An Untold Story: DanMachi
1 Banishment.
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An Untold Story: DanMachi
Author :Littlethree
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1 Banishment.

I had always been different compared to the normal Gods, I preferred to do things in a more practical and hardhearted manner compared to the other Gods who treated the mortals like they were the Gods. Yes I rewarded my followers when they did good work however I also heavily punished those who failed to complete the tasks I had assigned them, this approach lead to my Familia being recognised as one of the best in terms of getting the job done regardless of the task they took on. My quick rise to power was also the beginning of the events that would see me lose everything that I had, my allies began to grow suspicious of me and questioned whether I would go after them if the correct task came along or they began to steal some of my limelight. I had no intentions to do that, not at that time anyway however as their envy grew so did the envy of the many enemies I had made dragging my group of mortals to the top of the pile.

As my Familia's accomplishments kept climbing and climbing so did the amount of jealous Familias and the amount of people plotting to drag me back down to the bottom of the food chain where I had started from. I was never popular among the Gods, I admit that I was a bit of an ass when it came to social events however they would just drag on and the pointless exchanging of pleasantries with all the other Gods even though I seen them two minutes ago when I first arrived at the god damn hall. Sorry I got side tracked by stupid etiquette again, I often isolated myself from the rest of them and began plotting how I could begin my next plan to seize more power for myself from the rest of these saps.

Little did I know that while I was plotting the down fall of all the major players left on the board, they had all grouped together to get rid of their king, I mean me, the head of the alliance was my former wife and friend Loki. She and I had a deep relationship however it ended after I could no longer be bothered to sift myself through the chaos and lies to find what Loki truly wanted or needed, the break up was extremely messy and that lowered my social standing even further than it already was. What had started as a separation between me and Loki soon lead to a breakdown of the strong ties between both of our Familias and the fallout began a rivalry that would soon consume my Familia whole while she still remains as one of the top dogs in both Heaven and the Mortal realm.

The death of my Familia occurred during a cold night in the winter, the alliance had decided to attack us in one wave, blocking off all areas of escape, my allies turned on us and begin to attack us as well. We lasted nearly two days fighting in my manor only for all of my Familia to be slain right in front of my eyes, I was swiftly brought to my knees shortly after and Loki struck me down with a killing blow to the skull. Enraged and distraught after my defeat I threw myself deeper into isolation, creating countless plans for the inevitable revocation of my Godhood and how I would bring Heaven itself to it knees before I disappeared forever.

Before the fated day came I had created a device that consumed some of divinity when it booted up for the first time. The device was an AI unlike anything ever seen before or since, the AI converted energy that could be found in any realm to give me the ability to create abilities, skills and a way to display and customise my status at any given time. I also made a fail safe that would stop me becoming Mortal on my death, I would become something else, what I would become I would never have had seen coming back then if I had I would have happily threw away the divinity the Gods hold so dear. Eventually my past mistakes caught up with me and the day of reckoning came for me, only three people knew that my Godhood would be stripped from me and my soul sent to be reborn in the Mortal realm afterwards and they were Loki, Athena and Zeus.

As I was being dragged away towards my end, I was smiling and this caused the three people present to have different expression on their faces, Zeus looked humoured, Athena looked confused while Loki looked at me with a furious expression placed on her face. When I was put before Zeus minutes away from my punishment, I began to laugh, Loki barked "How could you LAUGH at a time like this" at me, I responded "I'm laughing at the thought of me burning down your Familia while you look on in shock, once I finish with yours, I will move on to deal with the rest of the snakes in the mortal realm before setting my sights on heaven and burning that down to. It just humours me greatly." Before Loki could respond Zeus completed the ritual and removed my divinity before killing me, my soul returned to the circle of life, ready to begin a new.

This brings my story up until the present day, I'm currently waiting for a chance to be reborn and begin my plan. Wait a second, whats that light? Why do I feel pain through out my entire body, I feel cold, wait I think this is it. I'm back, time to take my revenge on those who have wronged me, why does it smell so strongly of blood? I feel wheezy, losing consciousness, who is that approaching me? They appear to be picking me up, I can't fight it much longer, I guess sleep is fine for now...


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