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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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255 The End is near...

Shen Tian's lips curled as the voice of a Martial Ancestor rang out. It looks like the Demon God Sect was already in the move. Although Ancestral Master Daozang had managed to reduce the consciousness to almost nothing, it managed to escape.

The rules inside the Void Illusionary Divine Palace were almost null now. A Martial Ancestor of the Demon God Sect called Hierarch Blacknether took the opportunity first it looks like.

Shen Tian did not mind if the Demon God Sect wanted to get the treasures. People from the Abyssal Void Sect were not present here. Although they had mostly recovered from the damages done to their sect, they were not interested in the treasures inside the palace.

Hierarch Blacknether struck at the Void Illusionary Violet Palace, seeking to break the barrier deep inside it.

Shen Tian didn't even have to act first before Hierarch Blacknether suffered damages from something. He experienced a huge drop in cultivation to the point he was miserable!

"You there brat, stop moving! Give me all your treasures… You thought you could hide from the sight of this master!" Hierarch Blacknether's eyes were sharp. He immediately noticed Shen Tian.

Shen Tian was not trying to hide in the first place; If that had been the case, Hierarch Blacknether wouldn't have managed to find him.

Hierarch Blacknether had suffered a lot because of the black flames, he did not want to let anyone pass through him. Thirty years of cultivations would be required just to recover from the wounds.

Shen Tian was not going to let Hierarch Blacknether take advantage of him. He was itching for a fight for a very long time, that was why he had not covered his presence. Hierarch Blacknether was slightly hesitating due to Shen Tian's pinnacle Dao of Dragon Realm strength, but he was not going to stop because of it.

With a single moment passing, Shen Tian thrust his fist forward and blasted Hierarch Blacknether away. He was disappointed. A single punch managed to reduce Hierarch Blacknether's powers by over 70%.

This would take at least a hundred years to recover…

Shen Tian sighed as he left…

Maybe he just needed to release all his aura, break through to the Deity Rank and finally, someone powerful might pay attention to him? His body was getting quite rusty from fighting noobs.


The Sage Emperor was stirring. He felt a mysterious and ancient aura. He had been recovering after fighting the Abyssal Void Lord, after all, he was an existence just below him. The only reason he was at a disadvantage was that he was practically immortal.

"So that's what that fool was trying to hide from me… A boy who at that age managed to weaken one of my minions so much with a single hit. He's a big danger to me, I will have to exterminate him!"


Just at this moment, Shen Tian was hovering in the sky and had a slight smile. He sensed that Nie Li was using the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting to raise his cultivation. Others might think his decision to give it away was foolish but he disagreed.

Shen Tian was not going to kill the Sage Emperor just like that. If no one was there to take care of the Draconic Ruins Realm, it would just fall into chaos. Although he was heartless, he wouldn't be that heartless for a place he was raised in.

He also sensed the intent of the Sage Emperor hovering in the sky. The only reason the Sage Emperor had not attacked him was probably that he was injured by the Abyssal Void Lord in their previous fight.

He raised his eyebrow as he sensed many people coming from afar. Upon further search, he saw that it was Li Xingyun and his troops escaping from Li Yufeng's people.

Shen Tian was originally not going to interrupt the battle since this was one for the position of a patriarch of the Ashen Flames Family. But if Li Xingyun died then that would interrupt his plans.

He spared just a single look at Li Yufeng, blowing him and his forces apart. No effort was required from him. Feeling so powerful made Shen Tian remember the times of when he was an Overlord in his second and third life.

Li Xingyun looked up. Although he did not see Shen Tian, he knew that it was him. He recognizes the Heavenly Energy used, that was because Shen Tian's Heavenly Energy was kind of unique and special on its own way.

"Li Xingyun." Shen Tian muttered. " Do not disappoint my efforts… I saved you this time, but do not think you will be always saved by someone." Li Xingyun heard the words and nodded, cupping his fist, his other one was severed.

"Li Xingyun offers his thanks to you!" Li Xingyun bowed down slightly.

Shen Tian moved his head slightly as he moved at the speed of light, erasing himself from this space and time realm.

Originally he had thought of visiting the Endless Wilderness but after thinking for a bit he decided against that. After all, there was no figure capable of even being a match for him here. The supreme being of the Sky Origin Divine Clan was long since dead.

Someone who was defeated and suppressed by the Sage Emperor on his own turf was not someone who interested Shen Tian, who with his base form was capable of going against peak Martial Ancestors.

Despite them all being stronger than most cultivators, Shen Tian himself was a person at the pinnacle of the Dao of Dragon Realm, with the power to go far above that strength… It was completely pointless!

Shen Tian rolled his eyes. He supposed it was time for him to break through to the Martial Ancestor Realm. Only then would the true experts of the various sects line up in front of him. With a single clap of his hand energy burst out from the Undying Cycles Realm…


His actions certainly did not go unnoticed by the many powerhouses of the Divine Continent. Many Martial Ancestors were attracted by the power unleashed by Shen Tian who purposely released his pressure.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》