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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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"What do you mean by that Martial Brother Tian?" Yan Yang wanted to know the root of what his words meant, even if it made him look like someone who could not comprehend the simple word.

Shen Tian glanced at him, before looking at the rest. "Even more disappointing. The meaning of my words is quite simple and easy to understand."

These words made them all ache in their hearts, didn't that mean that they were morons?!

"Let's say… You wanted to open the door to your house, but forgot your key. I had a key which could open your door, but it would damage the lock… If you take it, it means you are willing to pay a price for life...That's what most of you did." Shen Tian said.

Ye Xian's face was filled with anxiousness. "Doesn't that mean that our future gains in the Dao are going to be limited?!"

Shen Tian neither agreed or disagreed with what he said."If you have a mentality like yours, obviously your gains will be quite limited compared to what you would reach in your future."

He pointed at Gu Bei.

"That fella over there, instead of complaining about this, will probably try his best to melt what he learned here into his own original dao meaning. That's the difference. A difference which will cost you." His cold stare made Ye Xian's waist become weak, thus falling into the ground.

Gu Bei felt a bit weird, being complimented by someone who had outbid him not once but twice… Albeit he had still gotten a few benefits from the items sold by the Abyssal Void Sect in the auction.

He looked at Nie Li who had a helpless look on his face. Just what exactly was he supposed to do now? His friend was being praised by the person who had ruined his plans…

Shen Tian sighed, he took Xiao Ning'er and his friends and went to the compound prepared for them by the Divine Feathers Sect, since they were technically here as ambassadors, they prepared an embassy for them.


Finally, Hierarch Skycloud demanded to meet Shen Tian, his diplomatic mission could be probably completed in a single leap. In the end, Shen Tian had been able to convince the Divine Feathers Sect to reconsider their previous deal. In fact, he found out that it was not them who had sent such a letter.

It had been an emissary who had mistakenly sent the letter. Upon talking to Yan Yang he also learned that the Skyblaze Sect would reconsider what they had done since they had been pressured by someone great to do such a deed.

In fact, Yan Yang himself had come to talk to him, and also drink tea. Shen Tian had graciously accepted his offer. They stood at the backyard of the compound and talked to each other alone.

"Is it true that the piece of grass you showed the rest was not supposed to benefit any of them, but merely to show them that they could achieve something far greater?" Yan Yang asked curiously.

Shen Tian drank his tea and closed his eyes.

"Let's take for example a leaf. I can easily pour dozens of laws into it. Isn't it interesting?" Shen Tian started, earning Yan Yang's focus.

"After all, a leaf is something extremely fragile. It cannot last against the attacks of cultivators, in fact, it's one of the first things to get exterminated when they fight."

"So just how can a leaf contain the intent of dozens of laws, which have been comprehended to an extraordinary level?" Shen Tian asked Yan Yang who had no answer.

"The truth is that while a leaf is extremely fragile and weights even less than a feather, there are small spaces between the molecules which form it."

"If you take a human's soul realm, for example, you can fill it with many laws… But not everyone is the same, in fact, it required extreme efforts to find two with the same type of soul realms." Shen Tian said as he put his teacup down.

"Thus, while my understanding of the laws is very high, almost none of them were able to actually understand something from my understanding. You, for example, managed to improve your dao by seeing how my dao was constructed. Am I right?" Shen Tian asked while Yan Yang nodded.

"The person who I fought with for the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, Gu Bei was able to strengthen his Dao of Sword while looking at my own Dao of Blades, something I do not truly focus on as much as my Sword, Dao."

Yan Yang was slowly coming to a realization that most likely even the seniors of his back at the Skyblaze Sect could not afford to offend Shen Tian, he was simply mystical!

Most people were gobsmacked when Nie Li had come out with those ancient and legendary characters of his, even he had asked for one, receiving 'Martial' for a hundred and fifty thousand Spiritual Stones for one.

However, the comprehension he had received from the piece of grass earlier was far deeper than the comprehension and improvement he had received after fully understanding the meaning of ' Martial'.

"Since you have interested me with your talent, I will make an exception and give you a medium which will host the comprehension of the dao I have…" Shen Tian said as he clapped his hands once. The space in the air gathered and formed a perfect sphere.

The sphere started to solidify, much to Yan Yang's shock. He was just stunned at how much of an expert Shen Tian was when it came to the Dao. He could bet money that even Nie Li was much more inferior to him.

Shen Tian moved his hand and the sphere hovered toward Yan Yang who put it inside his Interspatial Ring. He cupped his fists together and nodded. " I, Yan Yang will come to help you whenever you need, although my words are not worth that much I hope you accept at least that…"

Yan Yang was resolute about this. Shen Tian smiled slightly, he did not need his help, but at least he knew he was serious about it.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》