An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
245 Not Complaining,Actual Chapter.
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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245 Not Complaining,Actual Chapter.

Apparently, there would be an auction, Shen Tian was not really interested in the items, but perhaps he could buy something for his companions and Xiao Ning'er. For example the Heavenly Note Sect's Heavenly Note Dew.

Many experts started to show up like the Holy Maiden or the Holy Son. The two of them together with Long Tianming were seen as the strongest experts to appear here. The auction quickly started, Shen Tian was not that interested in this, he looked around and saw that Nie Li was relying on his friends to buy items.

"Next item is a Demon Soul's Essence, after a quick check it has been shown that it is of a Heavenly Star Level, to start, the bid is ten thousand Spiritual Stones!" Qin Yue said with a smile, she was the girl responsible for the auction.

Shen Tian was the first to put a bid, he could use this to make a pill which could strengthen Xiao Ning's foundation. " Fifty thousand Spiritual Stones." He yawned lazily. Xiao Ning'er next to him sighed as she put a hand over her face.

Everyone was silent. Gu Bei, Ye Xuan and everyone else just looked at Shen Tian with a gobsmacked expression. Were their eyes playing a trick on them?

Murong Yu twitched, he had planned on buying this Demon Soul's Essence for his own uses, but even he did not have fifty thousand Spiritual Stones to waste on stuff like this.

None of them could fight against such a bid, even if they could, to bid fifty thousand Spirit Stones just for a Demon Soul's Essence was stupid and something a dumb person would do!

The situation was a bit uncomfortable as Shen Tian ended up winning the Demon Soul's Essence, Qin Yue was really happy since she'd get a portion of what was sold here, so naturally, she was smiling.

The next auction item to be bid for was the Heavenly Note Dew, Shen Tian was not really interested in it, but just for the sake of it, he decided to buy at least a set of them. Which meant ten of them.

"A hundred thousand Spiritual Stones." Shen Tian yawned as he bid once again. Ye Xian stood up and growled," I don't think he has so many Spiritual Stones! I demand we check his Interspatial Ring!"

Qin Yue sweatdropped as she spoke, "Esteemed Sir… Are you sure you have the required Spiritual Stones?" Everyone doubted that he had so many Spiritual Stones, just how many Deity's Lakes had he dried off?!

Nie Li groaned, he did not doubt that Shen Tian had the required amount of Spiritual Stones, he wasn't someone who'd fool around. In fact, many of Shen Tian's friends knew that he was not joking.

Murong Yu thought similarly to Ye Xian, but he wouldn't dare to show his anger so visibly.

He was not as dumb as Ye Xian, if somehow Shen Tian was capable of showing that amount of Spiritual Stones, just how on earth would he be able to escape his wrath, the wrath of someone who was possibly stronger than even Long Tianming himself!

Shen Tian did not take a long time to show that he truly had a hundred and fifty thousand Spiritual Stones, he simply waved his hand and a Gold Spiritual Stone appeared. Shock showed on the faces of the crowd!

Then he waved his hand once again and fifty Spiritual Stone Essences appeared in front of him!

That was a total of over a hundred and fifty thousand Spiritual Stones, this earned a stunned look from nearly everyone besides Feng Hao and Xian Long. Everyone except maybe a few, had never seen a Gold Spiritual Stone in their life before.

It was something extremely rare, even if you had a hundred Deity's Lakes it was not guaranteed that one of them would have a Gold Spiritual Stone!

Much to Xiao Ning's dismay, Shen Tian ended up buying the Heavenly Note Dew. She had forgotten to tell him that she already had brought much Heavenly Note Dews with her and that she virtually had an infinite number of it.

He observed the auction as a bidding war started between Gu Bei and Murong Yu, ultimately Murong Yu won but he had been tricked by Gu Bei to use more money than what the item was worth, so he suffered a loss.

Long Tianming squinted his eyes, he was very interested in how Shen Tian had managed to earn this amount of Spiritual Stones. He sent a lackey to go and check the background of this fella from the Abyssal Void Sect.

Juan Bi and Xiao Yan's true strength were not really known to the public. Long Tianming only thought Juan Bi was a peak Heavenly Star Realm cultivator like him, but the truth was far deeper.

Xiao Yan was a 4th-stage Heavenly Star Realm expert while Juan Bi was a 5th-stage Heavenly Axis Realm expert. However, Long Tianming did not really have a relationship with them, he had rarely seen them before.

Usually, the Abyssal Void Sect's Inner and Core Disciples who were in the top 5 in the rankings never went out for missions and spent most of their time in the sect, silently cultivating in deep seclusion to reach a breakthrough to the next realm.

The faces of Ye Xian and Murong Yu were simply unsightly. They had been made a joke out of by Shen Tian and Gu Bei, literally, everyone was laughing at their decisions. After all, while a hundred and fifty thousand Spiritual Stones were a lot, it was not that they could not get that amount of it.

The reason why they were angry was that Shen Tian was simply wasting money for no reason! He was overpricing stuff by tens of thousands of Spiritual Stones without a need,

The main thing they wanted was a Dragon Blood God Level growth Demon Beast, but the price was simply staggering, it was not only that, but the amount of competition for it would simply be insane.

Shen Tian peeked with the corner of his eyes and saw that Nie Li was discussing a deal with Li Xingyun. His lips curled once again, Nie Li was truly trying to pierce his way to the top through connections.

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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》