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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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237 Battle Continues

Sovereign Shou's imposing aura made everyone around him feel shivers. The Sect Master tried his best to act tough, but if he was, to be honest to himself, he was also feeling the immense pressure he was releasing.

After all, if he was to act like everyone else, it would damage the strong impression they had of the Sect Master, damaging his dignity!

Shen Tian and Sovereign Shou did not concentrate on the Sect Master, the halberd the Sovereign wielded was extremely close to Shen Tian, who was still not minding it at all.

The Blade of Divine Ice was away from him, while the Divine Fire one was on his hand. The halberd appeared to be a higher level artifact, however.

Shen Tian furrowed his eyebrows as he received the blow without even bothering to protect himself. The power of the Gates of Void started to surge towards his chest which collided with the halberd.

Surprisingly, he managed to hold his own against the attack!

Sovereign Shou was astonished but did not let it show on his face. Instead, he used the halberd as support to shot his foot upward and hit Shen Tian's side sending him flying away.

Shen Tian's physical body was merely at the level of a Martial Ancestor. His combat prowess was only of a Half-Step Deity, but he could battle a Deity if he used all of his might… That was also while disregarding his Chakra Techniques.

"Persistent bastard!" Sovereign Shou roared as he blasted several beams at Shen Tian. He did not feel proud fighting a teenager, but for the Primordial Devil Race, he'd do anything!

Shen Tian glanced at Sovereign Shou before shifting it toward the Sect Master who immediately received a transmitted message from him. He nodded before shouting at one of the disciples.

Shen Tian's eyes started to morph and became the Rinne-Sharingan. He held both of his hands forward and to everyone else's shock, he absorbed the Heavenly Energy Sovereign Shou had sent at him!

"This is all you can do?... I must say it was a bit disappointing if this is the limit of a Primordial Devil at the Devil Rank. Maybe your leader would be a bit more of a challenge." Those words infuriated Sovereign Shou even further.

Although he was boasting about the number of Deity Rank experts his race had, the truth was that the total was only three, as shown by the number of Silver Thrones in the Throne Room in that lair.

Silver Thone meant the person was a Deity Rank expert, Gold Throne meant he was the leader of the Primordial Devil Race!

Sovereign Shou, Sovereign Shan, and Overlord Yu Shang. These three were the core of the Primordial Devil Race. Sovereign Shan was busy with managing the sect, so Sovereign Shou was the only one who could lead the invasion.

But that was not the only surprise they had under their sleeves. They hired dozens of assassins who specialized on killing experts, and made them kill figures in seclusion!

The youth who Old Man Yu was shocked to see at the cave the Ethereal Emperor was currently in deep seclusion, was an assassin hired by them as well!

Shen Tian's hands made a bit of smoke from the amount of Heavenly Energy they had absorbed making Sovereign Shou snort.

"The pores in your hands are more open than usual… Don't tell me you did that yourself so you could absorb heavenly energy at a much faster rate?! Is that even humanly possible?" Sovereign Shou knew quite a lot about the human anatomy so he could notice the smallest changes immediately.

Shen Tian did not answer. Instead, he slowly raised his hand, using a familiar technique, Yomotsu Hirasaka making quite a few eyes widen.

"Brat, you have gained insight on the Law of Void and Space-Time too?! Just how monstrous can you get, you are a danger for our Primordial Devil Race. No matter what Eldest Brother wants, I will have to get rid of you!" Sovereign Shou roared as his body illuminated everything in very bright light.

The horns on his wrists started to increase in size while his hair got spikier. His tail started to change, no longer having fur but scales instead.

Shen Tian raised his awareness immediately. He could feel that something extraordinary had happened with Sovereign Shou. He was much more tranquil and not as covered in fury and anger as before.

It felt just like when someone absorbed the Juubi and became it's jinchuuriki, but the Yin Form of it, however. Shen Tian focused as much as possible. His eyes were currently seeing through a total of five realms!

No matter how much he tried to look through Sovereign Shou's weird movements he could not get an answer to what he was up to. "I am not going to wait and see what you are up to, unfortunately."

Shen Tian clasped his hands together and the ground started to rumble and open. Tree Roots flew toward Sovereign Shou who finally opened his eyes, no longer amber but azure blue.

The halberd on his hand started to undergo several transformations. By the end of the transformations, it was no longer a halberd but looked more like a staff. It really reminded Shen Tian of the staff the Sage of the Six Paths wielded.

Shen Tian sighed as he and Sovereign Shou clashed with each other, every move they increased the speed between to the point it was nearly ten times the speed of light already!

The Sect Master was making sure that no one got hurt in this battle by creating an enormous barrier with the help of other Grand Elders. There was one person missing, however, Grand Elder Yan Nangong.

Yan Nangong was on the side of the Primordial Devil Sect, shockingly but not shocking to Shen Tian, it seems the reason why he tried to make things harder for him was because he was told to do so by his 'superiors'.

The Sect Master was extremely furious with these betrayals to the point he dashed towards Yan Nangong the moment the barrier was finished. " Sect Master… Wait I can explain myself!" Without the protection of Sovereign Shou, Yan Nangong had no way of defending himself against him.

The Sect Master was in an entirely other level compared to Yan Nangong. He panicked and threw enormous amounts of Heavenly Energy at him. No matter how much he wanted to escape, having the sect master lock onto him meant he had no chance of doing that.

"Since your 'superior' is in a battle with a junior of our sect, we will have to deal with the minions then." The Sect Master was not proud of having someone centuries younger than him fight instead of him, but if fate said so, who was he to oppose it?

Yan Nangong fell into silence. No matter what he chose to do right now, he was bound to either die or somehow escape with heavy and deep wounds inflicted to him. There was no saving it right now… He had to use it, the life-saving treasure Sovereign Shou had handed to him before the battle began.

If only he knew...
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》