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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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254 This aged well

"Shen Tian do you have any idea of how you can break this Thousand Illusionary Array? You are the only Dao of Dragon Realm cultivator from our group after all." Long Tianming knitted his eyebrows as he spoke.

"Shen Tian…?" Long Tianming was speechless. He looked around and didn't see him anywhere. He had fooled Long Tianming very badly. No one had ever seen him escape.

His eyes flashed with a hint of anger, which he somehow managed to keep inside himself. " So what if you are already a Dao of Dragon expert, I will not spare even you… Next time we meet will be your death!"


Shen Tian had already entered the Void Illusionary Divine Palace. It had been very easy to break through the defenses of this array or whatever the Palace had. Xian Long and Feng Hao were exploring the various parts of the palace away from him.

Shen Tian himself was filled with disappointment. "Who would have thought that such a large palace is basically useless to me… Such a waste of effort and time. Maybe the experts outside this palace will make up for this."

Gold Spiritual Stone Essences were not rare where he walked, but he had an infinite amount of Spiritual Stones, why would he care to get the ones on the ground too? That was beneath him.

This palace was not useful to him at all. Yes, there were some books which did indeed at least have some kind of use, but it was limited to the point you could just throw it away.

Most knowledge inside these books was outdated to thousands of years ago, which served no use for cultivators besides useless history lessons.

He finally entered what seemed to be a majestic hall, filled with a mysterious feeling. Shen Tian looked at the painting at the other end of the hall and snorted. These were the eyes of the Sage Emperor.

Although almost every single expert under the heavens would be intimidated by the eyes showing in that painting, Shen Tian couldn't even be bothered with it. He waved his hand and blew up the painting in one go.

He saw hundreds of experts cultivating in a corner of the hall and raised an eyebrow. He did not put much thought into this, however. The closer he got to the wall, the Heavenly Energy inside him started to stir. There was something in the air which was pressuring it.

He couldn't even care about the experts stuck in this wall, comprehending the dumb technique in that wall. Honestly, he had hundreds of thousands of techniques superior to this one.

His eyebrows furrowed as memory entered his mind. This technique they were trying to learn and gain insight from… Wasn't it the [God Tongue] Technique of Ancestral Master Daozang?

Without anyone even noticing, his figure had entered the crystal jade wall. His body had been invisible to everyone else.

After entering this wall, Shen Tian noticed a statue in front of him. The statue was probably one of the Ancestral Master Daozang.

The moment Shen Tian put his eyes on the statue, he felt an aura near him. "Who are you? You are not a human or demon… I can't put my eyes on it… You have the aura of that fella, The Abyssal Void Lord on you!"

An ancient and hoarse voice thundered out, earning Shen Tian's full attention.

"I have never met the person you claim to have the aura of, albeit he is the ancestor of the sect I come from." Shen Tian's cold voice rang, almost immediately.

"A sect? Who would've thought that the cold and calm warrior would actually create a sect! Hahahahah It's so funny… " The voice exploded with surprise.

"Unless you want something from me then I will take everything inside this hall although the quality is a bit too low for my likings." Shen Tian acted like a hooligan and swept everything under his sleeves, surprising The Ancestral Master Daozang.

"Wait for a minute young boy! Don't be so quick, you still have yet to even wait for the message I want to pass to you." Ancestral Master Daozang panicked for a moment.

*Twenty Thousand Years Later*

Shen Tian nodded, "Alright old sir, I will not steal your stuff since you entertained me for a very long time. By the way, you have two people coming this way, and is that consciousness I sense deep inside this palace something you are aware of?"

Ancestral Master Daozang's eyes widened after spreading his Spiritual Sense."It looks like the Void Illusionary Violet Palace has given birth to a consciousness without me knowing… Fortunately, I am still capable of suppressing it. Thanks, young man."

Obviously, the consciousness was waiting for Ancestral Master Daozang's small left intent here to disperse, so it could fully enjoy the treasures of the Void Illusionary Violet Palace to its full content!

Shen Tian looked away and boringly said. " As for the Sage Emperor… There is no need for you to worry. I assure you that inside a year the figure you hate and want to be defeat so much will be annihilated by me."

Ancestral Master Daozang spread his illusionary hand and grabbed the intent of the Void Illusionary Violet Palace. Unfortunately for the intent, before it could even speak it was killed by him.

If he had left it be like this, most likely it would have used this as a chance to become stronger. After all, it had hidden from him for centuries, who knew what it would do after knowing that he would no longer be alive?

"I do not have anything I could possibly give you… You do not want my technique, are not interested in the treasures left behind by the supreme expert… Why are you even exploring my tomb than in the first place?" The Ancestral Master Daozang was a bit interested.

The dark blue haired boy stared at him and tilted his head. " Am I not allowed to do this then?" Shen Tian found it weird that Ancestral Master Daozang was complaining about such a thing.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》