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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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262 Worst Ending Ever. :|

Shen Tian raised his head as he glanced into the distance. At this moment, no one could detect his presence in the Heavenly Note Sect. He was invincible. Without anyone knowing, he was looking at the scene with his Spiritual Sense.

Time slowed down to the point he could see everyone's actions in slow motion. He could see the battle at the main front, between the Demon God's Sect and the Heavenly Note Sect rather clearly.

He looked at the sleeping Xiao Ning'er. He would not let anyone interrupt her sleep. Whenever it be gods or devils…

His eyes turned cold with a hint of ruthlessness as he flew into the air. No one had noticed him yet, and that way it would stay.

At this moment, he heard a deep voice call him from inside. A voice which originated from the Undying Cycles Realm.

He was not interested in seeing who was fighting in this battlefield so he just froze the time outside the Undying Cycles Realm and entered the realm itself.

"Shen Tian...Come here…"

The ancient voice boomed out again with a feeling of tranquillity deep inside his mind.

"Who are you?" Upon entering the Undying Cycles Realm, Shen Tian waved his hand and sent his Spiritual Sense, extending it to every corner of the realm.

He came up with no answer, still have no idea from where the voice was coming from.

Looking at a corner, he saw Kaiser stirring up and growling. He released a heaven-defying howl which virtually deafened Shen Tian who complained about a groan.

He narrowed his eyes and continued to explore different corners of the Undying Cycles Realm, seeking any weird spot which might appear in the surface or the underground parts of the realm.

Unfortunately, he ended up with empty hands, he still could not find the source of that voice. Yet he was sure it was inside the Undying Cycles Realm.

Shen Tian blinked his eyes and found himself inside a white space. Completely white, he no longer could sense the Undying Cycles Realm.

"This is the ninth layer of the Undying Cycles Realm, you cannot sense anything in the outside due to this." A calm and gentle voice moved with the speed of a butterfly across this space.

'This voice…'

"Ryu?" Shen Tian asked with a suspicious tone, still not sure if the person who was talking was Ryu Otsutsuki, the person he had met in the Purgatory Shrine.

"Ah, I see. It looks like you already have met my Soul Clone. That means he has done his part of the plan… It's nice to meet you Shen Tian. I am the original, Ryu Otsutsuki." The voice came closer to Shen Tian and revealed a silhouette.

"What is the purpose of your visit, Ryu Otsutsuki." He stared at the violet eyes of Ryu, with a cold light hidden in his own eyes.

"I'd prefer if you called me simply Ryu. Y'know I don't really sit well with the etiquette and manners of the Chinese Dimensions." Ryu awkwardly spoke.

"Chinese Dimensions?" Shen Tian raised an eyebrow. He had never heard of that term being used before.

"When I created my own Infinite Universe, I was brought with a rather weird question. How do I divide it?" Ryu spoke as he moved around Shen Tian.

" I ended up looking through the memories of the people from planet Earth, which ended up in the Chinese Dimension, Japanese Dimension, American Dimension… And many more."

"You could call it a tribute to the now dead planet I guess. Among them, the Chinese Dimension has the most realms, with over a total of ninety-nine thousand and ongoing." Ryu spoke as he hovered in space.

"So my planet died huh? How many years after my death did it stand?" Shen Tian asked. He had lived for a total of a billion and one million and nine hundred thousand years, that was not enough time for Earth to naturally die.

"Well, about five million years after your death, an Alien Race from the nearby Galaxy… Andromeda? I believe invaded Earth which was already in a state of crisis because it was abandoned, managed to destroy the remaining human forces inside the planet."

Shen Tian let out a sigh as he created a chair for him to sit through his Mutated Divine Energy.

" I can see that everything that has happened to me is closely related to you." Shen Tian said with a slightly pissed off voice.

"Not exactly, I only found out about your fourth life a billion years ago, I had no influence in your third or second life or even first. The Undying Cycles Of the Overlord and Overseer Manual does not simply answer me."

"I crafted it through the Core of my Infinite Universe with the simple job of bringing people like you to my level, albeit… Its capabilities are still limited, I will have to work on that later."

"But hey! It worked at the very least." Ryu grinned.

Shen Tian nodded. " I assume you have a reason for bringing me to this place then?" Shen Tian said with a slightly bored tone.

Ryu's face changed to one of seriousness. He moved his hand slowly, making several images appear in the sky.

"The Draconic Ruins Realm is one of the Millions of realms below the Divine Realm. You at your current level, are just slightly stronger than the casual Immemorial Deity there. I'm sure that if you bombarded your Soul Realm with the Heavenly and Mutated Divine Energies, you'd immediately reach the pinnacle there; That's a story for another time." Ryu spoke with a grim voice.

"How is that related to the issue of why you called me here, Ryu?" Shen Tian responded, clearly impatient.

"Well, apparently it turns out that although the Divine Realm is one above this realm, it's only one of the Minor Realms. Unfortunately, we have a much larger crisis than the Sage Emperor of this tiny realm." Ryu spoke.

He waved his hand again, this time showing darkness. Only pitch darkness.

"What is this supposed to be?"

Ryu looked at the darkness picture and chuckled.

"This is the always growing darkness… The one we call the Everlasting Void."

"To be fair, both of us have a very good sense of how to control Void. In fact, I for a fact, know that you reached a Grand Understanding of the Law of Void far before me." Ryu said.

"Thus, the Everlasting Void isn't a very big problem on its own. It's expanding in places where humans cannot live, so until now I've had no problems with it at all."

"The problem is that… The Everlasting Void is a treasure which is owned by someone else." Ryu expressed his concern in a rather deep way. Shen Tian's interest was piqued.

"After a while of going through what you could call the 'Forbidden' Region of the Everlasting Void, I found the owner of the 'treasure'. " Ryu spoke with an awkward voice.

At this moment, Ryu raised his other hand which he had not moved in the slightest since Shen Tian had arrived at this realm.

" I suffered extreme damages to my hand."

His hand was covered in blood which united with his body trying to heal made up for a disgusting sight. He was also lacking a finger and a small portion of his palm was gone.

"It will take years for me to heal this wound which is extremely surprising… The owner meanwhile also suffered a lot, losing half of his body." Ryu spoke with a hollow tone.

"Someone who is unmatchable and has an immeasurable amount of power actually got forced to use a considerable amount of power? What a surprise." Shen Tian had a cold smirk on his face as if he was enjoying all of this.

"I kind of underestimated her, unfortunately, it looks like she is not alone… She did not actually cause this to me alone. Together with several others, they managed to cause me to suffer such wounds."

"Due to that, I was forced to seek something. Obviously, they were part of a group or some kind of organization. Although I could easily destroy them all, I found it weird. How exactly had such a group risen from my own Infinite Universe?"

" I later found out that the person I thought was the Owner of the Everlasting Void, was actually just a servant of the actual owner," Ryu spoke with a sigh as he wiped the sweat from his forehead.

"I engaged in a fight with that person, we were evenly matched. At times I had the advantage and at times he had the advantage. It was a quite difficult battle but I managed to make him leave wounded."

Shen Tian felt a hint of dread. After all, in his current state, he doubts he was a match to even a percent of Ryu's full power, and by that he meant the old him at his peak.

"I found out quite a bit from talking to him. He was the talkative type. It seems that under my nose… There has been a lot of activity. An organization called the God's Plan had appeared. I managed to virtually destroy them all, unfortunately, the owner of the Everlasting Void is still alive."

Shen Tian narrowed his eyes. So that was the main enemy, the owner of the Everlasting Void.

" I engaged in a fight with him once again and found out that his power had nearly risen by 25%... Such a rise in strength is terrifying." Ryu spoke slowly.

"That's the purpose of the Undying Cycles Manual. To give birth to a person stronger than me." He added with a feeling of pain hidden underneath his words.

Ryu froze a moment after he spoke. "Shen Tian, I will use your energy you have stored to help you in a breakthrough to the pinnacle of the Supreme Realm. Using the energy I have stored deep inside my realm I will aid you to the point you breakthrough to the pinnacle of the Divine Realm. As for how high you can reach? It's up to you fella."

Without waiting anymore. The heavens broke.


Nie Li found it strange. Shen Tian had told him he would help him when it came to fighting the Demon God's Sect, yet he had not made an appearance.

Yao Lie who was busy fighting the Heavenly Note Sect's Martial Ancestors felt something stir up deep inside him.

He felt something cold go up to his spine. The next moment he was gone.

The entire Demon God's Sect army which was sent here all found themselves in the same situation as Yao Lie, and the next moment they died.

A gaseous substance started to emerge from the cracks of the ground. It poured out and out of the point, it looked limitless. The experts of the Heavenly Note Sect did not know what to do. In a way, the gaseous substance was not hurting them; However, there was no knowing about the future.

It grew and grew…. And grew…. And grew… And Grew.


The monstrous creature let out a roar out making everyone cover their ears and eyes in horror.

The monstrous creature made out of the gaseous substance was just too gross to even be looked at. Especially the red eyes, they were too scary and inflicted fear into the junior disciples and even the elders.

Even Feng Yu who had been at least a kilometer away from the main battleground was utterly crushed to the point her gorgeous and voluptuous figure was destroyed, leaving behind a mutilated corpse. Nie Li had stared with a weird look on his face as this happened.

Scratching his head he sighed.

"Even at my old age of almost three hundred, you see something new every day I guess."


The Sage Emperor who was in seclusion opened his eyes. He felt something foreign...new...powerful and terrifying.

It was so tyrannical that even the supreme expert he had fought before was in no way comparable.

For a moment, the powerful and solemn Sage Emperor did not wish to face whatever was there.

That hurt his pride. Steam came out of his nose as he stood up. He was the powerful and ancient Demon God, millions of demons worshipped him, just how powerful could this creature be in comparison to him?!

That was a mistake.


Shen Tian moved his hand and barely contained laughter. He had regained his old powers, not only that but he had transcended to a far higher level of power.

He could feel Ryu's full power, and he was merely a step weaker than him. That was understandable after all Ryu was a quadrillion if not more years older than him.

In fact, the mere wastes left after he had broken through were easily capable of challenging the strongest creature after him or Ryu. The Monstrous Creature was that 'waste'.

Ryu was not to be seen anymore, instead, just several words of his were heard.

"Your current power level is equivalent to me, you are a First Step Overlord!"


The Sage Emperor stared at the Monstrous Creature which had terrorized the entire Draconic Ruins Realm for the last two weeks.

To be exact, it had been attacking the Ancestral Demonic Saint Lands(if I typed that right) for the last two weeks.

All his deity-rank troops were defeated and all that was left was the tiny and hopeless him.

"You monster… I will annihilate you right now!" The Sage Emperor roared as he thrust his fist forward, creating a sonic boom which broke through the barrier of time and space.

The attack landed on the 'stomach' of the Monstrous Creature.


No damage was done to the Monstrous Creature despite him using what could be called the maximum amount of power he could muster right now.

All he saw next was darkness.


The Undying Cycles Realm started to shake, deep inside it, inside the core the manual opened its pages.

When it arrived at the last page, a single word started to appear.


A glow encompassed the Undying Cycles Manual, before it finally disappeared.

There were others it needed to help.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》