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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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258 Why are you so dumb?

Shen Tian looked at a direction. He sensed the presence of Deity Ranked experts. The only Deity Ranked experts outside the Abyssal Void Sect or the Primordial Devil Cult were the Sage Emperor's forces.

A Deity-Servant was chasing Ying Yueru… Just as it was about to kill her Shen Tian decided to intervene.

Although he did not particularly care about the life of this person, he wouldn't let the forces of the Sage Emperor randomly kill anyone. "Trash, return to the side of your emperor."

Shen Tian's eyes spun, revealing the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. With a single genjutsu of his, the Deity-Servant had trouble even moving. Although this servant was of the Deity Rank, compared to Sovereign Shou he was far weaker.

Shen Tian who was a Martial Ancestor right now had no trouble dealing with such minions in his base form. The Deity Servant was obviously not happy with what was happening to him.

"You will regret this! Whoever is trying to control me… The Sage Emperor will consume the Heavenly Dao in less than two hundred years, by then I will make sure you are under my palm!"

Shen Tian couldn't care less and just gripped his fist. The Deity Servant exploded into a mist of fresh blood. Ying Yueru was very confused, not knowing how she had survived this in the first place.

"This is the last thing I will do for your disciple, Ying Yueru. The Draconic Ruins Realm must learn to control its own fate. I will not be heeding any of your people's words anymore…" Shen Tian's cold voice thundered out as he disappeared into the cold winds of the night.


Right Now, Shen Tian was capable of fighting experts like the Sect Master of the Demon God's Sect, Flame Spirit Warring Hierarch easily just with his physical strength. He was getting interested in the Ancestral Lands or whatever where the Sage Emperor resided.

From what he had heard it contained many experts, which he could use to at least release a bit of his pent up feelings.

Upon returning to his compound at the Divine Feathers Sect, he saw how Nie Li literally upgraded the sect's troops. Apparently, he was now also the Sect Master of the sect much to his surprise.

Nie Li had taken his advice and was taking the issue of preparing what to do after the Sage Emperor was taken care of, he was very serious about this whole situation. After he returned, he saw that Feng Hao had broken through to the Dao of Dragon Realm thanks to Shen Tian giving him an incredible amount of Spiritual Stones.

Xian Long was a step ahead, at the pinnacle of the Dao of Dragon Realm. Shen Tian was still the stronger one, standing at the 3rd-stage of the Martial Ancestor Realm.

Nie Li immediately wanted to talk to Shen Tian after hearing that he had returned from his short trip outside the sect. Although Shen Tian was just an Honorary Elder, A Guest Elder to be more exact he still had a core role in the sect right now.

"You want me to come with you to the Heavenly Note Sect? Why…?" He raised an eyebrow as he closed the book he was reading.

"Well, you are more familiar with the structure of the Heavenly Note Sect as a whole, since your fiance is there, Ning'er. I know a bit from my previous lives, but it's not that deep." Shen Tian glanced at Nie Li.

" I did Indeed send a clone of mine to scout every rightous sect when my Abyssal Void Sect was kind of damaged. The Heavenly Note Sect doesn't have much potential and threat to your sect if you compare manpower."

Nie Li chuckled, he already knew that. "To be fair I want you to help me when I talk with the Sect Master of the Heavenly Note Sect, she won't make it easy for me even if I offer tons of treasures. I also have a feeling that the Demon God's Sect will attack. I do not want that to happen so easily…"

Shen Tian looked up at the starry sky.

"The Sage Emperor is asleep right now. The actions I or you will make will not be as limited as before. In a normal situation I would just go and seal him down and break his control and refining… But that wouldn't be that interesting would it?" Shen Tian curled his lips in disdain.

Feng Hao looked at Nie Li; the situation was much more serious than any of them made it be. The Ancestral Demonic Saint Land was not going to stay quiet as Nie Li and his forces tried to rise up.

Nie Li could probably earn time for his forces to grow up, but it was meaningless in the end if none of them were able to stand up to the Sage Emperor's ultimate powers.

" I need you to call the Abyssal Void Lord… Or someone from the higher-ups of your sect, Shen Tian." Nie Li looked at Shen Tian with a resolved confidence and a certain light on his eyes.

"I do not have any power over the higher ups of my sect, Nie Li. You should know that already. I am merely the Head Disciple, not an Acting Sect Master or something like that."

Nie Li shook his head. " Do not play games with me Shen Tian. If you wanted to call someone… Like Zhang Yu or The Ethereal Emperor, it would be child play for you!"

Shen Tian snorted. " What does my Abyssal Void Sect have to gain from fighting the Sage Emperor?" He was a responsible person, he knew that any person the Abyssal Void Sect sent was most likely going to face incredible danger.

"Sooner or Later you will have to face him, otherwise he will just completely refine the Draconic Ruins Realm. Even the separate realm the Abyssal Void Sect is located at won't be safe in the future!" Nie Li tried to persuade Shen Tian.

Shen Tian's face changed from one of coldness to one of laughter.

"There is no need for any person to be called, I myself am more than enough Nie Li. Man, you are several hundred years old but most of the time you act so dumbly…"

With a single flick of his fingers, ten Shen Tian's popped out into existence. The weakest was a peak Martial Ancestor. That seemed truly not logical since Shen Tian himself was nowhere near the peak of the Martial Ancestor Realm.

Nie Li widened his eyes and furrowed his eyebrows. He then released a helpless sigh. "You always have to surprise me like this? With such powers, let alone the Demon God's Sect… Even the Sage Emperor will have trouble fighting you."
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》