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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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264 Side Story - Marriage

"Did you hear? The Divine Realm is getting promoted to become a First Rate Realm!"

A crowd was gathered in a stage, discussing recent news.

"That was only possible due to the combined effort of Nie Li and his teammates, without them we'd still be struggling again realms like the Green Monastery Realm…"

A scrawny teenager spoke as scratched his nose. In his shirt was imprinted an image of Nie Li. It was clear his idol was not other than Nie Li himself.

99% of the crowd stared at him as if he had made a fool out of himself. Then they started to ignore his existence. "What…" A youngster who was clearly new to the Divine Realm scratched his head.

He did not know why the crowd reacted like this.

A slightly older looking man smiled upon noticing the bewildered expression on the youngster's face. "Confusing right?"

"I do not know why the crowd suddenly deemed him as an anomaly and decided to ignore him so badly…"

"What is your name boy? You can refer to me as Uncle Touba." The youngster did not even care about the weird name and responded:

"My name given to me by my parents is Liu Zhan. Everyone calls me Lil Dumb though…"

Uncle Touba laughed out loud as he patted Lil Dumb's shoulders, this only made him feel worse.

"Do not worry, we are both Earth Immortals, neither is stronger than the other. In fact, you might even be slightly superior to me so anyone who dares to call you Lil Dumb will receive a beating by you."

Liu Zhan felt better at this comment.

"Going back to the topic, they laughed at the scrawny teenager because Nie Li was indeed a big part at why the Divine Realm was promoted, but the core reason was our own Divine Lord, Young Master Tian!"

Divine Lord.

That was the title given to the supreme cultivator of the Divine Realm, someone capable of shattering mountains with a breath and destroying planets with a single wave of their hands.

During various periods of history, the weakest Divine Lord was still a Dao Emperor, the number of such experts was extremely few even in the current Divine Realm.

Yet… The current Divine Lord was someone qualified to fight for the title of the Supreme Emperor of the entire Dimension made out of trillions of realms.

Young Master Tian was someone who had conquered a total of five hundred and ninety-nine realms around the Divine Realm ruthlessly!

"The most stunning thing is that Young Master Tian is about the same age as you, 19!" Uncle Touba chuckled in admiration.

"Truth to be said, your uncle here met Young Master Tian one fated day. At the time, I was part of a sect which committed evil. I helped him to vanquish the Sect Leader of the said sect and the entire sect!"

The youngster was amazed."Uncle Touba, actually you can call me Lil Dumb. I've decided that I will fight for my own future…" A resolute glint appeared in his eyes.


The silhouette of a young man appeared in the distance of the Blue Sea Town. He had unique eyes and eye-catching hair. After all how many people had dark blue hair and orange and silver eyes?

Standing at almost 1.85 meters Shen Tian had grown into a fine young man. His appearance had been refined and his facial features were far sharper. However, he had not changed his clothes in the slightest.

There was a major difference between the current him and the one four years ago, however. That was his cultivation.

After he met Ryu, his cultivation skyrocketed, breaking the limits of what the Draconic Ruins Realm could even contain. His current power level was still lower than Ryu, but he could give him a decent challenge.

His hair wavered in the air. His eyes glanced sideways, showing the beautiful young woman next to him. Her long and silky orange hair was tied in a ponytail which reached the end of her back.

Her face was polished to the point that one simply couldn't point out a single flaw in it. She had slender and long beautiful legs. Her clothes were orange and revealed a decent amount of her body.

Her cleavages were also slightly revealed, tempting many to look over but none of them dared to. They all were scared of the fury of the one and only boyfriend of Xiao Ning'er. Her assets were even plumper than before.

She was now in an entirely new level of 'hot' even when compared to Ye Ziyun, you simply could not compare them in the same word anymore.

"Ning-er… I've thought a lot about it and…" Shen Tian calmly "Aand?" Xiao Ning-er's heart wavered and beat faster than before."Will you marry me, Xiao Ning'er?"

He kneeled with one foot and presented her with a ring, the most beautiful ring she had ever seen in her entire life.


She smiled.


"Did you hear?! Shen Tian is marrying Goddess Ning-er finally!"

"It was just a waste of time he spent in these years, he should've proposed to her years ago. They are made for each other!"

"Stop being so negative… I heard their marriage is set up to start a week later, the various Divine Lords of each realm are invited to it. It's going to be so grand."

The crowd was excited beyond any time before, the marriage of one of the top experts in the realm and the top expert was insanely popular. Xiao Ning-er was ranked fourth in the list, Nie Li was third while Feng Hao was second with the first being pretty obvious.

Everyone knew how heaven-shattering the battle between Feng Hao and Nie Li had been, for the second spot. Mountains had shattered by the smallest shockwave, and the largest ones were kept away from planets purposely.

However, the battle between Feng Hao and Shen Tian had been short-lived. In a single blow, Shen Tian had sent Feng Hao flying to another realm mercilessly.

Said boy, was gazing into the horizon. "You still are thinking about Xiao Qing-er?" Feng Hao sighed as he noticed Shen Tian walked toward him.

"How can I Not? She disappeared into this so-called Everlasting Void while we fought the Justice Alliance."

"She's not dead."


Shen Tian stared deeply into Feng Hao's eyes. "She is still alive. I know that through the small amount of Divine Energy I put inside her while we fought when we first met."

Hope appeared in the eyes of one Feng Hao. "Then… We can still go and save her?! Why did you not tell me before!"

A bit of anger was also visible in his eyes, however, Shen Tian was not affected in the slightest. Instead, he calmly replied.

"We were in a period of chaotic wars, telling you such a fact would've damaged your mentality. Possibly it would have ended up in you dying."

" I don't care! She possibly is in despair, having thought we'd already have come and rescued her before!" Feng Hao rushed and grabbed Shen Tian by the collar of his clothes.

"Anger won't save her, you know?" Shen Tian emotionlessly replied. Feng Hao gnashed his teeth as he removed his hands from him.

"Do not worry nonetheless, despite being there for the last few years, she is in good condition. Using the Divine Energy she had from me she managed to lessen the pressure."

Feng Hao raised an eyebrow, not understanding how his Divine Energy which was equivalent to a Deity Rank expert at the time, could actually help her withstand the pressure of the Everlasting Void.

Shen Tian threw an amulet with a jade toward Feng Hao who caught with a bewildered expression. "This will help you reduce the pressure of the Everlasting Void. If you get in trouble just pour your Divine Energy inside the amulet."

"Thank you…"


"Beautiful…" Xiao Xue looked at Xiao Ning-er who was getting ready for the wedding. Her wedding dress was red and also included a red veil which basically suited her to an extreme level.

The soon-to-be-wife blushed from embarrassment. Her eyes glanced at the corners of the room. She could hear the lively shouts of various people outside the room.

"But really, you did wait quite a lot to marry. I mean I married my moronic husband when we were seventeen." Xiao Xue chuckled.

"Even Shen Tian's best companions like Jing Ye and Jian Yu married. I heard that even the person he left behind to take care of the Elemental Five Dragons Sect eventually found someone to marry. His name was Ji Gue or something like that right?"

Xiao Ning-er nodded. Who did not know the story of Jing Ye marrying? After all the former Young Master of the Devil Seeking School*Srry if I messed up names* was known to be quite arrogant at times.

Instead, in the arranged marriage the sect he joined in the Divine Realm made with another sect, he was taught a lesson by none other than his own future wife!

Xiao Xue started to laugh loudly upon remembering the story once again. It was just truly too funny to be ignored. Even Du Ze, the person who was known to be extremely hard to talk to at times, had married someone.

"I can completely say with full faith that you look even more beautiful than Sis Ziyun when she married!I'm not even trying to compliment you at this point." She grinned unable to take her eyes off Xiao Ning-er.

"I truly do not want to be compared to someone else in terms of appearance, it might satisfy some, but I only care about whenever he thinks I'm beautiful or not." Xiao Ning-er lowered her eyes slightly.

She looked at the window, at the beautiful and peaceful appearance of the garden of the mansion she and Shen Tian lived in.


Ryu appeared in front of the mansion where the wedding of the two would soon start. He had been personally invited by Shen Tian.

He wore casual clothes, most did not notice his presence, despite him not trying to cover it in any way.

"It is nice to see you come to my wedding." Shen Tian appeared next to him and led Ryu to a private room. Ryu smiled and did not say anything, instead he followed Shen Tian.

"Happy marriage though. When I married my wife I'd never think I would be as happy as I am now… I have much more freedom than what I originally thought I would have."

"Thanks for your worries, my marriage will be much more than a lovely and happy one… I wish to have a few children of my own…" Shen Tian smiled slightly, a rare sight.

"Hooh, that's unusual from you. I would have never expected that from all people who'd wish to have a kid, it would be you who had the biggest wish to have one!"

Ryu grinned as he stuck his head closer to Shen Tian, who knitted his eyebrows feeling very uncomfortable.

"I have two children of my own, respectively called Kaguya Otsutsuki and Hagoromo Otsutsuki as a tribute to my late family members."

For a moment there, Shen Tian felt a hint of seriousness appear and fade away from the other person's face. He just nodded. They had other things to talk about.


"You finally came huh." Shen Tian chuckled as the figure of Nie Li appeared in the distance. Next to him were Ye Ziyun, Li Piao and Du Ze

"How could I miss your marriage? Besides, I kept getting pestered on." Nie Li pointed at Ye Ziyun and Li Piao before rolling his eyes in exasperation.

The purple-haired beauty snorted and crossed her arms with each other."Where is Ning-er? As one of her closest friends I need to be there for her in such a happy day for her!"

"Well since you are asking, she is getting ready for the wedding back at her room, she's together with Xiao Xue." Li Piao shivered for a moment.

Ye Ziyun almost disappeared in an instant, leaving the four young men to talk with each other.


"May the groom kiss the bride…"

Yin and Yang united.

The Phoenix meet its match, the Dragon.

The Moon and Sun existed next to each other.

The flower basked in Sunlight grew and kissed the sun.

The Divine Lord and Goddess Ning'er were married.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》