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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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Weeks passed quickly. Shen Tian had completely managed to succeed on his mission of converting the Divine Feathers Sect to become an ally of the Abyssal Void Sect.

Nie Li had come to visit him several more times, each time he visited he felt that Shen Tian's words made more and more sense. A root of doubt sprouted on his mind.

By the time a month had passed, Nie Li was fully convinced that Shen Tian was not in the wrong at all. Shen Tian also spent time with his fiance, Xiao Ning'er who had already unfortunately returned to the sect.

He had also talked with Yan Yang several more times, to the point, even Yan Yang was left amazed at how smarter than he Shen Tian was. He did not resemble a member of the younger generation at all.

He also witnessed the birth of Nie Li's faction, the Demon League or whatever. He did not pay any attention to that. His goal was to absorb the entire wisdom of the Divine Feathers Sect, exploring every inch of their libraries.

To be fair, Shen Tian did not care about what the young fellow of this Divine Feathers Sect did. Compared to the Abyssal Void Sect, their unity was far lower. No wonder they were near collapse.

Although Hierarch Skycloud's awareness was quite decent, Shen Tian was easily able to plant his Spiritual Sense inside his chambers, in the entire Divine Feathers Sect to be exact. He saw that Nie Li had become his disciples

With a single leap, Shen Tian's body went through miles, no one even noticed him passing only seeing his silhouette at certain moments because he was too lazy to cover it. He wanted to check the quality of artifacts in the Divine Feathers Sect.

Unfortunately, he had no way of doing it right now, so he decided to settle for the place Nie Li was currently, the Mingshan Stronghold's Celestial Treasure Pavilion.

Upon entering, his lips extended, revealing a small smile. He saw Nie Li and his companions. Truly. Could Nie li not even move without having one of them with him? He was too attached to them.

"Shen Tian?" Nie Li had just finished purchasing a set of armor when he noticed Shen Tian entering. He was a bit surprised, but upon thinking through, he had probably just traveled here to talk to him.

"Who'd have thought that I'd see you here Nie Li? I wanted to see the quality of artifacts in your Divine Feathers Sect that's why I am here if you are wondering."

Or not…

Shen Tian looked around and noticed that it was filled with people with great backgrounds like Gu Bei, Li Yufeng and Xingyun were present there.

"What a great surprise for all of you to here as well, it seems the heavens wants us to have a connection. Very well, consider this as a gift of a lifetime." Shen Tian secretly snickered as he waved his hand, allowing several Artifacts to leave his sleeves.

One of the Truth-Seeking Orbs had ended up in the hands of Nie Li, but the treasure he was giving Nie Li and his friends right now was an even rarer artifact, a Grade-7 Artifact called 'Golden Adamantine Chains' for Nie Li and Silver Adamantine Chains for his friends.

Nie Li felt a bit depressed as he put the 'gift' into his Interspatial Ring. He had literally used dozens of thousands of Spiritual Stones to buy his armor set, yet with a single wave of his hand, Shen Tian was capable of giving him something far better.

He really felt that Shen Tian was doing this just to show off, but he didn't really have any proof… Or he just loved pissing off Nie Li, which seemed very possible, just how many times had he 'given' something to Nie Li?!

A beautiful girl stood before Shen Tian, ready for any question he might have. Shen Tian nodded, "Bring me the best artifact you have to me."

Cai Die was startled, the best artifact cost almost four hundred thousand Spiritual Stones. " Are you sure dear customer?" She smiled and noticed how Shen Tian nodded.

She almost dashed to go and get their most expensive artifact, a grade-7 Artifact. They had many grade-7 Artifacts, but the one she was about to show to Shen Tian was their best one.

Upon seeing the artifact, Shen Tian sighed. It was suitable for someone like Feng Hao, but he had already given him a way better artifact from the Treasury of the Purgatory Shrine. It did look like the Draconic Ruins Realm was too poor.

Not to mention that the moment he reached the level of power he had once been at in his third life, he'd regain control over the deepest regions of his soul, meaning control over the items he had on his Soul Ring.

A soul ring had a concept close to an Interspatial Ring, merely that you could not get rid of the Spiritual Imprint there even if the owner himself desired to. No one in the Divine Continent had one obviously.

That was something Shen Tian himself had created back then when he was a Chakra God or something like that, he didn't really remember it properly. The reason he could not open the Soul Ring beforehand was that his Spiritual Strength would not be able to pierce the imprint he had set up before.

That was one of the malfunctions of the Soul Ring unless you were at a peak form or capable of sending an attack at 100% of his strength, then the Soul Ring would refuse to open, thinking that its master had been killed!

He did not really require it right now, with the help of Ryu's Soul Clone he had managed to gain enormous riches and wealth from the Purgatory Shrine's Treasure Room. To reach the peak of his strength a power nearing the peak of the Martial Ancestor Realm was required.

When he entered the Martial Ancestor Realm… He'd be able to slaughter the Sage Emperor with a single look!

After the purchase, Shen Tian saw Nie Li near him with a wide smile as if he was scheming something and Shen Tian did not like the look of it.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》