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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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242 Apologies!

"Gathering?" Shen Tian had heard about this. Usually, only people from the Heavenly Note Sect which Xiao Ning'er belonged to and the Skyblaze Sect participated in this gathering. Due to the fact the other sects had broken their relationship with them, The Sect Master wanted to send Shen Tian as an ambassador there.

Shen Tian could kind of understand why the Sect Master did such a move. Although the Abyssal Void Sect was fine alone, no one knew what could possibly happen in the future.

Perhaps, having a few allies like the Divine Feathers Sect would not be such a bad choice when one considered the dozens of centuries the sects had ahead of them.

Shen Tian cupped his fists and responded, "I see. How many disciples will I have to lead across the difficult lands to reach the Divine Feathers Sect?" He did not sound that happy albeit he wanted this to happen.

He had to babysit some people it seems.

"Well, you can take as many as you want since your main mission is to bring back to the sect good news." Shen Tian nodded, he would only bring a few of them.

"Then I will go and inform Xiao Yan, Qi Xue'er, Feng Hao, Xian-Long and Juan Bi." Shen Tian said telling them of who he had thought of bringing with him.

Qi Xue'er was the strongest Outer Disciple and recently became an Inner Disciple. Shen Tian knew her strength to a certain degree. Xiao Yan was the strongest Inner Disciple, a Heavenly Star Realm Expert. Juan Bi was said to be the strongest Core Disciples, a Heavenly Axis Realm cultivator.


Nie Li had no idea that the Abyssal Void Sect was also going to participate in this meeting. In fact, even most members of the Skyblaze or Heavenly Note Sect had no idea.

The difference in cultivation between the four sects was insane. The Divine Feathers Sect deemed anyone with a Heavenly Fate Realm as decent, but in the Abyssal Void Sect, they were merely Outer Disciples!

Just as Shen Tian and the rest were very close to the Divine Feathers Sect, the disciples of the other sect were already talking to each other. Xiao Ning'er was uncomfortable.

She was even more gorgeous and looked more mature than the last time Shen Tian had seen him, which had been several months beforehand. Xiao Xue which was next to her was also much more beautiful than before.

Xiao Ning's current cultivation was nearing the Heavenly Star Realm, being at the peak of the Heavenly Fate Realm right now. She was grabbing the attention of many people in the chamber.

"Junior Sister, are you perhaps looking for someone close to you?" A feminine and petite voice echoed.

Xiao Xue and Xiao Ning'er both frowned at the same time. Their relationship with this woman did not seem that positive at all.

"Even if I am, it's none of your business alright?" She was not in a mood to talk, but despite that, this woman called Shen Ling did not seem to be bothered.

"Of course it's not my business, but you are one of the rising prodigies of our sect, I must do my hardest to help you find your 'man'!" Shen Ling had a sly smile on her face.

Xiao Ning'er sighed, appearing slightly depressed. " Even if you tried your best and searched the entire Divine Feathers Sect, you won't have any chance of finding him. So don't bother at all."

Shen Ling faked a worried expression, "That's a shame then. I thought that you were looking for Young Master Ye."

Xiao Xue noticed that Xiao Ning'er was getting annoyed with every passing moment so she decided to intervene. " It's not that rubbish young master you mentioned, just go away please, Sister Ning'er is getting tired."

Shen Ling furrowed her eyebrows. She did not like the way Xiao Xue was addressing her. While Xiao Xue herself was not that bad in the sect, she still was above her. "Fine, but if you want to know more about Young Master Ye just come to me."

The Heavenly Note Sect had tons of disciples sent to this gathering, but from them, Xiao Ning'er was the most dazzling and beautiful one, she attracted lots of attention. Thus it wasn't that hard to see why Ye Xian felt attracted to her.

She continued to speak about Ye Xian, but Xiao Ning'er felt more and more annoyed. Thankfully Nie Li came to her rescue.

"Ning'er, so you also came here? Where is Ye Ziyun?" Xiao Ning'er nodded as she responded, "She isn't here, she's back at the sect."

"Was anyone been bullying you? I'll deal them for you since Shen Tian is not here." Nie Li revealed a bright smile.

"No one would dare to bully either of us, you don't have to worry about that." Xiao Ning'er chuckled. Shen Ling had a dark expression from the corner of the chambers, the difference in treatment was visible.

Ye Xuan snorted. He couldn't feel a strong aura coming from Nie Li, he'd send someone to take care of him later on, no one flirted with the women he had an eye on.

Just a moment later the doors burst open as several people entered, including but not limited to Shen Tian, Xiao Yan,Xian-Long…

"The Ambassador of the Abyssal Void Sect has arrived…" A messenger shouted, informing everyone else.

Xiao Ning'er got even happier, revealing a very beautiful smile on her face, Ye Xian immediately noticed it and snorted. Upon seeing who entered and noticing that he did not recognize any of them.

She stood up and ran towards Shen Tian, hugging him. This change of actions brought several reactions in several people's faces, mostly in sadness and anger.

"Ning'er, how have you been? We haven't seen each other in a very long time." Shen Tian chuckled, something he rarely did. In the presence of his loved one, obviously, he made a few differences.

"I've been quite well… I haven't heard about you ever since that day… You know what that means right?" Xiao Ning'er sweetly smiled, while Shen Tian did a very small gulp, he was not scared just didn't want to predict what could possibly happen…

" I see that you recently entered the Heavenly Fate Realm, didn't you Nie Li?" Shen Tian was curious so he checked Nie Li's cultivation, the third fate of the Heavenly Fate Realm.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》