An Untold Story: DanMachi
7 Offering his version of events...
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An Untold Story: DanMachi
Author :Littlethree
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7 Offering his version of events...

Hephaestus was shocked by the masked man's speech, she was visibly shaken which caused Lucifer to begin laughing at her, he simply rose his right hand and placed it over her eye, he then took her to the mirror in the room and removed her eye patch. Hephaestus began to break down crying, her eye had be cured, she was amazed, then she remembered that the 'man' in front if her was the cause of it in the first place, her face changed through many different emotions but before it could settle on any particular emotion, Lucifer walked up to her and placed the curse back on her eye. Hephaestus' anger boiled over and she screamed at him before shouting" You bastard, how dare you toy with me like this, Tsubaki come and remove him from my presence, break a few limbs on the way out"

Lucifer began laughing like a maniac as soon as Hephaestus had finished speaking, he moved into the centre of the room and tapped his chin, as soon as he did his large wings appeared in the room and he smirked at Hephaestus before stating "You will call off you beautiful dog, we still have things to discuss, I know what I just did was mean however if I cured you,I would have no bargaining chips to use in my upcoming discussion with you. Sit down and we can discuss business, stay there spouting your shit and I will leave, no one will believe you if you said a man turned up and claimed to be Lucifer, especially if you claim I still had any divinity left at all. At most Loki would suspect you of having some connections to me and that you are plotting with me to bring her down, watching you two fight it out would bring me nothing but pleasure however I feel bad for what happened to you so I'm willing to give you a way out however this is a one time deal, betray me and your Familia will burn alongside hers."

Hephaestus looked at him with pure hatred in her eyes however against Lucifer's expectations she sat down and said "Tsubaki come here and listen to what he has to say, I'm going to work on a piece of armour for Loki, hopefully she can give it to Ais so she can kill this bastard." As soon as the words left her mouth, Lucifer leaned over the desk and grabbed her by the throat, this startled Tsubaki who had just entered the room, she immediately drew her weapon and lunged at Lucifer who simply rotated his body using his wings and placed Hephaestus between him and Tsubaki, he smiled and said" Your goddess here was just about to talk about a business proposal with me, so put away your weapon, as we previously discussed harming you would be a waste of your beauty. Hephaestus this is your last chance, I implore to stop being a spoiled brat and listen to what I have to say, I just want to talk about what really happened back then and then offer to cure your eye for a simple transaction, I know the pain I have caused you but you have to understand the pain you caused me by siding with that bitch."Hephaestus nodded her head and Lucifer let her down gently while stroking her neck, as his hand came into contact with her body, the strangulation marks on her neck began to recede until they totally disappeared.

He smiled at her and said" I'm sorry for my overreaction but her name is a bit of a sore spot for me and just hearing it can set off my rage, Tsubaki be a good kitty and come and sit on my lap while I talk to Hephaestus, you might as well hear this, you know I'm not strictly mortal anyway. No harm in filling you in on the details, the war that destroyed my original Familia was not started by me but by Loki with Zeus' urging, its true that our marriage broke down due to me however the war was not my fault, they began launching sneak attacks against my weaker members who were in the dungeon, blaming their deaths on the monsters that lived there. I was outraged as you could imagine however my aggression was a part of their plan, they continued to goad my will stealth attack and when I had finally had enough I lead my Familia and stormed Loki's Familia killing anyone who was left there while Loki was on an 'expedition', they used this to paint me as the original aggressor and rallied my many enemies against me to finish me off. The day before my death in the mortal realm I came to you to ask you to create a dagger and a sword capable of standing up to Loki's weapons, you ignored me and forced me to leave the building, sealing my fate as well as that of my Familia."

Hephaestus' original look of hatred was replaced with a look of regret and passion, she had sentenced a God to his death and that of all the followers who had followed him simply because Loki had told her too. She began to tear up, the usually playful looking Tsubaki had a sombre look on her face, Lucifer smiled bitterly before saying "The death of my Familia is known to all the gods, I will not repeat it however my death in heaven was kept very quiet and only three people even know it happened, I assume you also thought that I had simply retreated into isolation before I showed up here on your doorstep. Loki, Zeus and Athena took me to an isolated realm where Zeus stole most of my divinity before Loki killed me and my soul was placed into a void until recently when I managed to escape. I'm not looking for your sympathy, I just wanted you to know why I did what I did to you, I held you equally responsible for the death of my Familia and that was my mistake. I'm willing to rectify that if you promise to provide me and my new Familia with gear whenever you can, also I want to come and pet the cat whenever I want, she is such a cutie."

Hephaestus laughed at the sight of the now blushing Tsubaki who was being lovingly petted by Lucifer, when she finally calmed down she said" I will happily make equipment for you and your Familia however I have to ask why do you need it as well? Aren't you still a God like me?" Lucifer smiled and said"You will learn about my circumstances if you can prove that you are trustworthy, all you need to know now is that I'm also an adventurer like this putty cat here, I have a type of divinity like yours however mine isn't limited in the mortal realm and can't be detected by Gods like yourself. You are probably wondering why I don't use my divinity to wipe out her Familia now right? The answer will be revealed when the time is right, as a sign of good faith here is equipment made by your Familia that was being sold in the black market." Lucifer clicked his fingers and the carts of weapons and armour appeared in the room, he then gently lifted Tsubaki up while lightly patting her bum, he then turned and went to leave as he left he said"I will be back when I need equipment, thank you for listening to my story, after things go smoothly between us for a while I will cure your eye for you, See you soon."

Lucifer then walked out of the room, down the stairs and left the building. Tsubaki and Hephaestus looked at each other in amazement wondering what had just happened, when Tsubaki remembered what she had allowed him to do to her, she turned redder than a tomato, she knew Hephaestus would never let her live this down but she was secretly happy that someone had payed attention to her and was not intimidated by her level or power.


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