An Untold Story: DanMachi
3 First Commander.
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An Untold Story: DanMachi
Author :Littlethree
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3 First Commander.

Lucifer tapped the girl on the face, slowly trying to wake her up, she rolled over cutely almost falling off of the table. When she did her Familia crest was shown on her back, the crest that Lucifer saw was enough to destroy any pretence of kindness he had for instantly, the symbol of the Loki family had appeared in front of him again sooner than he had ever planned for it too. Before he became overwhelmed by his growing rage he checked her status board to see whether she was worth converting over too his new Familia, the board hovered in front of him displaying her stats, to his surprise she was a capable healer and had a small affinity for purifying magic, he deemed it necessary to attempt to force convert her into his Familia. His thought pattern went along the lines of even if she dies Loki loses a valuable pawn, it would harm him in no foreseeable way.

Lilith's Status

Name: Lilith

Race: Human

Famillia: Loki Familia

Level: 1

Stats: Power: I 50

Endurance: H 100

Dexterity: F 300

Agility: G 200

Magic: D 575

Abilities: Regeneration (I)

Magic : Wild Healing (I) Healing touch (I)

Passive Skills: Hidden Aura (H)

Skill explanations:

Regeneration: Allows the user to recover lost vitality, at higher levels allows the user to heal their own body at massively increased rate. When the user activates this skill they will no longer be able to move for the duration of the ability, this side affect maybe removed when the ability levels up, this ability can mutate and gain additional effects on level up.

Wild Healing: Wild healing heals any living being within the users line of sight randomly, be it friend or foe. As the ability levels up the user will get more control over who it heals as well as the amount and severity of damage that be healed.

Healing touch: This ability requires the user to touch the target to heal them.As the ability levels up the user will get more control over what it heals as well as the amount and severity of damage that be healed.

Hidden Aura: When the user is in a group, their presence is hidden form most monsters until they directly engage them. When the ability levels up it will be able to hide the user from higher levelled monster as well as apply its affects if the user is alone.

Lucifer summoned a small flame onto his finger and began to slowly burn Lilith's little finger, the sharp pain caused her to wake up instantly, she looked around for her brother but there was only an imposing man in front of her. She shouted "Where is my brother, what did you do him? When I go to the Loki Familia next, I will get them to come and detain you, you murderer" at him, as soon as she mentioned the Loki Familia she noticed the intense hatred in the mans eyes flare, Lucifer then grabbed her by the neck and threw her at the nearest wall, the impact broke the bones in her right arm. Lucifer then slowly approached her whimpering body and whispered into her ear "Never mention that bitch in my presence again or your life will be forfeit. Your brother died in the dungeon before you could save him, I was able to be reborn by burning what was left of his life as the catalyst to drag my body back into existence. I have a one time offer for you, switch to my Familia or you will die, you should consider yourself lucky that I haven't killed you already for being in that bitch's Familia."

Through the immense pain Lilith was feeling she managed squeak out "If I join you what will happen to me? I need to live on to keep what little remains of our one noble line going, after my brothers death, it now falls to me to resurrect the Dumas family and reclaim our old ancestral land. I apologise for speaking about her, tell me what will happen then I will agree with your demand". Lucifer smiled at her resolve and answered her with a gentle smile on his face "I admire you resilience to pain, What will happen when you join my Familia will be what you witnessed when my body was being rebuilt. It will be less painful or more painful for you depending on how well your human DNA adapts to the invasion of the Fallen DNA, you will end up as a weaker version of myself however your prowess in magic and combat will grow rapidly. Take your top off and turn around when you are ready to begin." Lilith used her left arm to take off her top, she did it as slowly as possible to avoid aggravating her broken arm any further than necessary , once she was done Lucifer accessed her status board much to the shock of Lilith, She exclaimed" Are you a God? Why can you access my board?" Lucifer just turned her head towards him and sealed her lips with his own, he kept going until she nearly passed out from a lack of air. He then smiled and said" The less you know about me the better, for now anyway. The process is about to begin, I will be leaving towards town to get basic equipment for us to use in the dungeon. I will be sealing the door by burning the lock with fire, I will come and collect you when your transformation has finished, I wish you the best of luck."

He then left the room as flames began to engulf Lilith from head too toe, her screams echoed through out the streets, anyone who tried to get into the building to assist her were burned when they touched the handle. Smiling at the thought of having a stolen someone with potential from Loki, Lucifer made his way towards the black market to acquire some weapons and armour for him and Lilith, it was time to give his new body a test drive that it would remember, he also had to assess Lilith's current combat capabilities, stats don't tell you the full story after all...


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