An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
245 The Auction ends in a Bang
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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245 The Auction ends in a Bang

Shen Tian stared with nervousness visible on his face as the item Qin Yue presented. A scroll-like item, to be honest, it was more of a painting. It had four ancient mysterious letters which read, "Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains".

Now the people who could afford to use over a hundred thousand Spiritual Stones like Long Tianming and Yan Yang showed their true skins.

Shen Tian felt that he could use this Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains to his benefit, even if it had no use for him, he could just give it to Xiao Ning'er or one of his friends.

Although it was not physically visible, Shen Tian could feel the nervousness emitting from Nie Li. This could only mean one thing, it was something very important to him, thus it had a use. Shen Tian did have a relation to Nie Li, but it was not that deep.

If he wanted to get that treasure… He'd have to go through Shen Tian!

Long Tianming was the first to start bidding, Yan Yang followed. Nie Li was simply relying on Gu Bei much to Shen Tian's disappointment. He was not afraid that he would be incapable of winning this bidding war.

Yan Yang's one hundred and sixty thousand Spiritual Stones had made the crowd go silent, not many were willing to spend more. Just when Yan Yang thought he had won, Mingyue Wushuang bid a hundred and ninety thousand!

Much to everyone else's disappointment, just when it looked like the bidding was coming to an end, Yan Yang bid two hundred thousand Spiritual Stones!

Gu Bei finally entered the bidding war, which continued to grow and grow in numbers of Spiritual Stones, earning smiley faces from the ones behind this auction.

Gu Bei was extremely happy since he was about to win the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting. However, to his dismay, a voice thundered out breaking him from his dreams.

"A million Spiritual Stones."

The crowd's eyes went past Yan Yang, he similarly had a shocked expression. Looking at Lian Tianming, he was stunned, Mingyue Wushuang was even more dumbfounded. "It can't be…"

They all looked at Shen Tian who still had his token up, meaning he was the one who just bid a million Spiritual Stones! The richest person here did not even have more than half of that!

Gu Bei gripped his fists to the point is fingers bleed. He was truly angered, he had promised Nie Li he'd win the bidding war, yet… No matter how much he wanted to bid more than a million, that was suicide for his business.

After all, it would take a long time for Deity's Lakes to produce that amount of Spiritual Stones, even if they were dried up, they still would not be able to gather that amount in a short time.

At this moment, Gu Bei looked at Nie Li who sighed, he already knew that if he wanted to outbid Shen Tian, it would require their full efforts! He passed a message to Gu Bei, only then did the latter's expression slightly eased up.

"A million and a hundred thousand Spiritual Stones!" Gu Bei's voice echoed out. He had also added up a few hundred from Nie Li's full earnings and savings ever since he had joined the Divine Feathers Sect!

Xiao Ning'er felt this bidding war was pointless, she pulled Shen Tian's sleeves and shook her head. Shen Tian chuckled and patted her head. "Don't worry, even if I were to pull twice or thrice of this amount it wouldn't even hurt me financially."

Then he raised his token up and smirked coldly.

"Since Brother Bei is capable of outbidding me once again, I will have to express my excitement through another bid!"

This earned a look of despair from Gu Bei and his friends, even Nie Li's complexion was not doing that well. 'This bastard… Did he have to do this purposely?! Just outbid us!' He secretly snorted.

"Two million Spiritual Stones." Shen Tian said with a tired tone, as he sat down on his chair. In the first place, he did not put a lot of effort into this. The Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting was decent, but not something worth this much effort from him.

Gu Bei's body slumped downward. He had never suffered such a big defeat before. Not only had Shen Tian outbid the rest, including him for the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, but he had also put a far larger bid compared to them!

Qin Yue smiled, "Although we typically would have already ended the auction, fortunately for the rest who did not manage to obtain a lot of items, our dear friends from the Abyssal Void Sect have put their own items for you to bid for!"

People like Xiao Yan and the rest did not really have a use for most of the items listed by the other 3 sects, for some of them, they had bid. When they saw that Shen Tian wanted the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting they immediately erased their thoughts of greed.

Qin Yue continued to hold her humble face as she explained what the first item was. " It's an Ordinary grade 8 Artifact, something a senior disciple of the Abyssal Void Sect who unfortunately couldn't come tasked them to put for auction. This is capable of protecting your entire body. It's called the Truth-Seeking Orb!"

She held a miniature version of what the true Truth Seeking Orb could be, it was literally limited in all the functions of how the true one could react.

"Let's see… The starting bid is fifty thousand Spiritual Stones, each bid should be a thousand Spiritual Stones higher than the previous one!"

Everyone was gobsmacked, they immediately started to bid on the Truth-Seeking Orb. Nie Li wanted it too, so he made Gu Bei bid for it for him. In the end it was won by Gu Bei, obviously since among the disciples present he was the richest with over a million in wealth!

Shen Tian just sat next to Xiao Ning'er and started to engage in a discussion with her, if she wanted any item, he'd simply buy it for her. Yet this made her feel very awkward about the whole situation.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》