An Untold Story: DanMachi
6 Meeting an old enemy....
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An Untold Story: DanMachi
Author :Littlethree
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6 Meeting an old enemy....

Lucifer made his way through the streets of the slums at a steady pace, he kept his head down and made his way to the guild to change Lilith's adventurer card to reflect her change in Familia, his card was created at the same time as his Familia by the AI. Walking through the streets he noticed someone with a familiar red hair style, he began to follow her until she arrived at a large building with the symbol of the Hephaestus on the flag hanging off of the side of the building, he realised that the woman he was tailing was most likely Hephaestus herself, he decided to check on her. He was apologetic for what he had done to her but he did not regret it, it was done to teach her a lesson, with his mind made up he swaggered into the building and tried to make his was towards the private area that lead up stairs. Only to be stooped by some people from Hephaestus's Familia. He smiled at them and said" I need to speak to Hephaestus now, I'm not asking for permission. I'm telling you what is going to happen. Whether you a mere level one adventurer will be alive to see it will be another point of discussion."

As the words left his mouth he felt a strong presence from behind him, the door closed and a black haired woman with beautiful brown skin entered the building. Her right red eye attempting to peer into Lucifer's soul, she had an eye patch over her left eye, similar to her Goddess Hephaestus, however hers covers the opposite eye. She has a well endowed chest which she keeps in a sarashi, she was wearing a red hakama and sandals. She stood there with a smile on here face, she laughed at the sight of Lucifer and said "Bullying a level 1 while being a level one yourself is quite funny, want to trade a few blows with me instead? Just so you know I'm level 5 and may accidentally hurt you badly, would hate to show you too Hephaestus in a badly wounded state, she doesn't like that sort of thing."

Lucifer started laughing at this, he turned around with a sadistic smile on his face and sliced a finger off of the level one in front of him, before turning back towards the level 5 woman and saying" He only has 9 fingers left, you have until he has none to take me to Hephaestus, you are indeed level 5 but if you knew who I was you would run in fear." He activated a small amount of his new Devil divinity and forced the woman too the floor, he then whispered in her ear "I gave your goddess her cursed eye, you will behave or worse will happen too you, I have no intention of doing any harm to her, I just want to speak with her about some issues that occurred in the past. I like your spirit, you are slowly tearing yourself out of my grip, please tell me your name." The woman laughed loudly and said in a amused tone" I will tell me mine if you tell me yours, you are clearly not just a level 1 adventurer, what are you really?" Lucifer released his control over her and lifted her up before whispering in her ear "If i told you who I am I may have to kill you and that would be a waste of your beauty. I will be going upstairs now, you are welcome to follow me, I could use something to beautiful to look at, while I talk to Hephaestus."

Lucifer looked towards her and kissed her nose before bending down on his knees and picking up the severed finger and passing it to the man guarding the stairs, as he passed him he said" Your lucky this women came and saved your life, next time you meet me, run as fast as you can, you won't be as lucky." Lucifer then proceeded up the stairs with the woman quickly following, determined to not let him out of her sight, his strength had stunned her and she was intrigued about who he was as well as what business he had with Hephaestus. When Lucifer was about to enter the room where he had located Hephaestus's presence, the woman stopped him and said" Wait here, I will go and tell the Goddess that you are here and requesting to talk to her, I will be back in two minutes." As she turned around Lucifer patted her on the butt which caused her to moan slightly as she went through the door, she turned back and playfully smiled at Lucifer before closing the door.

5 minutes had passed when the woman returned and said" Lady Hephaestus will greet you now, please enter the room, I will be joining the conversation in a little while, I have some tasks to complete first." Lucifer smiled at this and entered the room, closing the door behind him and locking it with his divinity, he then turned to Hephaestus and said" My name is Lucifer, do you remember me? You helped Loki to kill my Familia and refused to come to my aid, little did you know that this entire conflict was started by her in the first place well she was the pawn used by Zeus but hey she shoved the dagger in my head and stole my divinity with him so they both gotta die. I'm not going to drag you into this as I can't trust you at all however I will tell you that I was the one who stole your right eye and I have a proposition that just may let you get it back...."


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