An Untold Story: DanMachi
4 Slaughter in the Black market, Fiery home...
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An Untold Story: DanMachi
Author :Littlethree
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4 Slaughter in the Black market, Fiery home...

Lucifer began to lightly laugh as he heard Lilith's screams from streets away, he was intrigued at what the results of her transformation would be, he wanted to rush towards the black market and get everything he need so he could return and watch the transformation with his own eyes. He would do this however he knew that moving that quickly would attract attention to him that he didn't need at this current time, he needed to build his strength before drawing the attention of anyone of note in the city. As he was pondering about how he would build up his power base in the city, he arrived at the entrance to the black market, to his surprise it was almost the exact same as it had been when he was lat here during his time as a God. He walked into a disguised building that lead out into a large courtyard, as he walked he was being eyed by the security as someone they maybe able to beat and steal from, Lucifer smiled to himself and thought he would get to test out his new body earlier than he thought.

Lucifer made the rounds of the stores to see what he could take for free when the guards made their move, he noticed one cart that was filled with medium grade Iron weapons, they varied from great swords to daggers, the one thing that stayed the same was the insignia of the Hephaestus Familia that could be seen on the handle of the weapons. Seeing the insignia reminded Lucifer of what he had done to Hephaestus in the past, he was the cause of the deformity in her eye, this secret has never been revealed to anyone. Lucifer used his own unique brand of magic to curse Hephaestus with something that would slowly push her friends away from her and make he feel alone and abandoned. The reason he did this goes back to when the war between Loki and Lucifer was starting to get extremely deadly, the only thing Lucifer needed to end Loki was powerful enough weapons to counter Loki's own set. Loki's weapons had been crafted for her by the 'neutral' Hephaestus, so Lucifer went to ask for the same and was immediately rejected, he reprimanded Hephaestus for her shortsightedness and vowed to make her regret her decision for the rest of her life.

Having decided to take the armour and weapons created by the Hephaestus Familia he went to leave the market and was stopped by a large man who grabbed him on the shoulder and threw him back into the centre of the market place. Lucifer landed on the floor and began to laugh loudly before shouting "You idiots have no idea who and what you just attacked, unfortunately for you I will be the last thing anyone in this building will ever see." As he slowly rose back up of the ground his wings appeared behind his back and elegantly flew slightly above the marketplace before using the domain of death. Darkness flew out of his body and began to form around the building and marketplace blocking the view of anyone who was looking at the building from the outside, hiding Lucifer's power from any prying eyes. The darkness then began to flow inwards from the dome it had created and made it's way towards all of the people within it with the exception of Lucifer, who at this point had landed and made his way towards the guard who had grabbed his shoulder.

Fire began to throw itself out of his hands and dance around the guard in a mesmerising fashion, the guard was frozen in fear before shakily saying "Who are you my lord, if we had known you were this strong we never would have tried to hurt you in anyway please let us leave here, we can give you everything that is for sale at the moment." Lucifer smiled at this and said" I will be taking everything anyways, how could a dead man stop me from doing anything?" He then clicked his fingers and the flames engulfed the man slowly reducing him to ashes as it ate away at his skin, Lucifer then turned around and saw ten people that the domain of darkness had subdued but it was waiting for his consent to kill them. He approached each one individually to see if they had any worth to him in the long run, unsurprisingly nine of the people present were not worth his time however the last person alive had an interesting story to tell Lucifer. He described a mountain, that was nearly 4 miles out from the city that was unclaimed by anyone, it is said that privileged Gods descend from heaven down the mountain before heading to the city. Lucifer spared the man's life but allowed the domain to consume the other nine people, he made the man watch the domain's work before telling him"If you ever mention what you have seen here you will be joining them".

Lucifer grabbed the two cart's with Hephaestus' equipment in them and flew back towards Lilith's home using the domain of darkness to blend his body and the carriages into the night sky, when he arrived at the home he noticed that the walls on the right and left side of the house had major burn marks on them, intrigued he placed the carriages by the window outside so he could keep an eye on them from within the building. He walked into the room to be greeted by a scene that surprised even him, in front of him was a wall of fire separating him from Lilith and whenever he got close the fire would burn hotter, it found this humorous and walked through the flames and checked Lilith's status board, he looked down in shock as things had changed dramatically on there, he had to take a double take before laughing loudly and thanking his lucky stars that she survived the experiment.

Lilith's Status

Name: Lilith

Race: Human-Fallen Hybrid

Famillia: Fallen Familia

Level: 1

Stats: Power: E 450

Endurance: F 300

Dexterity: F 300

Agility: F 300

Magic: C 625

Abilities: Multiple Puncture (I) Regeneration (I)

Magic : Wild Healing (I) Healing touch (I) Jaws of Hell (I)

Passive Skills: Hidden Aura (H) Hell's Assassin (I)


Human-Fallen Hybrid: While weaker than a pure blooded Fallen, a Human-Fallen Hybrid is still capable of doing great feats, greater than most mortals. They will gain a permanent boost to magic and power that will leave them at level E whenever they level up or reset. They also have an affinity with fire as seen when you arrived at Lilith's home, They also have wings that appear and disappear when they will them to. Like their Fallen master they also gain skills and abilities at a faster rate when compared with normal mortals.

Hell's Assassin (I): The user gains deals extra damage if they attack a target which has no sense of their presence. Affinity with Dexterity and Agility raises as the skill levels up, Level one grants the user a small affinity with daggers and stealth arts.

Jaws of Hell (I): The user causes the ground to open up and swallow the target, the spell immobilises the target (traps em in the the floor) then when they are trapped lava begins to rise from underneath them and slowly burn the bodies.

Multiple Puncture (I): The user attacks the target with rapid strikes puncturing their skin and armour multiple times. The amount of punctures depends on the skills level and if the user uses the dagger the ability does extra damage


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