An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
251 I don“t have much to write about...
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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251 I don“t have much to write about...

While Nie Li was fighting Murong Yu, Shen Tian had been invited by Long Tianming to witness the fight. When he had arrived there, he found out that there were also other people there.

The most noticeable one was Situ Beiyan. He was much more carefree when compared to Long Tianming who felt threatened by Nie Li, even Shen Tian thought it was too much.

Long Tianming rolled his eyes as he saw how Nie Li defeated Murong Yu. "Doesn't it look unfair? Nie Li is using his far superior armor to defeat Murong Yu…" He complained while Shen Tian sighed.

"Life is not fair, it has never been and will never be. Although Nie Li's armor is of a higher grade artifact, there is no rule preventing that is there?" Shen Tian chuckled.

Long Tianming shook his head in disagreement. "What use is there to defeating him if you cannot say with your true voice that you defeated him without using the effects of the armor!"

Just at this moment, Shen Tian who had a sharp view of the ground, noticed Venerable Flameless, the disciples of Hierarch Skycloud near the judges of this tournament or whatever it was.

A small laugh escaped his mouth, earning a weird look from Long Tianming and the rest. "Why are you laughing Brother Tian?" They both asked at the same time.

"You are up for a fantastic sight, just do not look away otherwise you might regret it for the rest of your lives!" Shen Tian said with a calm tone.

They witnessed Nie Li showing his true talent, they no longer dared to underestimate him… Otherwise, they might be suffering under his hands in the future one day!

Shen Tian felt exasperated as he witnessed Venerable Flameless literally bullying Shen Tian. He found it rather funny as well. Who in the Tiny World would dare to act like this against Nie Li right now?

He saw that Nie Li was incapable of going against Venerable Flameless right now, so he smirked as he jumped into the ground. Venerable Flameless raised an eyebrow.

"Who might you be? You are not part of our Divine Feathers Sect, that I can see."

Shen Tian sent an icy glare at Venerable Flameless, making the latter shiver in fear. Venerable Flameless was not comparable to Shen Tian in any way, obviously, he'd suffer from a single glare of his!

Li Xingyun sighed in relief. With Shen Tian present here, no one would dare to bully Nie Li, although he found it rather weird as to why Shen Tian was protecting him in the first place?

"Alright old man, I have no obligation to tell you who I am because I am sure the elders behind you know who I am. I am sure your old man wouldn't be happy to know what you have done here."

"Rubbish, I will now send another disciple to test Nie Li's strength. Our Skycloud Hall's matters are not connected to outsiders like you. Animals of the Abyssal Void Sect do not belong here in our Divine Feathers Sect!"

'This fool!" Long Tianming widened his eyes as he slapped his forehead. It was one thing to call Shen Tian an outsider, but to insult one's sect had terrifying effects. He also knew that Shen Tian was not someone one could easily bully, simply from the piece of grass he had used previously!

Shen Tian stopped moving and stared at Venerable Flameless, invisible energy seeped out of him and entered Venerable Flameless slowly.

The poor man started to shiver even harder, he started to see stuff which did not really exist. Shen Tian had put him into a Tsukuyomi-like Genjutsu.

Of course to the outside world, everything looked normal, expect the fact Venerable Flameless had frozen upon calling the Abyssal Void Sect a sect of 'animals'. The various elders sweated, fearing for Venerable Flameless.

Shen Tian walked toward Venerable Flameless. Nie Li did not stop him, he had asked Shen Tian to get rid of Venerable Flameless at the cost of a very valuable treasure… His own memories while journeying the Draconic Ruins Realm.

To be exact it was the memories of the lands, items, herbs, and materials. It was a hefty price, but Nie Li did not want to be bothered by Venerable Flameless, or anyone else who could destroy his plans.

"I can see that you are trying to bully one of my friends, who is merely a Heavenly Fate Realm expert of the 5th Fate, while the one you arranged for him to fight is at the peak of the 9th Fate." Shen Tian said,"You are a Dao of Dragon Realm expert… How about you fight someone like me, who is also at that realm?"

Shen Tian's eyes gleamed with ruthlessness and he unleashed a tyrannical pressure and killing intent. Even the Dao of Dragon Realm Venerable Flameless felt the effects of the killing intent and the pressure.

Amongst the many cultivators present, he who had the highest cultivation, instead of feeling the lowest amount of pressure was feeling it the most. His pressure was not even comparable to his!

Long Tianming was on his twenties and was only a Heavenly Star Realm expert, while Shen Tian was already a pinnacle Dao of Dragon Realm expert, the difference was not small at all. Long Tianming felt very unhappy.

He had always stood at the apex of the Divine Feathers Sect's young talents. Now, someone from the Abyssal Void Sect came and took his place so easily. Just how exactly was he supposed to accept this?

He was not only just a realm stronger, but two realms stronger than him; He was even ten years younger than Long Tianming as well. The difference was not tiny at the slightest.

Nie Li felt both happy and a bit dumbfounded. He also had no idea that Shen Tian had already reached such a power level. Didn't this mean he could fight Martial Ancestors and not be in a disadvantage?

Venerable Flameless frowned, although he was cocky and arrogant most of the time, he was not that dumb. If he were to fight Shen Tian… He'd probably get absolutely blasted away!
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》