An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
240 Rushed but no one cares right?
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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240 Rushed but no one cares right?

"Where am I?" The Ethereal Emperor opened his eyes and gasped as he stood up. Although he had not felt the pain from the wound the youth had given him, he knew someone had attacked him previously.

"Be quiet please, Fourth Sect Master." Shen Tian put a finger above his lips and motioned for him to be silent. The Ethereal Emperor's right eye twitched. He did not really like the way Shen Tian sounded when he said that.

It sounded like a teacher commanding a student. The Ethereal Emperor was fifty if not more generations Shen Tian's senior, why did he have to be the one accepting commands right now?

Of course, the Ethereal Emperor's brain worked very fast so he understood in what kind of a situation they were in so he immediately shut up.

The Ethereal Emperor was a Deity Rank Existence, just when he had broken through this assassin had attacked him while he was refining and absorbing Heavenly Energy around him to stabilize his foundation, thus he had been heavily wounded and fell into a coma.

"This… Isn't that Zhang Yu?!" The Ethereal Emperor knew Old Man Yu to a certain degree, after all when he had become a Sect Master, The Ethereal Emperor had already started to gather resources to become a Deity Rank expert.

Some might ask why the Ethereal Emperor took several more centuries to become a Deity-Rank Expert compared to Old Man Yu, but the answer was actually rather simple.

The Ethereal Emperor had spent centuries as a Sect Master. In fact, most Sect Masters before Old Man Yu spent over a thousand years as Sect Masters. The Ethereal Emperor after stepping down as the Sect Master spent another thousand years simply gathering resources from the Draconic Ruins Realm and many other realms.

… In one way you could even say he didn't give a fuck about the Sage Emperor potentially chasing him and killing him. It had only been slightly about a century since the Ethereal Emperor had actually entered his seclusion to breakthrough to the Deity Rank!

Just as Old Man Yu had been about to cause a massive explosion, the Ethereal Emperor waved his hand and froze both Zhang Yu(Old Man Yu) and the youth. They couldn't even struggle.

"...Old Ancestor." Zhang Yu who literally was called Sect Ancestor called the Ethereal Emperor 'Old Ancestor'. This easily showed just how much respect he had for him.

The Ethereal Emperor was the oldest sect master still alive known to the public to this day! He was the fourth sect master who had seen the days when the first sect master was governing the sect.

The youth stared at the Ethereal Emperor, although he was incapable of moving that did not mean he did not have his ways of negating the effects of the Ethereal Emperor's pressure.

He violently struggled with the pressure before his Interspatial Ring shone and revealed a token. Upon seeing the token, the Ethereal Emperor expressed his surprise.

"So you, Zhang Yu's son, Zhang Qi is working with the Primordial Devil Sect… Just for some tiny benefits." The Ethereal Emperor's appearance started to undergo several changes. From the old wrinkly him, he became a middle-aged man with a handsome appearance.

Zhang Qi growled as his token started to shine brightly. One could make up that the token belonged to the Primordial Devil Sect. In a way… He could be considered a member of the Primordial Devil Sect.

Zhang Yu started to look even older. It had been a very big shame to see his son stray to the evil side, now he was not only a killer of innocents but also a traitor who wanted to kill his own father!

"Old Ancestor… I'm really ashamed of having such an evil son like him, please kill him for me! I cannot do it." Zhang Yu brought his hands forward and cupped them together. He felt ashamed to admit it but he simply could not do it…

"Do not mention it Zhang Yu. Killing one's family is a great sin, but when your own son commits such crimes… I cannot fathom why you would want him still alive!" The Ethereal Emperor sighed.

Zhang Yu looked helpless. None of them really cared if Zhang Qi was trying to escape through the usage of the token, to them that was simply impossible. At the same time, Zhang Yu glanced at Shen Tian.

He still remembered his conversation with the Emissary, he knew that Shen Tian was enigmatic. His comprehension of the various laws and do was simply unmatchable amongst disciples if not even among elders.

"Shen Tian, what is a Heavenly Axis Realm cultivator like you doing here, hasn't the young chap told you that only Dao of Dragon Cultivators is allowed inside the Ancestral Sect Lands?" Despite that, he decided to push the strings a bit.

Zhang Yu had no idea that Shen Tian was already capable of defeating him, while the Ethereal Emperor was curious about who this fellow who had saved his life was.

Shen Tian glanced at Zhang Yu before unleashing a thread of his pressure, revealing that he had already broken through to the Dao of Dragon Realm.

Zhang Yu was dumbfounded. It had taken him almost fifty years to reach the Dao of Dragon Realm, simply because he wanted to have a great foundation. "You moron, why did you rush your cultivation so hastily?!"

Shen Tian shook his head almost instantly.

"You have misunderstood me, Elders. I did not break through hastily or in a rush. When I had arrived in the sect my cultivation had already been close to the Dao of Dragon Realm. I was at the pinnacle of the Heavenly Axis Realm!"

"I see…" Zhang Yu immediately started to give the Ethereal Emperor information about Shen Tian. There was no doubt about it anymore, Shen Tian indeed was someone with Spiritual Roots above the Heaven Grade, perhaps even higher than the Asura Grade!

"We can talk more about that later, the current Sect Master will arrive soon. He's the 63rd generation Sect Master of our Abyssal Void Sect." Shen Tian did not want to be bothered with issues like cultivation prowess so he diverted the topic.

They quickly started to talk about what had happened recently in the sect and about the reappearance of the Primordial Devil Sect. The Ethereal Emperor was absolutely gobsmacked. He had heard about the sect but had never seen a Primordial Devil personally in his life before!
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》