An Untold Story: DanMachi
8 Meeting the Ex-Wife on accident........
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An Untold Story: DanMachi
Author :Littlethree
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8 Meeting the Ex-Wife on accident........

Lucifer walked out of Hephaestus' building with a huge smile on his face, his smile immediately disappeared when he saw who was walking down the street towards him, her light red hair and red eyes sizing him up and down as she proceeded towards the door to Hephaestus' building, as she got closer she felt a large amount of hostility begin to surround her,stunned by the aura surrounding she turned towards a woman that was guarding her and said" Ais something feels off about that man that just left Hephaestus' building, tail him, he appears to be level 1 but something about him is unsettling, as soon as we made eye contact I felt a large amount of hostility aimed at me" As the words left her mouth the pressure on her increased and she was pushed to the floor, Lucifer walked towards and turned to Ais and said" I suggest that you leave this bitch's Familia before you die for her, follow me into the dungeon and that will be the last time you enter it, I know you are loyal to this cross dressing hypocrite but you need to know that trusting her is the same as placing a knife in your own skull, Isn't that right Loki?"

Loki's expression fluctuated, she had only ever placed a dagger into one person's skull however she knew he was still trapped in the void,she knew that if he ever escaped Zeus would immediately come out of retirement and hunt him to the ends of the planet before killing him again ,she returned to her normal expression before she said" Who are you to judge me? How dare you call me a bitch, I have one of the strongest Familias in this city, I can make your life a living hell if I want too, if I wanted you dead right now you would be, I don't know what a level 1 like you was doing in Hephaestus' building however she will not be enough to save you." Lucifer began to laugh and he said to Ais who was staring at him waiting to strike" If you dare act against me the One Eyed Black Dragon will kill your mother, I'm friends with the dragon, she is quite the beauty if you get past the occasional feasting she does on adventurers, Loki it is true that I can't fight you openly but times change and the strongest is only as strong as their allies. I would hate for yours to learn the truth about you killing your husband and sealing him away with the help of Zeus, oops I have spoken too much, Lucifer had one last friendly god before you killed him, he is my master so I suggest you pray that you don't end up worse than he did."

Loki's face fell and anger flared in her eyes, she creamed" You know nothing about that bastard and what he did too me, Ais he is making all of this up, why not ask him something about your mother that only someone who had met her would know. He is hiding behind a mask like a coward, the odds are he learnt about my evil ex-husband and has come to cause trouble, it is unlikely that Hephaestus even knows that he exists, you need to attack him so he can stop pressuring me with this aura, it is strong enough to suppress my divinity and that is a bad sign." Ais turned to Lucifer and asked"What is my last name and what is my mothers name? I will also need you to remove the aura or curse you have placed on my goddess as it seems to be causing her a large amount of pain, if you are truly are a friend of Hephaestus then let her go."

Lucifer released the aura on Loki bit before anyone could react he grabbed her by the throat and summoned his wings, he then flew up above the city, when they were a safe distance from everyone Lucifer said" I'm going to burn everything and everyone you own and when I'm done with the people you have in the mortal realm, heaven is next. That is the message my master told me to bring too you" Loki began to struggle and say" I have no idea who your master is but I demand you let me go NOW" Lucifer simply responded with "As you wish" and he dropped her, luckily for Loki Ais was waiting for them to come down and caught the falling body of Loki while glaring at Lucifer who had landed where he took off from. He turned to Ais and said" Nice catch, you should have let her hit the floor however it would have saved the lives of your Familia members. Your mothers name is Aria and your last name is Wallenstein, you refer to you mother as like the wind and a kind wind that would bring happiness to anyone. This always makes her smile when she recounts it to us, she is currently working for the One Eyed Dragon on a project for my master, when it is completed she will be returned to the city"

Ais began to cry at the thought of her mother returning, she looked at Lucifer to see if he showed any signs of lying but to her surprise all that she saw was him staring at her with a slight smile on his face. Lilith had been watching the conversation from behind a nearby wall when she was spotted by Ais who said"Lilith is that you? we haven't seen you for a few days, where have you been, how is your brother?" At the mention of her brother, Lilith looked at Lucifer and began to cry, this made Lucifer fly over too her and hug her tightly, he looked at her and whispered" I know that I have been a bit of a bastard since I came back and for that I would like to apologise, I will make your life better and help restore your family back to its former glory, I would like you to tell Loki however that you have left their Familia and when we are in public refer to me as Patriarch, in private however you can refer to me as whatever you like."

He then lightly kissed her forehead which caught the attention of Loki, Ais and the emerging Tsubaki who had come outside to check what all the noise was about,Tsubaki had very mixed emotions about the scene in front of her, she was jealous of the attention Lilith was getting however she knew that Lucifer was just playing around with her and she probably meant little in his eyes. To her surprise Lilith walked towards Loki while Lucifer walked towards her. He grabbed the tall woman in his hands and planted a strong passionate kiss on her lips, she tried to fight against him however she eventually relented and allowed it to happen, the kiss was broken off when Tsubaki had to breathe however Lucifer refused to let her go and as soon as she took a breath and opened her mouth he invaded it with his tongue. This caused Tsubaki to moan slightly bringing everyone's focus to the act that the two were committing, when Lucifer noticed this he finally broke off the kiss and to his surprise Tsubaki grabbed him and forced it too continue for a few minutes more. When she finally relented they separated, there was a thread of saliva that still connected their mouths, embarrassed by the act she was caught in Tsubaki ran back into the building. Lucifer shouted "I will be back too play soon kitty, just you wait."at her retreating body which caused her to stop for a second before retreating to the second floor.

He then turned to Lilith and said "Your turn will come at a later date, have you told the BITCH yet?" Lilith responded with a huffy shake of her shoulder and a said" I was going too but I was distracted by you playing with your cat. What was that about in the first place, with the level 5 Tsubaki of all people, I know you enjoy playing with fire but this is too far even for you." Lucifer walked towards her and lifted her in a bridal carry before placing her in fornt of Loki and sayung" Lilith has joined my Master's Familia and will be leaving yours, she fears being stabbed in the back by a petty Goddess who like to change her toys often, isn't that right Lilith?" Lith bowed and said "What Patriarch says is correct, I have left the Loki Familia behind and will now be beside Patriarch and his Master's side. I would like to thank you Ais for all of the help you have given me however I don't trust my safety to a Goddess like Loki. Patriarch shall we move onto the Guild and enter the dongeon? We need strenght if Master's goals are going to be achieved."

Lucifer agrred with her and they walked pat Loki's group and as they passed Lucifer whispered to Loki" I can't wait to split open your neck, see you soon." Chills went down Loki's spine as Lucifer walked away, she turned to Ais and said" We need to eliminate whatever Familia he belongs to, I want you to get Bete and his crew to stalk them and find out where their hideout is, Something about him brings fear to me and that has only occurred with my ex-husband, we need to be extremely cautious with them and act only act if we are certain we can win" Ais shook her head and said"He seems like a nice enough man, he only has an issue with you not the rest of us, I suggest you try to find and talk too him before things get out of hand." Loki just smiled and looked at the figure of Lucifer walking away from her and a slow pace, Lucifer the turned slightly and threw a dagger towards Loki with extreme speed, Ais saw and blocked the dagger which warranted a laugh from Lucifer who disappeared behind a building.


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