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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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260 Boredom is not fun.

Shen Tian was not really interested in listening to the conversation between the three in front of him. Instead, he had sent a shadow clone to talk to Xiao Ning'er. He didn't want her to come here and get caught up in drama.

However he knitted his eyebrows when Nangong Xianyin claimed that the Heavenly Note Sect had a rule which did not allow disciples to marry while they were still part of the sect. He'd have to mess up with their memories if he wanted to fix that…

Izanami or Izanagi would do perfectly fine right now. He could also use Kotoamatsukami in a wide range, which would be better since it was nearly unbreakable.

Even the Sage Emperor himself would be affected by his normal Kotoamatsukami, let alone the one he could use when he obtained the nine tomoes Rinne-Sharingan.

He was not like Nie Li who had no choice but to try persuading people so he could succeed. For him, that was nothing but foolishness and a waste of time. He could just use genjutsu!

"Not only is Ye Ziyun my fiancee, but Xiao Ning'er is also my friend's fiancee too!" Nie Li pointed at Shen Tian whose face was covered by a dark cloak, in fact, his entire body was impossible to be seen through because of it.

Nangong Xianyin's face was engulfed by darkness. In a way, she was afraid of Shen Tian who despite being far weaker than her in terms of cultivation, she felt that if they were to fight she'd lose badly.

But the rules of the sect were rules, she couldn't break them just because Nie Li had brought four Martial Ancestors with him. Just who did he think he was?!

Nangong Xianyin then started to talk to Nie Li once again, Shen Tian snorted as he made a chair out of the Law of Void, just to show off and sat. He just wanted to use Genjutsu on all the fools present here.

Shen Tian choked slightly when he heard what Nie Li wanted. The Myriad Ancestor Sword… Wasn't that one of the two Godslayer Artifacts? Shen Tian had never seen it, but he believed that the sword Xiao Ning'er currently owned since he had given it to her was even stronger.

He had seen the fragment of the Divine Feathers Sect once when he had accidentally used his Spiritual Sense to cover the Treasury of the Divine Feathers Sect. He was not interested in their weapons in any way.

At this moment, Xiao Ning'er appeared in this hall, sprinting towards Shen Tian and hugging him, much to Nangong Xianyin's concern and anger. She decided to act as if she did not see that.

Shen Tian motioned for them to continue, while also setting an array around him and Xiao Ning'er so that they would not be interrupted by pointless talks.

A moment later Ye Ziyun also arrived and started to make some pointless chattering which I'm going to skip because I'm too lazy and also want to get over with this. :)

Then They showed some superb sexy women to take the role of the Sect Master, all polished by none other than our favorite characters by doing dual cultivation of course ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

Xuan Yue felt like a mountain had been thrown into her back. Her dreams of becoming the Sect Master were ruined in one go by Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning'er… She felt terrible. After throwing a fit she was sent back to her room like a naughty girl.

(Alright let's get back to the story, enough with the sexual jokes:V)


The Heavenly Note Sect was not small, but neither was it that large. Most people if asked would rank it between fourth and fifth. To see so many disciples obtaining the power to enter the Dao of Dragon Realm was dumbfounding.

Xuan Yue was almost thirty, yet she had yet to breakthrough to the Dao of Dragon Realm, meanwhile, the disciples in front of her were all in their early twenties in the maximum!

Nangong Xianyin might look dumb and probably a bit biased, but showing her this would not help her improve her impression of Xuan Yue who was throwing a fit for absolutely no reason.

With the balance between the six rightous sects breaking apart, this meant that the Divine Feathers Sect had now a special place among the ranking, the Abyssal Void Sect was not included in this ranking. It was neither evil or rightous, it stood in the middle.

Most likely, however, if it came to it, they would also help in fighting the Demon God's Sect. If you had to rank the sect among the strongest one in the whole Draconic Ruins Realm, you could easily put it as number one.

The sheer number of Martial Ancestors exceeded a hundred. The Heavenly Note Sect had a measly eight, the Divine Feathers Sect had only five previously, now it had almost double of that( I don't really remember the exact number oof).

Thus, it was even more astonishing when you took into consideration that the Abyssal Void Sect had a total of twenty Deity Rank Experts, albeit most of them could be ranked around the level of a Deity Servant and a Deity General.

The Days passed slowly… *TIMESKIIIP EVERYONEEE*


Just as the morning sunlight hit the ground, a gaseous substance of a black color spread outwards. The disciples present had immediately recognized what this was. " The Demon God's Sect has attacked us!"


The incredible amount of experts from the Demon God's Sect bombarded the Heavenly Note Sect. At this moment, finally, the experts of the Heavenly Note Sect decided to act, fighting the experts of the other faction. The experts of a faction fought the experts of another faction to a standstill!

The strongest figure to appear from the side of the Demon God's Sect was Yao Lie. He was currently ranked second from all the Martial Ancestors of the Demon God's Sect. He was even a threat to the Sect Master himself at times.

The fact he had shown up was something of concern not only for the Heavenly Note Sect but the entire six Divine Sects as a whole!
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》