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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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246 Truly a shame.

Shen Tian's time in the Divine Feathers Sect was not going to be short. After the auction, he got an order that most of the disciples besides him and four of his choice all had to return to the Abyssal Void Sect. He obviously chose Juan Bi, Xiao Yan, Xian Long, and Feng Hao.

Although the Truth-Seeking Orb was said to be a former possession of a senior disciple of the Abyssal Void Sect, the truth was that Shen Tian gave it away, so people would think his sect was rich. He continued to donate more and more items to the auction.

This created a feeling that the Abyssal Void Sect did not lack items they could give disciples. This also made the disciples of the other sects envious.

After all, for them to earn Spiritual Stones and Artifacts, it required an enormous effort and going through several hard missions. The Abyssal Void Sect were known for their less requiring missions, yet they achieved so much!

This was not that fake to be fair. The Abyssal Void Sect was far older than most sects in existence, the Abyssal Void Lord had tried his best to create a system suitable for his sect.

In the next section, people showed their deepness of the understanding of the four or whatever dao, Shen Tian did not care about this rubbish. It only served to strengthen one's foundation, Shen Tian's foundation was already beyond one's understanding.

Seeing how Shen Tian merely observed as each of them showcased their abilities of the four dao or whatever, Xiao Ning'er pecked his hand, earning his attention once again.

"You are not going to bother showing your abilities?" Xiao Ning'er asked curiously. Shen Tian glanced at her before shaking his head, "There is no use for me to do that, I am not here to gain face."

Shen Tian did not care if Long Tianming, Yan Yang or Nie Li showed their abilities. Compared to him, they were all inferior. That was not arrogance, that was simply a fact.

Nie Li showed himself to be a 'moron' before the crowd for a moment, but the 'sword' he had written was not as simple as others thought it was. Shen Tian immediately knew that it contained boundless potential, and it was aimed at Gu Bei.

His Space and Time Law just led him to think so. Shen Tian's face changed from slightly excited to… Bored. Nie Li was becoming predictable, no longer was it exciting for him to guess his next move.

The intent inside that letter was simply too weak to even pique Shen Tian's interest. True, it was valuable to swordsman like him, but his dao of the sword had long since exceeded his level. People like Gu Bei or Long Tianming could obtain gains from it, but Shen Tian just treated it like a kid play!

"Martial Brother Nie Li is indeed amazing! He managed to make Yan Yang buy a single word from him for such a high price!" The crowd was amazed.

Nie Li had given Yan Yang the word 'Martial'. Shen Tian did not care anymore. He was utterly disappointed. Nie Li was relying on the comprehension he gained through a medium, not his own efforts.

Murong Yu and Ye Xian who had been face smacked by Shen Tian earlier decided to murmur to each other, trying to provoke Shen Tian into also joining this event.

"Shen Tian has not….*blah blah blah, Imma skip this shit cuz I don't want this arc to be soo fucking long bruv*

Shen Tian rolled his eyes. Xiao Ning'er next to her shook her head. She didn't want Shen Tian to go out there. It was not that she did not trust Shen Tian's abilities, it was just that she didn't want him to embarrass them all.

Shen Tian looked at the stage, he did not want the glory he had more than enough back at the Abyssal Void Sect… He just could not stand at how low the comprehension of law was here.

He sighed and Feng Hao together with Xian Long smirked. They knew that the people of the other sects were up for a really good show.

He stood up and pulled out a single grass from the ground, he pulled out it from its roots and walked towards the stage. The others raised an eyebrow. Was he going to… do something with that grass?

" I am not going to show my abilities in a rubbish dao like that of Go or Painting. Let this grass be the witness of my dao." He extended his arm, Yan Yang, Long Tianming and the Holy Maiden were waiting for him to show his ability.

He threw the grass into the air, confusing almost everyone. Nie Li widened his eyes. The moment he blinked, Shen Tian was back at his seat while the grass was still hovering in the air.

"Space and Time Law!" Nie Li shouted with a dumbfounded expression. The grass contained boundless intent of several laws, like the Law of Fire and Law of Water… Law of Yang and Law of Yin...Law of Darkness and Law of Light… Law of Earth and Law of Wind… It was limitless!

This meant that Shen Tian had deep or at least a good comprehension of the dozens of laws which appeared in this single grass. Yan Yang, Long Tianming...Ye Xian… Murong Yu and many more, they all achieved breakthroughs on spot!

The grass was not something that mythical or difficult to comprehend. In fact, Shen Tian had made it extraordinarily easy to gain insight on. He had virtually smashed an enormous amount of laws together and made it easy for people to understand some of them!

Some people might not understand just how insane that was, but he had basically grown the power of the three sects present to the next degree, with an extremely easy move, Shen Tian had made everyone's strength grow.

Only at that moment was the yawning of the person responsible for this heard.

"Your insight in the dao… Is too low, to think you all would just accept your daos to be tainted by the dao of another person...That's truly a shame...A shame…"
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》