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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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239 Can we just end this?

Sovereign Shou was greatly angered!

He had been observing Shen Tian from afar for a while now, he had thought of him like a boy who had been given a few good treasured and techniques by his master.

The way Shen Tian attacked him was even more eccentric than the way he himself used too. When he had been squeezed into that meteor, he found himself unable to move. Every time he found a chance, the meteor moved in a way which prevented him from doing so!

"Well done you bastard, you have fully managed to piss me off so quickly!" Sovereign Shou was no longer capable of entering that tranquil state he had previously been in, so his anger increased once again.

He was going to go all out now. Originally his purpose here had been to merely damage the Core Sect and Inner Sect as much as he could without going all out, after all, he did not take this seriously fighting some Martial Ancestors.

"You've done it now… Do not think I won't dare to level up this Abyssal Void Sect, you merely speeded up the process!" His eyes expressed fury as the staff on his hand released a gust of wind.

Shen Tian did not know how to feel. He had many cards under his sleeves, but the techniques he had used on Sovereign Shou were some of the strongest he had, any other technique he could use would cause extreme damage!

The atmosphere was rather suffocating. The Sect Master was just about to finish Yan Nangong who howled, "Sovereign Shou, you promised that you would make me the Sect Master, why the fuck hasn't you saved me already?!"

Sovereign Shou shifted his head to look at Yan Nangong. "Save you?" He expressed his confuse even going as far as to tilt his head.

"Why would I bother to save an ant like you? In the first place, you were only going to be used as mere expendable troops."

Just when Sovereign Shou was about to do something, a massive ray appeared on the sky, piercing the clouds and created an extremely loud explosion. The location was the Ancestral Sect Lands!

A wide smile engulfed Sovereign Shou's face.

"So he also succeeded huh… Great." He looked at Shen Tian and pointed his staff at him. " Listen here you brat, today I will let you go off the mark… But the next time, I will fucking exterminate you entirely!"

A portal appeared behind Sovereign Shou and when he had finished talking half of his body had already entered the portal. Shen Tian sighed and shook his head his sword appeared on his hand.

"My apologies, but you won't have the chance of fighting me another time." If there was a trump card that Shen Tian was sure would kill Sovereign Shou, it was his sword which was linked to the Law of Space-Time and many other laws!

He swung it forward, something he had yet to do in this world and the portal turned from purple to gray instantly! Sovereign Shou had yet to notice something wrong with the portal and laughed at Shen Tian's attempts.

"The next time I see you I will bring a Slave King Collar with me so I can make you a slave for myself hahaha!" Sovereign Shou's body was near fully entering the portal. Shen Tian chuckled as he threw the Divine Blade of Ice at the portal.

Sovereign Shou was going to be forever stuck inside one of the trillion dimensions inside the Space and Time Dimension, with no hope of returning… Shen Tian even decided to change the dimension Sovereign Shou had entered to one with a temperature which gradually got lower and lower!

A split of a moment before Sovereign Shou was about to fully pass into the new dimension and the Blade of Divine Ice was about to hit the portal, his body froze, before instantly getting pushed out of the portal.

"Overlord Yu Shang, why did you stop me from escaping?!" A bewildered expression appeared on Sovereign Shou's face.

The portal next to him immediately collapsed, while a pair of crimson eyes appeared where the portal had been." Shen Tian… You did something to this portal which was originally linked to our Primordial Devil Sect's dwelling place!"

Fury was transmitted in the words Overlord Yu Shang said, Shen Tian did not even bother to listen as the sword on his hand was swung with even more power. The connection was broken as Overlord Yu Shang suffered even more damage from Shen Tian. It was forced to intervene since Sovereign Shou was about to die, but it still had yet to heal from the damage done to his eyes!

Overlord Yu Shang wailed in anguish as he disappeared. Shen Tian had basically crippled him to a point where any random Deity Rank Existence could take care of him. Sovereign Shou… was gone!

The single sword swing Shen Tian had done earlier had sent him into the Space and Time River, never to be seen again!

The Primordial Devil Sect had been dealt a heavy hit, they might never recover. The prosperity of the Abyssal Void Sect was basically secured at this point!

However, this was still not over. The Sect Master led several Martial Ancestor Level cultivators to the Ancestral Sect Land, searching for whatever had caused that ray to appear. Perhaps Old Man Yu was in danger!

"Grand Elder Lei you are responsible for the reconstruction of the headquarters, we need to rebuild our sect as soon as possible!" The sect master ordered the one with the highest cultivation prowess after him to take control of the experts.

Grand Elder Lei was a man with a very good physique and was one of the youngest Grand Elders, only being in his third century as a cultivator. Despite that, he was also one of the strongest!


"You hesitated old man." The youth sighed as he waved his hand covered in blood. Old Man Yu coughed a mouthful of blood out as his hand covered the enormous wound which was caused by the youth.

In the first place, Old Man Yu should've easily managed to defeat the youth. He was merely a Martial Ancestor while Old Man Yu had broken through to the Deity Realm. The difference was enormous. But the mental state he had brought himself to after seeing the Ethereal Emperor like that and also the disappearing of the Emissary truly affected him.

"After all, I've done to you… You still don't have the power to kill your own son. You truly are a weird person father." The youth lazily waved his hand and summoned a sharp black knife

From his Interspatial Ring. "Let's end this shall we?"

"You little fiend… Do not think that just because I cannot kill you I won't stop you from causing more problems in our sect!" Old Man Yu roared as a bright light blinded the youth who shouted, "Goddamn old man!"

There was no other ending besides him dying from this blow. Suddenly the dying body of the Ethereal Emperor started to heal all wounds. None of them had noticed Shen Tian entering the cave and feeding him a pill!
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》