura of a Deity Realm cultivator was too much for many of them to endure as they collapsed on the ground.

Shen Tian was the only one unaffected besides the Sect Master who was still extremely shocked at Shen Tian's appearance. Although he knew he was capable of fighting existences above his realm, it was still a shocking discovery to see him fight a Deity Rank Expert!

Sovereign Shou integrated with his Demon Spirit, increasing his domineering aura even further. Shen Tian found it hard to face the pressure he was releasing without going all out. With a single movement he opened a total six gates of the Gates of Void Technique.

Sovereign Shou widened his eyes in surprise, he felt like he had seen such a technique...Or at least a similar one being used before. "Brat, who taught you how to control the law of void?! It can't be that the Abyssal Void Lord took a disciple… That's crazy!"

Shen Tian looked at Sovereign Shou with an exasperated look. "Not everyone who has comprehended a part of the Law of Void is related to the Abyssal Void Lord you idiot!"

The monkey coughed blood. He had not noticed that Shen Tian had made a doppelganger through the Law of Void and sneaked it on him. The Blade of Divine Ice was used to stab him!

"Spread!" Shen Tian's doppelganger roared as ice burst out from the Blade of Divine Ice. Sovereign Shou's eyes turned even more red from the pain he was experiencing.

The blade had struck the exact place Shen Tian's sword had spun on, thus he felt an incredible amount pain because it was an exposed wound in the first place!

Sovereign Shou's expression turned dark as Heavenly Energy gathered near the doppelganger and strangled him to death. The blade ended up on his hands. He started to observe it, finding it extremely peculiar at how it was capable of wounding him.

"You do have some weird weapons indeed Abyssal Void Lord's disciple. Maybe if I kill you he will appear. Well, it's not like I am alone this time so he is bound to appear sooner or latter!"

Despite knowing their deal about the Sage Emperor stopping the Abyssal Void Lord from intervening with the battle, he wanted to give false hope to the disciples of the Abyssal Void Sect.

After all he was a devil, a Primordial Devil who had existed for tens of thousands of years. Primordial Devils were given an extremely high longevity, most of them were expected to live past the ten thousand mark without any problem.

Sovereign Shou showed a ruthless face as a long halberd appeared on his hand. He grabbed it while lowering his upper body. In a single leap he had already reached Shen Tian's position.

Despite this Shen Tian showed no signs of panic, but the others were very scared. The Sect Master wanted to help, but his cultivation was not enough. He immediately contacted the Sect Ancestor, Old Man Yu seeking help!

"Someone go and look what The Sect Ancestor is up to, by now he should've already been here, he knows if someone attacks our sect by the Token he has!" The Sect Master was a bit anxious and sent one of the High-Ranking Elders to find him.


Old Man Yu was anxious beyond reasoning. No matter how much he tried to, he could not contact the boatman. The Ethereal Emperor's heartbeat was getting lower and lower by the moment. Although a cultivator's heartbeat when cultivating was very low, this was too low.

If they did not act soon, the Ethereal Emperor might die due to lack of Blood Circulation, which was rarely seen amongst cultivators, but common to old cultivators who were in deep seclusion.

"It looks like I will have to intervene personally and try to save his life in a way or another… It must be done." Old Man Yu sighed.

This decision would also put his life in danger, but the safety of the sect was above all! If the Ethereal Emperor died, an enormous problem would appear for the sect and it would lose its balance.

He breathed in and out before opening the gates to the cave the Ethereal Emperor was secluded in. He immediately frowned,'The seals to the island have been all broken… It can't be that someone attacked him while he was in seclusion!'

Such a thought was almost impossible in his eyes. It was understandable, after all the Abyssal Void Sect's Ancestral Sect Lands were only accessable to members of the sect and no one else. He'd know if anyone destroyed those seals too.

He burst forward leaving behind different types of sparks. His speed was nearly twenty times that of light. Unknowingly to anyone else, he had broken through to the Deity Realm just a bit earlier. He wanted to keep it a secret since he had a wish to fight the boatman before all other issues.

Just as he entered the area the Ethereal Emperor was secluded in, his eyes widened and he froze. He saw two people, one was the sickened and old body of the Ethereal Emperor who was nearing his death with several deep wounds and a youth with long hair.

The person in front of Old Man Yu resembled his closely, but his appearance was much more youthful. If another person was to judge the two he'd say the person was Old Man Yu's son due to the high resemblance between the two.

The hands of the youth were dripping with blood. It was obvious that he had entered the Ethereal Emperor's seclusion spot and attacked him on spot. If Old Man Yu had been late just by a few more minutes, the Ethereal Emperor could've been dead.

But this was odd… He was still not convinced the Emissary of the Abyssal Void Lord was dead, he controlled the two great rivers of the sect, he could've immediately sensed if an expert intruded upon their ancestral sect lands… So why did this happen...

The youth turned around to face Old Man Yu, his face was covered in blood. He did something Old Man Yu did not expect at all and licked the blood around his mouth and… Drank it!

"It's been a very long time, hasn't it? Senior Yu…"

Old Man Yu's fury started to grow to unpredictable levels as his Heavenly Energy burst out like a tsunami. "YOU… HOW DARE YOU APPEAR IN FRONT OF ME!"

Despite the pressure, the youth did not appear to be affected by his pressure at all. Instead he just faced the pressure head on with a cold stare.

"Are you done?"

A wide smile appeared on the face of the youth. An icy aura spread out from the youth, Old Man Yu was too focused on his anger and fury to notice the changes around his surroundings, a mistake. He hated the youth in front of him to the core. That was because the youth in front of him was a...

A monster!
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》