An Untold Story: DanMachi
2 Waking in the Mortal Realm.
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An Untold Story: DanMachi
Author :Littlethree
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2 Waking in the Mortal Realm.

Lucifer awoke in a small room alone, the room was run down and not what someone of his status was used too at all, the sudden change in scenery led Lucifer to believe that he had been successfully reborn. He lifted himself out of the shabby wooden bed before dragging his damaged body towards the door, to assess where he was and what his current circumstances were. As his hand pushed the door handle down he began to feel faint again, his entire body began to roast from the inside out, he was engulfed in flames in a matter of seconds, the room ignited rapidly, the flames were at their peak when a young woman around 17 rushed into the room. She shouted" Brother what is happening too you? I knew I should have stopped you from entering the dungeon, you sustained heavy injuries in there and now your body is surrounded in fire. I'm sorry, I will go and get any God who will listen to me to come and save you. Please don't die you are all I have left."

As she left the room two giant wings erupted from Lucifer's body, one of them was pure white in colour while the other was a mixture of pure black and crimson red. Two small horns ripped through the skin on his forehead, they were sharp enough to penetrate stone and they left his face covered in his own blood, his muscles began to expand causing Lucifer to scream out in pain, his body grew to the height of 7 foot in a matter of seconds. The sounds of bones breaking and reforming could be heard from the street outside, the bodies original owners sister, ran back into the room in tears, all of the Gods in the slums had rejected her plea for help and she just stood at the door to Lucifer's room crying at the scene before her. After the transformation of Lucifer's body back into a state similar to his original body, the flames disappeared and he fainted as his body hit the floor steam filled the room hiding him within it.

Whenever the young woman tried to enter the room she was pushed back, each time she tried she was forced back with more and more force, it was as if the steam was protecting the room from everyone who might attempt to make a move against the sleeping body. While this was going on outside, the AI that Lucifer had created began to tune itself into his new bodies brain, once the set up was completed it made contact with Lucifer who was resting in a small pocket realm while his body recovered in the mortal realm."Master Lucifer I have connected with your main body, I'm ready to make a report on your current capabilities if you would like it, I can also describe the changes that have occurred to you since you lost your divinity at the hands of Zeus." "Please display my status in front of me, I'm keen to discover what my meddling has done to me, that awakening was rather destructive, I wonder what I have created." "As master commands." A visual display appeared in front of Lucifer highlighting every thing about him, including change that had occurred to him.

Lucifer's Status

Name: Lucifer

Race: Fallen

Famillia: Fallen Familia

Divinity: Devil

Explanations for Master

Racial Traits, bonuses and origin of the Fallen: Master is the first Fallen in existence, your extreme desire for revenge and your desire to destroy the natural order mutated what little divinity you had left after Zeus took the majority of it away. Unlike most of the Gods in existence, you now draw your power from destruction rather than creation, this has massively enhanced the destructive abilities of your new body. You will gain a permanent boost to magic and power that will leave them at level C whenever you level up or reset them. You also have a massive affinity with fire as seen when you resurrected into that boys body, you also have wings that appear and disappear when you will them to. The main bonuses of the Fallen race is that you gain abilities and magic at a much quicker pace than normal Humans giving you an edge against them and that anyone who joins your Familia gets converted into a Fallen from whatever species they were before.

Fallen Familia: During masters time in the void I took the liberty of collecting enough power to create a Familia for you when you got your chance of reincarnation, the process was a lot harder than I imagined and I could only get you a rank I Familia however it is a start.

Devil Divinity:As stated earlier your little amount of remaining divinity took on massive changes while in the void, to what extent I do not know but from a basic analysis I can determine that it is the opposite of normal divinity in almost every way, it has been warped by your desire to end the current order of all of the realms.

Adventurer Status

Name: Lucifer

Race: Fallen

Famillia: Fallen Familia

Level: 1

Stats: Power: C 650

Endurance: D 500

Dexterity: E 400

Agility: F 300

Magic: C 675

Abilities: Hellish Fury (I) Eyes of the Reaper (I)

Magic : Domain of Death (I) Hell's Inferno (I)

Passive Skills: Devil's Charm (I) Body Sculptured in Flame (I)

Explanations for Master:

Hellish Fury: Master will enter a state of pure rage, tapping into your natural hatred of all those that have wronged you. It doubles your stats temporally, giving you the means to take out your anger.

Eyes of the Reaper: As the name suggest your eyes will become those of the Grim Reaper, this Skill has a small chance to instantly kill whoever you aim it at.

Domain of Death: Darkness will spill out of your body Master and slowly surround and suffocate your enemies until they can no longer fight back, once they are in this state it is nearly impossible for them to broken out it again. The domain then slowly surrounds and eats away at the victim until they are no more.

Hell's Inferno: Master will summon waves upon waves of fire to burn, singe and char your enemies to death, this ability manifested itself in its weakest form when you began to convert the boy's body.

Devil's Charm: Master will have a natural charm that will subtly make people more agreeable to anny suggestions that you make, this will help Master in the rare chance that burning your enemies will make the matter worse instead of better.

Body Sculptured in Flame: Mater's new body was born from the flame and will return their once master's main job has been finished. You are immune to all types of fire and the hardness of your new body increases the amount of wounds you can take before death.

"Thank you for the update, it seems my little mutation has allowed me to become an adventurer as well as the leader of a Familia, this will help escalate my plans quite nicely. It seems my main body is starting too awaken, time to take it for a test drive and see what I can do" Lucifer left the pocket realm and his consciousness returned to his body, the first thing he saw was the unconscious young woman who had been beaten by the smoke into submission. Lucifer had a gentle smile on his face as he picked her up and placed her gently on the table before trying to wake her up.

(Note that Lucifer will be able to update his own status board, he only uses the AI in this chapter because he isn't connected to his main body)


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