An Untold Story: DanMachi
5 Asserting dominance....
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An Untold Story: DanMachi
Author :Littlethree
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5 Asserting dominance....

While Lilith was slowly coming too, Lucifer contacted the AI in his mind about creating an ability that would allow him to store items in a pocket universe that he could access at any given time. The response he got was positive, the Ai said" Master Lucifer I have enough current power to create this ability, the process of integrating it into your body will take around three hours and will cause you large amounts of discomfort, would you like to begin the process?" Lucifer just smiled and said" nothing in my life is ever pain free, lets begin as soon as possible, I want to be here when Lilith awakens." "Acknowledged master the process shall begin now", The AI began the process and the sharp pain that attacked Lucifer's brain made him begin to laugh manically, his laugh echoed through out the slums causing fear to well up in children and adults to fear for their lives.

Three hours slowly passed as Lucifer's laughing got louder and louder until it suddenly stopped, in its place was the voice of the Ai."Master the process has been completed, you now have access to a pocket dimension that you can store and receive items from at any given time, the size of the dimension is the size of a small moon or planet. You will be able to store anything in the dimension as long as it is not living." Lucifer smiled at this and went out side and placed the carts filled with the weapons and armour into the pocket dimension, when he had completed this, he proceeded to take out a set of light armour out of the space for Lilith to equip a well as a set of daggers for her to use. For himself he took out a set of light armour that had a hood and face mask to go along with it, his plan was to remain as anonymous as possible while he gathered strength, his weapon of choice was a great axe that was the length of his body, with his current power level he could lift it like it was a piece of candy.

After equipping his armour he entered the house again to see Lilith showing signs of waking up soon, he went towards her and gently tapped on her shoulder to wake her up, Lilith awoke to feel her body was completely different to what it was before, she walked towards a small mirror on the side of the room, her original dark brown hair had turned in a dark colour with a streak of white through it. She felt strength in her body that she didn't have before, her small frame from before replaced with a slightly taller girl that had a more developed body, she immediately became self conscious of her body and remembered that Lucifer was also in the house. She turned to look at him but to her surprise Lucifer was looking out of the window with a look of disinterest in his eyes, this caused Lilith to have mixed feelings, she was happy when Lucifer had kissed her before but now the he looked as if he didn't care about her in the slightest.

Seeing that she was done checking herself out in the mirror, Lucifer handed her her new equipment stating" Your new abilities and traits lean heavily towards you becoming a fighter that specialises in dagger and stealth combat, come here and I will show you your new abilities." Lilith nodded her head and moved towards him, she knelt down and removed her shirt which caused her to blush, she looked up to see Lucifer's response but he was lightly shaking his head with a small smile on his face. He brought up her board and begin to tell her about her new capabilities, Lilith began to get more and more excited as he went through them and she exploded in happiness towards the end and threw herself at Lucifer giving him a long passionate kiss. Lucifer broke off the the kiss after a few minutes and said" I apologise if I gave you mixed messages before when I kissed you but that was a mistake, please refrain from acting too personally with me the future. I have no time for personal relationships at the moment and I suggest you find someone who will give you what you need, I'm here for one thing and that is revenge, once that is done I will disappear from this realm all together. Now go and put your armour on it is time for us to enter the dungeon."

Lilith began to tear up and moved herself back towards her bedroom,Lucifer knocked on her door and said"Your armour is outside the door, we can leave the dungeon until tomorrow or not at all, I'm happy for us to go our separate ways from here on in, you can take your new body and powers and claim your ancestral land for your family. I'm going to the guild now, I will be back tomorrow to hear your decision on the matter." As Lucifer was leaving the building he has swallowed up by the floor, he immediately knew this was done by Lilith who said in a demanding tone "You will not be going anywhere after you have toyed with me, you are mine now and I am yours. I don't care what will happen later but right now you belong to me. You will not be leaving that hole in the floor until you say you are mine." Lucifer smiled at this and said" You can try to make me fall for you if you wish but when you fail don't complain to me." Lucifer's burst out of his back and flew out of the hole, he walked up to her and kissed strongly before lifting her up and carrying her to her bed, he then threw her onto it, walked up to her and strongly kissed her and then pushed her down. He then got up, smiled at her and left the building while saying "You have 10 minutes to get ready and meet me at the guild."


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